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  1. 15-March 11 - Happy Birthday Grecian1 :)

  2. 15-March 10 - Happy Birthday Grecian1 :)

  3. I have seen Exeter lose.............. 6 goals to 3 versus WBA at the Hawthorns in the 1990's first day of the season with Alan Ball as manager. 6 goals to 1 at Shrewsbury early 1990s - my best friend is a Shrews fan and never lets me forget that day. Keep the faith and get yourselves ready for the next game! It hurst but it will get better. UTC NG <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />
  4. Chris, That is an interesting stat you mention., which highlights we are a community club. can I ask someone to thank the ladies of then 'Plough Inn' they worked very hard for our match and they were very much appreciated......probably have their own admirers in Devon by the sounds of our website! UTC NG
  5. The headaches of running a football control operation! (Rather you than me!) I am sure our club would take a dim view to the person in the stand. My post was not meant as a 'dig' and I thank you for being so honest about it and taking it in good heart. The lad with the bin I know and I will personally have a chat with him next game I see him...to be honest he is a reasonable lad, a few too many sherberts! I think a lesson has been learnt for Exeter City and I am sure that our celebrations will be more muted from now on! You have been a 'bogey' team and I think that did not help matters. Cheers Northants Grecian
  6. Chris, Firstly can I say I have posted your comments onto the exeweb.com forum. If you read the threads you will see that many Exeter fans have shown a real dis-pleasure on the incident. I am also sure that this will be further prevented by the shaming/self policing that is now going on amongst the fans. You are correct the 15-20 idiots did over-celebrate and did the leave the pitch very quickly. I dont think our striker helped matters in retrospect and deserved a booking! Can I make some constructive comments on the stewarding from an away fans perspective. They all seemed very young - bar the mid 30s guy, they also did not look very prepared. I do think that had this been a 'nasty' incident they would have lost complete control...and suggest that perhaps your policy to pack the end is implemented at the start of the game. This would send a signal to the idiots not to muck about! The design of the away end does not help and assume that the cost of adjusting the wall would be an issue for your club. That said the majority of people were well mannered as you have said - thanks for that! I am sure that this is an isolated incident and hope it does not effect relationships between our clubs. We are a community club and if we fail to maintain that the club would die! Good luck for the season! Northants Grecian
  7. The penalty incident you refer to was not given because the defender very clearly got the ball...if you are refering to the one at the away end goal. From a distance I can understand it would have looked like a cast iron penalty.
  8. The best thing was that we won we travelled well. Part of the excitement was caused because we normally lose if we take more than 600 away! Our support at home should be over 3500 for the game Tuesday and next away game if we win should be as good. If we carry on and have a good season we will take between 1500-2000 plus for the last few games. At home we would average 5,000 comfortably. Anyway I will stop dreaming now! Good luck..signing off until the home game! UTC NG
  9. Can I just concur that I thought you deserved more from the game. That said we did kill them game off when we needed to and also forced the game with 10 men. I think you will do better this season, better than I first thought on that showing. The small band of idiots on the pitch are now having some real stick for spoiling the game. After bringing 650-700 we did not expect that to happen. In the meantime the club will take a tough stance, we are a community club afterall. Good luck for the new season! UTC Northants Grecian
  10. 150 on the train and three coaches comes to about 300, it's a big leap from there to 900. --------------- Have you not got cars and other forms of transport near you? We have a fanbase spread across England, Ireland and Norway coming for the game. Most Exeter fans drive themselves to the games in cars. If you go to exeweb.com and follow the links about the game you will see that many people are travelling to the game. The 150 or so is form Exeter - apparently - that excludes the 50-60 at least coming together form London. UTC Northants Grecian
  11. Get in your pubs early as the 'wurzel army' is breaking camp. Various estimates on away fans....some say 4 coaches on the way and around 700-800 away fans. [Normal 1 or 2 coaches] Some Exeter fans will be up by 11:00am....lets enjoy the day all. UTC Northants Grecians
  12. This is a strange one to call for us. The 600 figure will be beaten I am sure.....at the friendlies we had healthy crowds and everyone was talking in the tea queues about coming up. With 150 on the train - our social club have decided all to go on a weekend to London, at least one official coach, 1 North Devon Coach and at least 1 private hire booked apparently I would say that we will be closer to 800-900. I am sure that helps Gravesend more than us...when ever we travel well we tend to lose! The 10,000 away day to Man U has done wonders for the club re-igniting passions all over the place. Will be a good game! UTC Northants Grecian PS. Ohh Arr we are Exeter!
  13. Depends if you still employ the same morons as stewards I suppose......... What happened with them then....most of our stewards are mature sensible people. As a Trust run club we like to employ sensible people in these roles. In fact many everyday fans are doing it for free. We have a track record for being nice down here....when it rains we let people go under cover for free if they paid to stand and look bedraggled. Interested to hear your story on that one.... -------------------------------------- Our club has confirmed a minimum of 600 travelling with some known private coaches travelling to the game.
  14. Roll out the Farrell City are going to win again! They cant stop 'em..the boys from Devon.. the boys of Exeter! City will all be singing as the reds go marching up......everybody will be drooling cos we are Exeter!!! ------------------------------ What it like to see a crowd! ------------------------------ will you come to Exeter! ------------------------------ We'll score again dont know where dont know when..but I know we'll score again! Keep smiling through like always do....................... I could go on!
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