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  1. Happy Birthday Ian_D!

  2. 19-October 10 - Happy Birthday Ian_D :)

  3. We've cleared all our loans I am led to believe, but f*ck knows whats going on about Fleet Leisure... Originally Posted By: Paul McCarthy What
  4. Having said all that, wasn't there some rumours though that even if we didn't have any (playing ??) staff, we would still be running at a loss? How does that work?
  5. The own goal was not by the Keeper, but their number 6. The ball came off his chest trough the keepers legs.
  6. Not according to their official website http://www.daggers.premiumtv.co.uk/page/MatchReport/0,,10692~44390,00.html
  7. And once again - This time Dagenham Vs Exeter, with the Daggers 1-0 up.
  8. 07/08 = 1,396 06/07 = 1,200 05/06 = 1,245
  9. http://www.mansfieldtown.premiumtv.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10325~1483477,00.html And the paperwork for the takeover was completed yesterday...
  10. Are you sure this isn't a Jarvis orientated prank?
  11. From http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/paulfletcher/2008/12/the_continuing_adventures_of_a.html#043733 Quote: "For me 85% of management is how you handle your players. If you get them playing for you and ensure they respect you then you have a very good chance of being successful." Some players need an arm putting around them, others a kick up the backside" Puting his thoughts in the pulic domain can have a number of positives - the main one being for the guilty talked of player(s) to read it and it being a kick up the a$$ to them, in a different way it could when confronted face to
  12. Originally Posted By: jc Originally Posted By: Ian_D I couple of seasons ago when we played Grays (when we lost 5-1) Pedantry alert: if only it had been just the five. Ah, outwitted once again. I couldn't remember if it was five or six but thought I'd take the dare devil's route and guess at five. How wrong a move that was.
  13. I couple of seasons ago when we played Grays (when we lost 5-1), the Ferry was open the way there but I had to find a different method of getting back. However I know it was out of action for a while for some reason or another, but assume it is back in service now?
  14. Thanks DD, hopefully will not feel the need to come tomorrow.
  15. After a week of improvements to the food things were back to their usual way yesterday, in my opinion. My cheeseburger tasted like it has been cooked at least a hour before I ate it, and when the bloke warmed it up it seemed he believed that 10 seconds on the griddle would be sufficient. Obviously it wasn't and my burger was stone cold! Surely it's common sense that on a cold day like yesterday that other methods are going to have be thought of to keep the food warm rather than just leaving it exposed to get cold? My brother was ill when he got in and it is thought that was caus
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