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  1. We seem to have this problem every close season, but you know it really is quite simple. The club cannot announce any new signings on non contract because if they do and other clubs with more money than sense offer it to the player concerned, then we stand a good chance of losing the player. Why people are still baffled by this I have absolutely no idea. However, if you are still confused then please let me know and I will then explain it again in block capitals !!!
  2. Well, that makes him not good enough then, doesn't it ??
  3. Both he and Gabriel are Division one north standard at best. Hayden-Smith goes to premier division clubs, but never stays there more than a couple of months for one reason, he's not good enough. Gabriel tried his luck with us at the start of last season, looked good in the pre-season matches, but when the real stuff started in the league,he struggled. He then returned to his comfort zone at Haringey where he was a great success, that's his level.
  4. Morning everyone. An interesting response to my first posting. May I say that there were two main reasons why I came on, firstly to destroy the myth about our squad being too old. We have three players over the age of thirty, now bear in mind that during Steve Newing's tenure we actually had at one stage three players, Hammatt, Hunt and McLeish who were over forty, and they and we didn't do so bad then did we? Secondly, I have this aversion to people commenting and forming opinions on games and individuals when they clearly haven't been to the event. I have many friends whose opinions differ from my own, but because they've seen the same game as me, I'll possibly argue the toss with them, but I'll respect their opinions nontheless. Now then Mr Andyetfc, I do sometimes detect an air of flippancy in your comments, but recently reacted to our fine performance at Tonbridge as 'only one game', well had you seen most of our games recently,apart from the crazy forty five minutes at Harrow, you would have noted we'd being playing well in most of those games. 4 Wembleyfinals, I appreciate your reasons for not being ab le to attend games,but now you're hopefully back on the scene you'll be commenting on what you see,not what you hear. Lovely stuff, trust me I'm not a relative of a player or Management staff,I simply go by what I see,and will continue to do so. Lastly Vauxhall Man, although yesterday was my first posting,like your good self, I have had a real interest in the club for some time !!
  5. This is my first posting on this forum, and I'm afraid that what I'm about to say I wish I didn't have to. Having read so much garbage on this topic I feel I have to respond.I find it fascinating that people have so much to say about Andy Leese and the team when they clearly don't attend regularly at games. Andyetfc, you say you threw your season ticket away in disgust last Saturday, that's pretty radical bearing in mind that was our last home game of the season. 4Wembleyfinals, you have a lot to say for yourself bearing in mind it was your first appearance of the season, most of it uninformed tosh. Oh and Lovely Stuff, how many games do you go to to spout so much equally uninformed tosh ? As for this tedious theme concerning AL only playing ageing players, well let me see,Rumens,Parcell,McKenzie,Blackman and Wynter are all in their early Twenties. Wright,Johnson,Youngs,Greene,Wadkins and Blake are in their mid twenties, and Hockney is still a teenager. Doesn't exactly qualify them for a pension does it now? I've no problem with people criticising when they go to games home and away regularly, but really, the opinions of those I've mentioned here are quite frankly worthless.
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