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  1. Continue to do so. He's a delusional who craves attention, deny it.
  2. Why in gods' names are we giving this Albury person the oxygen he requires by lowering ourselves to his level and constantly replying? He's a Gooner, ignore his existence as I do!
  3. For easing my passage through QEII's tiny turnstiles!
  4. Yes welcome, and congratulations, you've had more responses to your third posting than I've ever had to any of mine! Still, if I will post shite what should I expect?
  5. Came to QEII last night for a little restorative "Glory hunting pot chasing" (thanks Steve ) after the loss of my first and greatest footballing hero. The irony isn't lost on me that who should step up but a goalkeeper! Well done Joe Wright!!!
  6. If you see me in a Stoke scarf tonight, I'm sure you'll understand. Thank you.
  7. Whoops, and there was I thinking that the team I watched at Southbury Road Stadium had something to do with the history of our club? How silly of me! Still, long live pedantry eh?
  8. For me, Dennis Gill by a country mile.
  9. Merstham achieved (with help from the weather) exactly what they set up to do right from the off; to totally spoil Enfield's game and reducing it to too many long, high balls. Our last gasp efforts showed determination, but I agree that towards the end Merstham (especially their number 7) looked the better side.
  10. Greenwich Borough defo use Dartford FC's Princes Park, along with Thamesmead Town FC
  11. I was under the impression they played at Princes Park, home of Dartford FC? Their website, however, still says Eltham? Either way, it's a fifteen minute drive to both for me!
  12. Thank you 4WF's, very decent of you, knee and hip now beginning to glide nicely again!
  13. Oh dear, I've not been for a few months due to medical problems, now I feel like a 'cuckoo'? Sorry everybody, see you next term!
  14. I'd have Dennis Gill in there just for the unpredictability! He could score three, then get his marching orders!!!
  15. Seems we all watched the same game for once! Reasonable first half, pitiful second; no shape, no support, no targets up front. The chorus of "Thank god for that" at the final whistle said it all! And a more gutless, inconsistent display of refereeing I have never witnessed, he was lucky not to have had some serious altercations.
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