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  1. Agree wholeheartedly, especially as our ground is purpose built for social distancing! But sadly, as of now Tier 3 is the norm, so......😟
  2. It won't mate; the Police and Council are powerless against a community of scum that doesn't recognise the law. 'Pikey pikey do as they likey'! Sorry to hear of your attack mate.
  3. Don't get me started... My wife and I live near, and she works, near Swanley in Kent. 'Pikey, pikey do as you likey' Good luck with that...they fight the law and the law can't give a toss...and we pay the bill!!!
  4. Very boring game, great winner, why does Billy keep being played up front on his own when every team is double and triple marking him? He needs support. Clash of colours tonight? No wonder the ref had an utter 'mare 😟😟😟
  5. Thank you Panic over! Strangely, I was able to buy them via my mobile but not my laptop???
  6. Anyone else having trouble with website? Keeps buffering forever whilst remaining greyed out? Tried again now it's telling me I've applied for two tickets whilst still greyed out and unchangeable! Help?
  7. A cracking, if wet, night out at the QEII. Battled as a team, plenty of heart, deserved the win based on the first half performance alone. And nothing quite compares to a nicked winner on 88 mins from a superb cross. GOOOOOEEEERN TOWN!!!
  8. "Where my Studebaker takes me" - 'Virginia Plain' "CPL593H" - 'Remake-Remodel' Both Roxy Music
  9. Despite my much misread opening post, which criticized the merchandise, not the personnel, I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to the shop staff who are standing down. Well done, you'll be sadly missed.
  10. Thank you djwilf. Gawd 'elp 'em I say!!!
  11. Razor Ruddock continually wearing a t-shirt with the old Enfield FC Crest on? Check it out, tell me if I'm lockdown drunk!!!
  12. Despite my flippancy at the Lewes game the other week about following government guidelines and avoiding large crowds (!) I've been thinking about this too. Not sure it will apply to us or many other non-league games as the crowds rarely get near what the government and other bodies deem 'a large gathering' which seems to be in excess of 500.
  13. Arky - Thank you for the information regarding card payments, very useful. Wildlife rescue/72wembleyfinal/old towner - Totally agree, hence my opening sentence.
  14. Sorry? Have we something to hide then?
  15. Firstly, huge respect and thanks to all those who give their time so cheaply or freely to E.T.F.C. so that we mere mortals can watch football at the QEII. BUT Why in the name of Town does so much of our merchandise have nothing to do with the colours on the pitch? I fully understand having items in current and former away colours, but why oh why is there so much NAVY blue instead of ROYAL BLUE? Even one of our directors passed comment last night about a new batch of scarves being "The wrong blue"! Is it appease the followers of that team up in N17? Or does nobody actually check
  16. Pitch inspection at 9.30? What about the wind though? Any thoughts?
  17. Don't bank on it! When the roof of the Butler Street stand at the Vic' in Stoke blew off in 1976 it wasn't insured and they sold off Greenhoff, Pejic, Barnard et al cut price to cover the cost of repairs. And that was a first division club!
  18. So, exactly what I said then?!?!?
  19. Whilst I agree totally with the sentiments aired in this thread, I must stand up for the right of any paying punter to eloquent protest. In the same way as I complimented our referee for the Maldon & Tiptree game, I have on occasions felt it my duty to point out a referee's shameful ineptitude, questioned their right to their match fee and enquire how they could possibly sleep soundly that night, all without resorting to expletives! Swearing and personal abuse are water of a duck's back with referees, whereas the truth, clearly told is far more affective.
  20. Definitely something in Carshalton's tea, Town didn't get a look in midfield in the second half! But, as was astutely pointed out to me last night, Town rallied through it whereas last season they would have crumbled. A bit tense, but a decent result.
  21. Churlish of me I know, but if it had come out the hat the other way round It'd save me some money on petrol!!!
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