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  1. Theodopolous

    Town v Harlow

    A week without my negativity brings two wins which might be a sign.... good job we had that win against Bognor though as this victory didn't really prove much ... Harlow were absolutely dreadful ranking alongside Whitehawk as the worst two teams I've seen in the league .... Greene finally found a right back that he could beat regularly which hasn't been the case this season... the defence wasn't really tested ... can't believe that weatherstone is any better than Taofiq I just hope his experience and organisation is better that would really help.... Mo has that X factor that we might have been missing up front... very quick and not sure anyone really knows what he is going to do which makes a change from our predictable approach up front.... bit worried that Sam young is not starting ....surely not another to leave to get playing time.... looks a bit better now but it's catch up time for the teams below in the next two weeks but we still shouldn't be to far off the playoffs at xmas....
  2. Theodopolous

    League Cup Update

    With all the doom and gloom and negativity on this forum the club must be relieved to read a touch of optimism but it feels like Theresa May trying to sell her brexit deal..... would I have been satisfied with three points off the playoffs in may... No.... if the teams below us win their games in hand we will be bottom half..... but as forum members stated that the negativity can't help I'm going to take a few months break from here and concentrate on supporting the team behind the goal hopefully that might help instead of moaning.....
  3. Theodopolous

    Enfield Town v Kingstonian

    To be honest BJ it was the managers fault Adams left .... he is young and wants to play not get splinters in his backside.... I said before the season started I hope the signing of Liam didn't take away game time from Adams and unfortunately that is exactly what happened..... but as far as the criticism goes it's quite simple for me... I am a ETFC member... I pay for a season ticket... I do the golden goal and 50/50 even tho I never win... I have purchased numerous articles from the club shop and I spend money behind the bar.... all I ask in return is to be entertained and quite frankly for the last eighteen months I haven't been.....
  4. Theodopolous

    No change, same old, same old.

    Spot on about the atmosphere behind the goal BTG I can't remember being so bored at a game as on Saturday.... I'm even not looking forward to tiptree tonight but a cup match might kick start our season especially as I'm expecting a strong team out and real desire to keep this season alive.....
  5. Theodopolous

    No change, same old, same old.

    I like to believe that some of the Board are already aware of supporters feelings and that a plan is being formulated to improve the situation.  not like you to to be optimistic 4WF.... can't see it myself ... I just cant believe how wrong I was to think we could be challenging for the title not just the play offs and that is why I'm so peed off ... if my ambition for the season was mid table I wouldn't be so critical ..... I've now lowered my expectations and will now be happy if we don't get pulled into a relegation battle...
  6. Theodopolous

    No change, same old, same old.

    All three posts today absolutely spot on..... it's an insult to the club and the players suggesting the budget is to blame....
  7. Theodopolous

    Enfield Town v Kingstonian

    PROBLEM SOLVED !!!! its nothing to do with the managers failings it's the clubs fault for signing cheap players who are not good enough ..... that will make the players feel good...
  8. Theodopolous

    Enfield Town v Kingstonian

    I don't believe Andy Leese is a bad manager he is just a bad manager of our squad and club... these things happen.... sometimes there's a fit and sometimes there isn't.... I don't believe for one minute the board have the appetite (or the money ) to make a change this season so as supporters it could be the case of writing off this season and probably the next because one things almost certain that any new manager that may be brought in won't have anything to work with....
  9. Theodopolous

    Enfield Town v Kingstonian

    the good news is that now without the distractions of the play offs and the major cups we can now fully concentrate on the velocity cup coming up..... as for the game... Billy has neck ache from watching Joes punts upfield sail over his head... the midfield battled as always with no one in front of them in space.... the defence was splattered all over the place for their goal ....Hope came on in the 73rd minute instead of the 71st...a pretty even game with few chances with the midfields cancelling each other out.... probably a draw would have been fair..... still another depressing watch ... surely even the most staunch leese supporters on here must be having slight concerns... ps... I don't think anyone who understands football could fail to see that Adams is a bright young talent it's just a shame that certain people don't think that ability fits in to our future
  10. Theodopolous

    Brandon has joined Ware

    We had the same problem with leese last season... even with the season dead with half a dozen or more games to go did he give a few youngsters valuable game time with this season in mind ... did he f###.... he persisted with Thomas and hope right to the end knowing Thomas would play no part this season.... the man has no interest in the future of our club come the end of this season we will no doubt see another mass exodus of players most of them fed up with playing under him and we will have to start all over again... get him out now while we can still rescue this season and put in place a plan for next..
  11. Theodopolous

    Brandon has joined Ware

    will the last youngster to leave please turn out the lights.... joke manager... clueless on and off the pitch .....
  12. Theodopolous

    RIP Nick.

    Think he moved away quite recently...... such a shame ... r.i.p old buddy.....
  13. Theodopolous

    Leatherhead v Enfield Town

    Brad seemed the type of guy that wouldn't be fazed by some criticism... i for one would love to see him back but I would think he would hold out for at least a national south side. when AL was appointed he did say at the meeting that he would stick with a small squad and would play more or less the same side and formation ... fair dues he is sticking to his word.... trouble is there is nowhere to go now... he clearly is struggling to gel the players he has ... he had purse alongside him last season and the defence was all over the place then so I'm not sure what his next move can be.....
  14. Theodopolous

    Leatherhead v Enfield Town

    unfortunately my role as a carer didnot allow me to travel Saturday so ended up watching the Abbey .... am I surprised at the result ... No... the cracks that were papered over are now exposed ... AL is not the first manager that has struggled at a club and won't be the last....maybe the players are not his type and can't play to his instructions ... I certainly see a disillusioned group looking at each other for answers rather than the bench .... luckily we got some points early and there are some poor teams so we should stay clear of any relegation battle but I sense it's a case of another dead season unless there is a drastic change to the tactical approach of our management....
  15. Theodopolous

    Enfield Town v Worthing

    Love the optimism Barney but what I do fear is that at the end of the season if players are not happy they will up and go and what I see is quite a few frustrated players playing in a system they are not comfortable with... also any young player who has shown promise will go because of the lack of playing time..... seeing Adams warm up every game then sitting down again I can only imagine for a youngster how pissed off he must be.....