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  1. Theodopolous

    Enfield Town v Bishop's Stortford

    Yes but as there isn’t a hope in hell of even reaching the final of the first two I rate this cup highly unless your putting money before trophys....
  2. Theodopolous

    Enfield Town v Bishop's Stortford

    when I played winning trophy’s were everything.... I still feel that as a supporter... good cup runs bring in money but not glory... I’d personally rather win this cup than play off failure .....
  3. Theodopolous

    Enfield Town v Bishop's Stortford

    Being a supporter is all about these moments... the cup seems to bring it out.... Eastbourne and Maidstone two that recently come to mind even though they both ended badly.... for all the team lacks in technical and tactical ability sometimes heart wins the day... it dosn’t in the league over a long season but it can in the cup........
  4. Theodopolous

    Enfield Town v Bishop's Stortford

    Certainly not going to moan about being second best... left the stadium buzzing for the first time this this year..... WERE GOING TO WIN THE CUP...... sod the play offs we are in the final with the chance to win it... well battled lads a cracking finish by Josh and some decent substitutions from the manager.... We love you Andy we do oh Andy we love you ❤️
  5. Theodopolous

    Enfield Town v Burgess Hill

    Only one ball boy on the far side didn’t help... the ball rolling into the corner of the athletics track like a magnet.. their keeper spent more time getting the ball than in goal.... as the posters rightly put the first half was poor... lack of control and accuracy in passing...Joes kicking again was wayward... highlight of the second half was the third well taken goal....didn’t really see enough of Tully to make an opinion ... in fact no real outstanding performances in a game we were expected to win.... much bigger game Tuesday .. Greene is back from holiday and a few Stortford players are apparently cup tied....
  6. Theodopolous

    Enfield Town v Burgess Hill

    Can’t wait to see how this wind affects our high hoofs forward.... if you see a football bouncing down Bullsmoor Lane please return to the QE2.....,
  7. Theodopolous

    Bishop's Stortford v Enfield Town

    The planning for next year should be in place now 4WF that’s what worries me... as I’ve said before as a team and as a club I personally don’t think we are ready for promotion so the play offs really don’t matter to me now ... to me if the club waits until the end of season to change direction that will be a joke ... i can see us starting from scratch all over again come July .... so that makes me believe the club are happy with where we are and that Andy and co will be the ones to lead us next season....that’s just my thoughts and I’m sure others see it differently....
  8. Theodopolous

    Bishop's Stortford v Enfield Town

    Yep.... second best against a very well organised and competitive Stortford side... we simply had no time on the ball... even Sam who normally makes time was knocked off the ball as soon as he received it.... A point would have been a good one but as usual one slip costs us dear.... no real positives to take into our cup game against them... on this showing I fancy Stortford will finish in the playoffs....
  9. Theodopolous

    Enfield Town v Margate

    Well done to the ultras yesterday for the great support ... it has been a bit flat recently.... as ST said it’s strange our manager says he doesn’t instruct our team to go long but for 60 odd games now we have done nothing but..... But the one constant thing on here we all agreed on early season was that we had the players to challenge it’s up to the manager to get the best out of them.... what do the forum members think... has he done that or is there more to come ... how many of you are satisfied now we are back challenging for the play offs....
  10. Theodopolous

    Enfield Town v Margate

    Beat me to it with the Nolan distribution... why has it taken this long....second half we actually looked like a football team with hardly any wasted punts forward... first half pretty even and slightly fortunate to be a goal up.....still too many simple passes going astray ...but second half we really opened em up... I liked Karl before and he is an excellent replacement for Mo... Sam Young’s really looked a class act again and was my man of the match by a mile...still need to tighten up at the back early doors as Margate could easily have led but well done to all concerned... it makes me actually look forward to the next game now and it will be interesting to see if the message has got through to Joe that hoofing forward repeatedly will not bring good football.....
  11. Theodopolous

    Hampton announce we have an on loan striker.

    Let’s hope we get some games in the next month... really liked Karl ... could make a massive difference....
  12. I don’t think the supporters did themselves any favours by abusing Kirbs ( not just banter ) throughout their fixture this season.....I was gobsmacked at the lack of respect ... I’m sure he expected better than that....
  13. Theodopolous

    Worthing v Enfield Town

    Don’t worry AW there are plenty of us that still want him out... the rubbish football I have witnessed for two seasons hasn’t changed on one result....There was no chance of AL getting sacked this week AW.... We still have a big chance of a cup final and a trophy that is far more important to me than a play off place this season ..... im just concerned that any change at the end of season could mean starting from scratch again....
  14. Theodopolous

    Worthing v Enfield Town

    I heard Liam has gone to Maldon and Tiptree
  15. Theodopolous


    After our next win 😀