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  1. Over reacting Benj isn’t the word... it’s just the human race going mad.... we know who’s at risk we have been told that the symptoms are mild for %90 of us so why on earth can’t we protect the vulnerable ( it’s absolutely clear who they are ) and the rest get on with living a careful and responsible life.... we are putting our whole country and people’s mental health at risk for a illness that is little worse than the flu.... just concentrate all our efforts on keeping the old and vulnerable safe....
  2. Not really OT it’s just if your going to do something so drastic that it will effect people’s lives businesses and very likely their mental health lets do it because there is no choice.... 5.000 at notts county today and 5.000+ at uttoxeter races as well as huge crowds at kempton and Newcastle.... plus rugby league games going ahead... that’s why it’s a nonsense.... you know as well as me games could have been played today with next to zero risk to health... as long as the players and crowd didn’t hug each other when we scored....
  3. If you read my post OT instead of going straight to sarcasm you would find I listen to the news and quoted the advice of experts in their field....maybe you also should listen and get clued up instead of making silly comments.....
  4. I understand that circumstances change RK but when the governments chief medical adviser states that there is no need to ban games at this time and doing so would have a next to zero effect on containing the virus I find it amazing that the chairman of the isthmian league (probably someone with zero medical experience) decides to ignore expert advice and play Russian roulette with peoples businesses and livelihoods for what has been said little or no impact... had to laugh when a friend of mine instead of going football took his wife up London... first on a train then a packed tube went
  5. Doing something just for show is pointless... health officials stated that taking the type of measures like the isthmian league have taken will have negligible results....if we ban pubs clubs tubes trains buses and shops then I can understand football following suit but to ban something that has next to no effect is nonsense.... funny that some National league games with 2000+ Crowds are going ahead....
  6. absolute nonsense .... clueless people going against some of the finest brains in the health and scientific profession in the world... if I was worried I wouldn’t go.... as I said it’s ok to go to the pub and stand inches away from strangers but we can’t get 300 in a massive athletics stadium standing a yard away from anyone... are we going to stop the tube and busses and trains and close pubs...no cause not....
  7. Again sport takes takes a hit due to the lunatics that now run the asylum .... this weekend thousands will crowd into pubs and clubs around the country standing inches away from each other and that is fine.... so that is that ...postponing two games is absolutely pointless... are things going to be ok next weekend ... of course not they will be worse ... it’s so easy doing pointless things in order to be seen to be doing something but not so easy to reverse it... to me that is the season over....
  8. Strange that Cheltenham goes ahead with 60’000 people yet we postpone all games with less than 400...... absolute nonsense let’s all go down the pub cram ourselves in and cough over each other instead ...
  9. This could be a disaster for many clubs like us if we are forced to play behind closed doors.... this could be as early as Saturday.... have the club heard anything
  10. Ok. I’ll go first.... some decent stuff played in the first half with width on the pitch and some good movement resulting in a cracking goal with BB finding Maluba at speed and an fast accurate cross turned in by Shaun Okojie.... our defensive frailties were there to see with the post saving us from going behind and a penalty striking the crossbar.... a satisfying first half.... the second half was just a mess of mistakes fouls bad passing and the ball going out of play ... the highlights were a couple of fierce strikes by the impressive Della-Verde .... A deserved win against a surprisingly p
  11. I think being satisfied with this season is a lot worse than being dissatisfied.... at least the latter shows ambition.... glad you agree with me RK that the play offs are pointless unless the club is ready which we are clearly not on and off the field.... so what is going to change next season ... please someone give me some hope for the future.... coz without that hope we will never get that 400+ you stated we needed.....
  12. Normally a point away at Folkstone would be a cracking result but following a dire performance against Lewes draws are not enough...the lack of comments could be due to the declining lack of interest in this season.... stop start with the weather... a distinct lack of excitement with no cup run and very little excitement on the pitch.... the number of people I’ve spoken to that really couldn’t care about scrapping into the playoffs with this set up ...promotion would be an embarrassment.... get this season over with and hopefully big changes next season....
  13. Due to open earlier now .... now moving
  14. In case anyone was travelling as I was ( now stuck ) it will be closed until the afternoon due to an accident
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