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  1. They must have been disappointed with the crowd LH as they had 350 for a previous match and they got that with us having 150+….. Thought Sam was excellent in difficult conditions and Harold never missed a ball… scrappy first half … just why Sams goal was disallowed I don’t know after the ref gave a goal…. Highlight was the great first goal… what control and finish…. Moments like that separate the best from the others…
  2. Cunnington has made a big impact in games he has come on… my dislike is his attitude… when PK bundled past three men and managed to get a shot on target he stood for 20 seconds shaking his head while the fans applauded it… did the same after a lung bursting run from Mo … players giving their all don’t need to be criticised laying on the floor getting their breadth back….. That recovery run back from him after losing possession was a must for him to avoid a barrage of criticism from some supporters. As long as we get results players will ignore it… if we lose a few games we might see a comple
  3. I did actually mention that the substitution changed the game… happened to mention his moaning as he was getting plenty of abuse from a couple of guys on the rails for continually berating teammates……
  4. Still buzzing after that… great atmosphere behind the goal tonight…. Good opening 15 minutes resulting in a Mo converted pen after a skirmish at a corner…. That signalled a change in fortunes as Hornchurch went on the front foot we dropped deeper and lost the initiative… second half started with the same old sucker punch we’ve seen many times before… quick break cross in the box unmarked striker scoring… the expected response never came until the substitutions… LDV again sacrificed his attacking threat to double up as right back was replaced by the ever moaning Cunnington … the bombardment sta
  5. Worried at half time that not only were we losing but losing to a team that were solid and quick and looked a useful outfit…. Different story after the break and showed what the town fans all know… that we are a different team on the front foot… superb performances from Ryan and Jon Maluba flying forward at every opportunity and we simply battered them… The penalty won after a good run from PK I think then non stop attack with PK shooting and the keeper pushing it out to Mo to slot home then a third from the unpredictable Coker who played a big part in our second… Mertsham simply couldn’t get
  6. What a great challenge on the keeper 😀…. Is Quinton a local lad as he seems to pop up at Towns games…. Would anyone on here welcome him back or would like to see him in charge of this squad ? Not sure he could get a better team spirit than now ….
  7. Our strength is scoring goals and going forward which we seemed to sacrifice tonight … As Benj stated Mo was too deep surrounded by defenders everytime he got the ball and our width completely gone with LDV moving inside and tirelessly carrying out defensive duties…. Some fantastic pressing by both sides turned this into a battle… Again as Benj said we do miss Sams guile and time on the ball as just like some recent games our short passing was really poor…. Great team spirit again though but think we need to play to our strengths and let the oppo worry about our very talented strikers… PS
  8. Adam has a cold or flu …he was at the game and Sam is in Dubai for three weeks….
  9. How on earth did we lose that… fielding a much stronger side than I anticipated the town seemed to want to show they were the better team rather than just play the game… too many fancy stepovers and rolling the ball under the foot especially from the No 2 who has plenty of ability if he stuck to basics…. No team really looked like scoring till Smith turned it in then came the changes and Bedfont got on top and you could just sense penalties… they were a disaster and when Coker teed the ball up like a golf ball you knew it would end up in carterhatch lane… Shame for the few kids that won’t see
  10. I just wonder whether the lack of posts is because people worry about the response… I’m sure there are a number that read this forum and watch the matches but never post…. Don’t let peoples comments bother you… I don’t… I like reading opposite opinions and if someone disagrees with what you say that’s what makes a forum…,,
  11. Thanks for your comments BU….Looks like only two of us went Saturday …. This forum really has died hasn’t it ….
  12. Looking forward to reading fans opinions on this…. first half… worst 45 minutes I’ve seen all season from both teams… not that difficult conditions but the passing was poor and the Casuals rolling on the floor every challenge slowed the game to a stop… can’t remember a single shot on or off target for either teams…. second half much brighter so Sod’s law that just as we were getting on top the oppo broke away and scored a fine goal…. Great attacking sub by Andy replacing Taffe with Adam and we definitely started to realise that we had to up it… A powerful left foot shot by Mo slippe
  13. Unfortunately it was a return to the long punts forward after a bright opening twenty minutes… LDV after some impressive displays wide dropped deep and moved inside giving their left back the freedom to get forward… Two maybe fortunate goals …the first maybe an arm by Cunnington and second a slightly dubious pen with no danger… After seeing games out impressively against Kingstonian and Wingate we dropped so deep with no outlet and invited pressure…Still prefer our MOM Sam over Scott Thomas and he did well in a game where the ball flew over the midfields heads most the game… Still a very impor
  14. Just listened to that CC… very positive interview…. I’m not surprised that players would want to stay also I’ve given some stick to the management team over the years but got to say what a fantastic job Andy is now doing both on and off the pitch… he really seems to have a great relationship with most of the players and especially with Mo….
  15. Mo loves this club and if we are looking at promotion come the new year I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he stayed for a few more months…To some people job satisfaction is worth more than a few months extra money..,,,
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