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  1. Theodopolous

    Tonbridge Angels v Enfield Town

    Good result against a very good Tonbridge side.... took a while to get going .. passing going astray but as the half went on we looked the most dangerous team and fully deserved the lead... second half very impressive... broke with pace and width and looked really dangerous and deserved the bullet header by Taofiq .... MOM. for me was Taofiq who was immense at the back ... won everything... and Sam youngs who turned them inside out.... a real class player ..lucky to have him.... this is the type of result and performance that this team should be producing ... I get a feeling we might have found the winning formula....
  2. Theodopolous

    Enfield Town v Whitehawk

    It was a lovely header WR and credit to him but obviously there will be much tougher defensives than that to come... Whitehawk really were poor wasn't they 8-0 to Bognor and 9-1 to Billericay now 6-0 to us.... but much credit to the manager for addressing the problems... parcell seemed to really enjoy the attacking role and their defence were stretched the width of the pitch.... on to Tonbridge now with renewed enthusiasm....
  3. Theodopolous

    Enfield Town v Whitehawk

    An inspired tactical change by AL putting Micky up front to support the excellent Bricknell... also releasing the defensive shackles off of Greene.... We were helped on our way by playing the worst side I have ever seen in the premier with a goalkeeper who was a cross between stevie wonder and coco the clown..nevertheless it was a ruthless victory with a much better shape to the team... well done all....
  4. Theodopolous

    Enfield Town v Brightingsea Regent

    I remember when we went to Havent and Waterloo and took points of them... they were top at the time... the next day I read their forum and supporters were calling for the managers head because they 'shouldn't be dropping points to the likes of us' I thought then... this is a team that has high expectations and won't settle for second best.... result promotion... it seems the majority here are quite happy to settle for mediocrity.... Yes Hope is the towns top goalscorer but so was Jimmy greaves but he doesn't get picked now....yes i have higher ambitions for the club but I'm not apologising for that... if you are happy for mediocrity then that's what you will get.... but i take and accept your point that it is a teams responsibility and it's unfair to pick out individuals who try their best...
  5. Theodopolous

    Enfield Town v Brightingsea Regent

    Absolutely all about opinions Barney.... that's what this forum is about...I've noticed it's gone a bit dead on here this season so it would be nice to read new posters and their views....
  6. Theodopolous

    Enfield Town v Brightingsea Regent

    less than two years ago Liam was sitting on the bench for a struggling Cheshunt team... Why on earth he could be seen as the answer to our problems baffles me.... in my opinion he is not even Ryman north level these days and the fact AL resigned him showed what a negative backward looking manager he is....Get some pace up front to play with BB ... stop looking backwards and stop being satisfied with mediocrity.... if we continue to do this the club will just stall.....
  7. Theodopolous

    Enfield Town v Brightingsea Regent

    one thing you can say about AL is that when he tries something he sticks with it... the team line up ... the long balls the substitutions and even the time of the subs is pretty much set in stone....I noticed last year the more the fans complained the more we got more of the same so maybe best to keep quiet and let him get on with it and start again next season if this one does fizzle out like a damp squid 🐙
  8. Theodopolous

    Enfield Town v Brightingsea Regent

    Start it now TCC ... let's not wait till the seasons dead.... I would love to be in the dressing room just to hear what the tactics and pattern of play is.... Are the coaches actually promoting long balls for the whole ninety minutes or are the players unable to play passing football so just resort to it....
  9. Theodopolous

    Enfield Town v Brightingsea Regent

    Just a continuation of last season but with better players.... eleven players thrown on the pitch with absolutely no pattern of play... one up front again with balls hoofed forward over his head... I'm afraid our season will be over before xmas unless we change things now.... let's not be fooled by our position... it's a mess on the pitch .... bad passing ...bad shooting (which isn't all down to AL ) and no formation what so ever.... at least it wasn't as cold as last week....
  10. Theodopolous

    Margate v Enfield Town

    Other observations would be that our wide men are not currently being effective and 1 up front doesn’t work!  Both points to me are spot on... as I put in previous post having Greene in the left back position doubling up is ridiculous... 'I see he gave the pen away' so when we do break he is out of the game.... also the one up front when it was just Hope was laughable but now it's slightly better as BB is more of a class goalscorer but again the midfield look up and there's no one ahead of them ... we have good players but we are in desperate need of another goalscorer to support BB as Liam is well below Ryman league standard as a goal scorer and Adams is probably one for the future
  11. Theodopolous


    Some very good comments and valid points ... I was taking my thoughts of Brad from a close relative who did despise him for the way he broke up the club but as BTG said the players had a choice and who can blame them for earning extra money.... I do feel in a weaker league this year this is our big chance... we have to get to full speed now or else this chance will pass us by... at the moment our league position is far superior to our performances...Greene has to play further up the pitch we can't have him doubling up with our left back defending.... we have the players they just need organising....I hope everybody's confidence is justified.....
  12. Theodopolous


    Looks like I may have misread the supporters feeling towards Brad which I'm pleased with.... whilst it might seem a bit harsh considering our league position I really don't think we have gelled at all yet and our performances have 'apart from hammering two poor teams ' have been pretty average... hopefully I have read it wrong and the team comes together but up till now I've seen eighteen months of mediocrity.....
  13. Theodopolous


    I know... the vast majority despise him for what he did but from a purely football point of view and the wish for our club to be successful I would personally phone him up and plead for him to return... with him in charge of the players we have now promotion would be a certainty..... certainly no one better at organising a team which seems to be a major problem at the moment even considering our good position which far outweighs our performances..... I trust I am probably alone on this one....
  14. Theodopolous

    Enfield Town v Merstham

    A real miserable afternoon... wet cold and a pretty forgettable game... thought we did ok for the first half hour but after that we never really threatened... Merstham played some nice passing football which was much more accurate than ours...jeez some of the passing and crossing was woeful.... strange substitution replacing Bilal who I thought was the most creative with Hope in midfield which just about put the lock on a 0-0 draw.... not sure who awarded Billy Bricknell MOM bit I saw a man in a white coat being taken away in a van....
  15. Theodopolous

    Folkestone away

    Hope starting ? Don't we want to score ...