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  1. Thanks for the input guys ? what a joke this forum has turned into ?
  2. well three pre season matches completed what does everyone think so far…. Cockfosters a scrappy game on a dreadful dry sand dune of a pitch where LDV stood out a mile….then a really impressive defensive display against Spurs where I was really impressed with the young keeper constantly organising the defence …then the struggle against a really good Maidstone side on a pitch which must give them a massive home advantage with our players slipping and not turning on it…. Worried about Scott Thomas … his poor passing continued from early last season … quite like Frempah who seems composed and also Lucas Jordan who came on and actually attacked the defence something that had been lacking with no LDV…. We really need a flair player who can run at defences… Taffe ..Sam and Thomas gives us a very static midfield…. Looks like we could have a bigger squad than usual and we will learn more from games against teams from our level…..
  3. Great …we could get Peter Crouch…. The only man tall enough to reach Nathan’s punts…..
  4. If we continue with Andy and Mario I’m afraid that will show a complete lack of ambition…. I don’t think I can stand another season travelling miles to watch that dross… can you imagine playing National League hoofing the ball miles in the air and defending like a circus team with no organisation or tactics…. Thanks Andy and Mario we had some fun this year but if we are to progress we need a total overhaul of the way we play….. Enfield are a big club in this division… maybe not in attendances but certainly a place where good players would want to come… the stadium the support and run by good people…. We have seen what can be done with lesser players but great organisation with Cheshunt… now it’s our turn… let’s get that great organisation and tactical awareness with our quality players and let’s move forward….
  5. Not sure how to post the link but this is the page
  6. Three down two up minus Bognor and Casuals who are apparently moving to Tooting…..
  7. I don’t blame Joe for celebrating … our supporters have no respect for returning players… even Mark Kirby got relentless abuse… if you can abuse Kirbs then there is something wrong…. Though obviously running on the pitch is unforgivable but tensions do run high at times….
  8. Amazing results you have had…. Gutted to miss out Monday but certainly not gutted to miss out on promotion… it’s all about big fish small ponds or small fish big pond … even our amazing support would drain if we we were losing regular…. the challenge will be exciting but that will soon wear off ….
  9. The atmosphere made up for a poor game on a dreadful pitch … any football was impossible…. Joke defending was our downfall as it has been on numerous occasions… of course players are responsible for their performances but again I ask what was Nathan doing… this was happening in front of him in front of goal as a senior player he has to be more vocal … losing was bad but missing out on a promotion playoff with Cheshunt is pretty sick…. Missing out on promotion isn’t the end of the world… travelling longer distances with the probable relegation battle is not that appealing as Cheshunt or Hornchurch will find out… when we are ready it will happen…..
  10. Eleven players thrown on the pitch again with absolutely no tactics or shape… the organisation at the back is laughable… what’s Nathan doing… it’s happening right in front of him but he is silent like every other player on the pitch and those on the bench…. Opponents standing with not a marker near them and nothing…. All decent players (that’s why we are where we are ) but nobody having a clue where they should be at the back…. Twelve clean sheets in a row for Stortford… brilliant coaches and organisation and it’s what we should be aiming for …… still Jakes goal was worth the entry fee just a shame that piece of brilliance was cancelled out by joke defending…. Tactically we are a joke … probably the worst organised team at least in the top half …thankfully and credit to Andy we have a squad good enough and has managed to get points from the shambles…..
  11. Looking very likely a play off home or away to Hornchurch and after their showing against us and last nights scrappy win against a poor Cheshunt side isn’t something to worry about…. It’s all looking good…..
  12. Leese is a genius…to get six wins on the bounce at this stage of the season is quite an incredible feat…. First half was really hard going with the same starting line up and same tactics nothing happened either end…. The game all changed when LDV came on and his corner was headed home by Jerry… that and the introduction of Cass really bought about an onslaught which could have brought about further goals including a spectacular run by Mo which faltered right at the vital moment…. Leese has made some tough calls… leaving LDV on the bench for Taffe must be really hard and although Adam has really grown on me recently his effort in every game is faultless the monotonous high balls pumped towards him bared little reward….. Andy has also got the full backs right and their contribution often goes unnoticed… so that’s it… the playoffs are as good as settled and the manager can say stuff you to all his critics ……
  13. Cheshunt FC….The only club that announces the changes in the crowd before each match ?…. Got to work until 3 tomorrow so hoping to join you two behind the goal for the second half…
  14. YEP….1997 Towners and 3 Chestnut boys..
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