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  1. We got out played and beaten by a mid table CCL team . Enough said.
  2. I’ve been to a lot of games home and away this season and NEVER seen anyone shout abuse or slag off the team while the game is in play. In the bar before/after the game people have their opinion on the team and players and we discuss this over a pint but as far as I know The only thing shouted from the sideline is encouragement.
  3. Really, are you happy watching average teams roll us over time and time again ? Yahya and Kam have left the club Bitz and Joe are injured and we’ve not replaced any of them .
  4. Mitchell is going back to his parent club , rumour has it that Max Herbert is in talks with a new club , Scott Weight is injured , for some reason Ben doesn’t give Jabir a start up top , Russ has a back injury and is 36 and Dan couldn’t his a cows arse with a banjo at the moment. Oh and Alex looks like he’s picked up a knock and the new boy got sent off. There’s player playing a local clubs in the CCL who could do a job at Ashford I’m sure.
  5. New players needed and quick , it’s a good job we’ve got a few points in the bag already as it would be a struggle if we didn’t . We need a new spine of the team , centre back , a vocal midfield player who can organise and encourage the boys and a goal scorer at the other end To add a bit of competition for places.
  6. We need to get a wide player in and quick. James is wasted out on the right hand wing as he should be playing the 9 roll. Max is a breath of fresh air in the midfield and was a good shout for MOTM.
  7. We had our chances but fluffed our lines when it mattered , would love to see Mitchell sign for the rest of the season as he is just what the side needs at the back and he looks dangerous at the other end at set pieces. Midfield looks a worry to me , against the better teams playing 2 against their 3 is difficult as we get out played and end up losing. Ben if your reading this go back to 433 with Kam and Jack either side of who you choose up top. Hahaha.
  8. I thought we were by far the better team for the first half hour and should have grabbed a couple of goals , 2nd half Beaconsfield showed why that are 3rd in the league and managed the game well scoring 2 scrappy goals and limiting us to the odd chance. I’m still not fully convinced with the 442 formation as it leaves us light in midfield , I’d play James up top with jack and Kam either side but that’s just me and I’m not Ben.
  9. The result was cheesing but the team performance was really good , if we played like that against Chalfont and Thame I’m sure we’d have got something out of those games.
  10. Jabir is good and will score goals in the league , James I like as he gives us something different in that he wins headers and links play up well and when he’s fully fit I can see him being the 9 for the club. I’d like to see someone come in who can play the 10 roll as Tommy ( who I like ) needs a bit of competition for his place.
  11. No real cutting edge to our play , did the 442 in the 1st half really work ? Tough ask for Tommy and Max to compete against their 3 in midfield and Flem needs to get his injury sorted out as a fully fit Flem is a right handful.
  12. We’ve got to man up and be stronger , Bedford were playing against a team who were 4th in the league and scoriing for fun . The players they had on Show were never going to give us a footballing lesson so they played to their strengths albeit not pretty on the eye. Flem/James need time away from the side to get fully fit as it’s not doing them or the team any favours , Jabir had a quiet game stuck out wide when his preferred position would be through the middle. I’m sure with Scott and Yahya back in the squad and the new confident Will Boye in the side things should go back to the way they were.
  13. The boys done good , thought some changes could have been done at half time to give others a run out and save some legs for Saturday but other than that we were goog , really good.
  14. great win against a good side who'll be up there at the end of the season. Jack and Max took their goals well and Dan was a right handful up top all afternoon. With Bitz injury being a bad one I think we have to get someone in who can fill in out there down the right as James really is to me a number 9. Bring back Kam ??? Hahaha
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