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  1. Reading through the Margate forums, sounds like they had one of the games when they were simply awful and we caught them on a bad day. The fact we are so shocked by this result ourselves says it all really in terms of the big picture
  2. All I’m hearing again from board members associated with the club is excuses again this week. This weeks one is ”we were playing a quality team in the play off spots” Fair enough, but you can’t use that one against Brightlingsea x 2 and Finchley!! it doesn’t matter who we play, play off hopefuls, title challengers, mid table teams, relegation strugglers. The quality of performance and often the result is still the same The excuse making the protect their precious manager is becoming tedious now
  3. Before today , there has always been an excuse for the low attendances. Yesterday, Spurs were away, Arsenal didn’t play, Harringey were away, Cheshunt were away and the weather was ok (not windy or rainy) . It’s a playoff 6 pointer match and only 303 turned up. Tells you all you need to know. All the previous excuses are red herins. People are not coming because it’s simply not entertaining to watch and they have no faith in the management and team. Well we warned them pre season not to give Leese another year. The ignored us, stuck with him because he is cheap and doesn’t take a wage, this is their reward. The board are just as responsible for this dire on field situation we are in as Leese is
  4. Why do they need an AGM question and answer session to sack the manager??!! They have everything they need to know on the pitch on a saturday. Poor performances week in week out. No improvement from last year. Its as obvious as the nose on your face that needs to go. But because he doesnt take a wage, thats more pennies we can save and we are putting that above the ambition and potential of the club
  5. I didnt sign up for the membership renewal this year because personally I think the Leese situation was an absolute farce and it made a mockery of being a fan owned club where your voice is supposed to be heard. It was quiet clear that the majority of members thought he should of been sacked last year but we were not given any say in the matter. The board she carried on with him because he is the cheap safe option. The signs of a club that lacks ambition. Well we cant say we didnt tell you so. They didn't listen and 12 months on we are in the exact same situation as last year. No progress has been made at all. In fact I think we have gone backwards from this point 12 months ago. We are worse now than we were this time last season. Last years AGM was a farce with a large amount of members staying at home to watch Chelsea vs Spurs in the poxy league cup, it showed people had really lost interest. I wonder how many will make the effort this year.
  6. We owe the middlesex fa feck all and I really couldn’t even care if they feelings are hurt by us playing our youth team yesterday
  7. Couldn’t agree more. The website said it wouldn’t be a first 11 so we all had the choice on whether to go or not based on this information. We enter these competitions to give fringe players and youth experience at the higher level. Now they certainly would of gained that. It would of been a horrible experience for them but sometimes you need that to give you a kick up the arse. They would of learnt things from yesterday and I’m sure the middlesex fa really couldn’t give a toss about the result. Why would they care ? What impact does it have on them??
  8. The point is if we think it is acceptable that other teams rest players in some competitions then why don’t we apply the same standard to us? this is a charity cup fixture, sandwiched between 2 huge league fixtures in a week. If we played our first team it would of been 3 fixtures in a week. They are not superhuman. Let’s say we played mo and billy up front and one of them pulled a hamstring and was ruled out for a month, we would be berating the manager for risking our star players in a minor cup match which pays no money to the club
  9. We were informed in advance it wouldn’t be the first team and prices are set by the opposition but I agree it shouldn’t be full priced. We charge half for this cup I think. whether we are disrespecting it or not I don’t know, but if we are then every side in the football league are guilty of the same offence when they play weakened teams in the league cup or ldv vans etc. They all do it at some point
  10. I really am not sure what the issue is about us playing a weakened team today. We have entered 5 cup competitions this season. This is the only one we don’t appeared to of taken that seriously in terms of squad selection, but so what? Most if not all premiership teams play a weakened team in the league cup and excluding the big 5, that and the fa cup is the only cups they are involved in! We should be concerned about how poor the youth team are, not that they played
  11. Read the chairman’s report today. It appears Leese is staying. As a fan owned club that is nothing short of a disgrace. The fans have clearly voiced for Leese to be sacked, we have been ignored and the board have chosen to keep him on because he is cheap(doesn’t take a wage) and are clearly happy to watch us play boring long ball football again. They obviously have no ambition to take the club to the next league. I won’t be renewing my membership with a club that lacks ambition and ignores all its members in matters like these
  12. No pocket rocket you have not been clear because you are distorting the truth. The gambling call was made for personal reasons because he knew a prolific gambler, nothing to do with the story you just told. He even mentioned the reasons I stated before announcing it. It’s nothing to do with the specific firm in question. And the montel case was also nothing to do with protecting the player, the reasons given were to show we are a “family club” , protecting the player wasent even brought into it. At least if you are going to come back , get your facts right before making up stories that played no role in the decision
  13. The main concern I think is consistency. Do I have any real objection to this tournament? No, like it’s been said, the players took no part in the atrocities and many of the atrocities were years ago under different regimes. But I also believed Montel should of stayed on and we should keep the gambling money. I’m being consistent. The people on here who have said let’s keep politics out of football and allow the tournament, well you haven’t kept politics out of football. You have let them in and as a result we have less money and are minus our best player. Stop the hypocrisy
  14. Why should we move on when our club are turning down funds due to somebody’s personal motivations against bookies? This talk about good will and intention is rubbish, it was because he knew somebody who irresponsibility gambled his house away. I know an alcoholic who has drunk his family away but that’s his problem and like the gambler in the other case, that’s also his problem, our club shouldn’t lose out as a result. You want to play the moral high ground then you are consistent, gambling destroys lives, so does alcohol, So you turn down both or the sensible option, and you turn down none. Every penny counts at our level. Personal vendettas need to be kept away from financial decisions
  15. oh you have got to be joking me? Really alcohol banned from advertising? You never seen the “ if Carlsburg made xxx” adverts, or the adverts for Russian vodka, or the Budweiser adverts, or the strong bow adverts, they are on tv every single day. You obviously don’t watch tv. Amstel is the official sponsor of the champions league and is advertised before the start of each proggramme. Do your homework before coming back with an adsoulte joke of a reply. Google it, no in fact watch an hour of ITV tonight. In fact to make your argument even more of a joke , minors are allowed in most pubs where it is served and all restaurants were it is served. Minors are not allowed in bookies.
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