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  1. Both Pooley and Bods signed in the summer prior to the 2011/12 season; Pooley in June, Bods in July, so just yes. Since then Pooley has made 77 starts and 2 sub appearances scoring 3, while Bodkin's numbers are 65, 16 and 9. http://www.margate-fc.com/content/1st_team/squad.php?season=106 for the details.
  2. Tell you what, Cliff says he'll be selling meat raffle / lottery tickets just inside the ground on Saturday between 1.30pm and just before kick off. Why not stop by, introduce yourself and raise you concerns with him? He'll answer all your questions on the issues you raise, as we have done on the website over the past few months. Anyway, the offer is there - up to you whether you take it up.
  3. Would reinforce what Broadstairs Dave has said. I've added a new post for a message from KP.
  4. A couple of things: here's the piece from the website: http://www.margate-fc.com/content/show_news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1362410910&archive=&start_from=&ucat=4& in case anyone hasn't seen it, and Cliff has said he'll keep working on the Commercial stuff. He has also written a piece that will be in Saturday's programme.
  5. As for CK, I doubt he would have gone if we were in BSS and in with the chance or promotion. I'd never suggest he was chasing £ for himself.
  6. I'd just urge a little caution on assumptions about Construct and their demise. Given they went straight into liquidation, I'm not so sure our project would have been enough for them!
  7. Sorry to hear the news - speedy recovery Tony.
  8. I'm not going into any detail but we have stated publically (the official website) that a number of interviews were conducted in addition to contact with Neil Cugley.
  9. Update available on www.margate-fc.com.
  10. See www.margate-fc.com for an official response to this discussion.
  11. We did run a campaign at the beginning of the season to try to ge more MISA members including making provison for people to sign up via PayPal via the official website. I don't know how successful that was but I do know no one paid by PayPal. A number of additional ebenfits were also added to the MISA package (http://www.margate-fc.com/content/articles.php?article=16) As an update to the general idea of seeking donations: given the positive responses, we're currently putting together a donor programme that we hope will turn the interest expressed into donations and motivate others to get i
  12. Match preview: www.margate-fc.com.
  13. Given the recent news about the club’s main sponsor, the directors have been looking at a number of ways to raise some money. Discussions are ongoing on the commercial ideas but one idea is to set up a sort of Donors Club for individuals and companies. For donations of say £10 a month for individuals, £20 for businesses, the donor could receive a monthly newsletter with exclusive content, the opportunity to enter a draw for benefits like Associate Matchday Director, a draw for match tickets, entry to Superdraw. The exact benefits have yet to be worked through, which will happen once the club h
  14. Spot on with your point about "foul" language. Most of the press have focused on "swearing" but as we have said, we are realistic about what might be said on the terraces but do feel that we can build on the progress made and hopefuylly keep as many of our supporters as happy as possible.
  15. Listen, there is some real simple stuff here. We're trying to create an inclusive environment at the club and 1 factor is the use of bad language. I just don't see a downside of rasing the issue of bad language and for the club to be seen to be trying to do something about it. Just becasue nothing is seen to be done about it elsewhere is no reason for us not to try to do so. In fact, the very debate that is now happening around the issue is a positive outcome (as the psycologist guy on the Radio Kent interview said). And as I said in my interview and have posted elsewhere, as Cliff said la
  16. And the prize for the best post on this subject goes to ......
  17. We haven't quantified it in a formal way but the activity - from putting the posters up last season through to now - is on the back of feedback from people attending matches who were offended / concerned. At the risk of being shot down, the other guy on the interviw with me this morning on Radio Kent from Kent University (I hope he'll forgive me, I can't remember his name) in essence spoke about the societal benefits about seeking to address the issue. I'm sure not everyone will agree, but at the very least, there is clearly no harm in not using foul language and most people wouldn't expec
  18. No one is suggesting it is the only issue to consider about attendance at games, but for some it is a factor and one that is attracting a lot of media attention to us. Frankly, even if it was just a PR stunt (which it isn't I hasten to add) it's been a reptty good one with the coverage we've had. We do take the development of our community credentials seriously and this falls squarely into that area. Hopefully, my recognition of the supporters and their creativity came across too. And just to be clear, other than safety and security at matches, winning games is THE single most important t
  19. To be honest, if they were going to make that assessment after one game and ignore the other 9 data points - that's how many unbeaten competitive games we've played - then I doubt they'd be back anyway. And we mustn't ignore Maidstone and how they played. Stating the obvious I know but there are always 2 teams on the pitch and they pressured us very effectively throughout the most of the first half so kudos to them perhaps, rather than it's all Margate doom and gloom. I don't htink anyone is saying we played well in the first half - although we were much better in the second - but I think most
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