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  1. cufcgeneral

    Brad Wadkins

    http://www.sloughtownfc.net/article/1401/Brad-Wadkins-departs-the-Rebels Thought this might cheer some of you up. Surprised to took him this long to join all the other ex Chesham players at Enfield
  2. cufcgeneral

    enfield town v tonbridge angels

    One of the problems that Andy had that year and the year after was the cup runs. We ended up being 7/8 games behind everyone else at Xmas both seasons. Previous seasons our record was nearly always top 6 with no cup runs. Very difficult to get both in the same season at this level in either league without a large squad (read budget??) or big crowds (Hereford)
  3. cufcgeneral

    Where are they now?

    Double post
  4. cufcgeneral

    Where are they now?

    Scott McGleish now plays for Andy's old club Chesham United.
  5. cufcgeneral

    Enfield Town v Folkestone Invicta

    Adam Martin wouldn't be available for the first 10 games of the season anyway if he recovers from his injury. Picked up his 3rd red card of the season for us last year in the last game for dissent towards the ref. 5 games plus another 5 for the dissent offence.
  6. cufcgeneral

    New Striker joins Town

    We didn't want to retain Drew so I can't see it being sour grapes. If you take away goals from the spot his record last year was very poor. Even then he managed to miss (rather than have saved) about half the penalties he took last year. I think you have made a shrewd appointment as manager but that some of the signings would leave me uninspired. Put another way if Andy had still been at Chesham and had resigned Roberts then we'd all be scratching our heads working out he sees in him still.
  7. cufcgeneral

    Meet The Management Team

    Good management team you've got there. Certainly know there stuff in non league circles, I'd be worried though about some of the signings. Youngs was our best player last year but Roberts couldn't finish a sentence let alone a chance. On the cup runs, we've had 2 in 10 years and they both took a large slice of luck so don't get too optimistic. Anyway, good luck for the season ahead. It's destined in the stats for us to be drawn together in an FA Cup or Trophy game. If not see you in the Conference South next year ??