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  1. https://www.enfieldtownfootballclub.co.uk/news/squad-update-following-return-to-training-2440723.html Tell you what you can stop claiming you have no money, those 2 ex Chesham players won't be cheap, they were well paid for us and even better paid by Royston. Potton and Thomas are both ball playing footballers, Potton especially was one of the most gifted footballers at our level when he was with us before but he's been off travelling for months at a time in recent years so maybe has lost it a bit
  2. Both Chesham and Enfield are big names but unfortunately non league football has gone the way of Premier League football where upstarts with lots of money are going to outbid traditional clubs. The playing style must have changed after Andy left Chesham then as we used to play attacking football at Chesham but were prepared to mix it up and go direct to win in Cup games (like when we beat you and then Bristol Rovers- sorry to remind you) or away at places like Frome on horrible sloped and mudbath pitches that you couldn't play football on.
  3. It wasn't unusual for us at Chesham to not know more than 5/6 signings by the first pre season game. So it's not unusual for Andy. Keeping his options open maybe as some players would be hoping to play at a higher level but by now are available to clubs at Enfield and Cheshams level. We had an attacking midfielder at Chesham last year, who was released by a Championship club. Spent pre season aiming to be signed by at the lowest a National League club, then dropped to Slough @ Step 2 and was released by them just before the first league game. Expectations change and you can get some gems
  4. Be careful what you wish for. We went from Andy's "effective" style of football, although sounds like it has been a little more long ball than with us to nice passing football at the start of this year and ended up bottom because of it. We've only turned it round by being more "effective" with less than a goal a game conceded since the old Potters Bar managers came in. Andy was with us for 14 years and is actually a really nice guy but is best avoided after defeats or poor performances. Hope he can turn it round for you as think he deserves a promotion to Step 2 after missing out n
  5. Wouldn't hold your hopes up on Andy resigning, you'd have to sack him.
  6. One of the problems that Andy had that year and the year after was the cup runs. We ended up being 7/8 games behind everyone else at Xmas both seasons. Previous seasons our record was nearly always top 6 with no cup runs. Very difficult to get both in the same season at this level in either league without a large squad (read budget??) or big crowds (Hereford)
  7. Scott McGleish now plays for Andy's old club Chesham United.
  8. Adam Martin wouldn't be available for the first 10 games of the season anyway if he recovers from his injury. Picked up his 3rd red card of the season for us last year in the last game for dissent towards the ref. 5 games plus another 5 for the dissent offence.
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