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  1. Valencia 2 v 2 Barcelona Coventry 1 v 3 Birmingham (FAC) Southampton 1 v 2 Spurs (FAC) Orient 1 v 1 Newport County Bowers 1 v 3 Hornchurch Att: 219
  2. 😊 The wonderful place between the "Bloody South, full of Southerners" and "Bloody North, full of Northerners". It has its oddities, including everyone in and from Birmingham, but is essentially wonderful. My home, the Black Country, is of course it's shining jewel, a place so special that JRR Tolkein based Mordor on it. One day Hornchurch will draw Stourbridge in the Trophy and I'll be 1) very happy and 2) able to watch a match that doesn't feature the whining and rolling around that seems endemic down here .
  3. An old cliche, but if you don't take your chances. football bites you on the arse. (Perhaps this is just a Midland thing). It is too soon to say these are season defining games. Look at the table - we beat Worthing 6-0 at their place; beat Carshalton away 4-0 ( I think, I'd had a few); beat Folkestone; drew away at Cray and shared the points with Horsham. Unbeaten at home. Long way to go, but I think that reads well. Two observations fron recent games, one negative, one positive: Opposition players squeeling like stuck pigs every time they are tackled. Followed by their captain and centre half harranguing the ref and the opposition bench jumping up. Every single time. Embarrasing. A lot of new, younger faces on the Eastside - something to be encouraged as crowds build. I agree with Walski - I hope that the signing of Cunnington doesn't lead to a more direct approach. Get Uchechi back and fit, George wide and firing in crosses = goals.
  4. Hoffenheim 2 v 0 Eintracht Frankfurt West Ham 1 v 1 Everton Southampton 1 v 1 Wolves Histon 1 v 3 Glenn Tamplin’s Wizards Hornchurch 2 v 1 Leatherhead Att 319
  5. It didn't feel right from the off, with miss placed passes all over the shop and no real threat. Their forward line did look dangerous though and despite it never being a penalty, it wasn't a surprise that they took the lead. Having equalised just before the break I thought at half time we would go on and win - not to be. I know people were angry and frustrated at the end. This was a great opportunity to reach the last 16. It's worth reflecting though that not so long ago many on here, myself included, were decrying the break up of the Division 1 North Championship team and the influx of ex Thurrock players. Now we are upset whilst sat in the Premiership play-offs, with games in hand to go top and having reached the Trophy last 32. We've come a long way and one crap game shouldn't undo that. Lots to play for this season still, so onwards and upwards again. By the way, anyone know how the Romford Rockets, Wizards, Wa****s got on?
  6. Lazio 2 v 2 Napoli C Palace 1 v 2 Arsenal (12:30) Tottenham 1 v 3 Liverpool Southend 1 v 3 Tranmere Urchins 2 v 1 Aveley (FAT) Att: 419
  7. Genoa 1 v 2 Torino (17:00) Burnley 2 v 1 Crystal Palace Wigan 1 v 1 Reading Kingstonian 1 v 3 Fylde (FAC) Hornchurch 2 V 1 Bognor Att. 311
  8. Werder Bremen 1 v 2 Schalke Bournemouth 2 v 1 Wolves West Ham Utd 1 v 2 Totteringham H (12:30) Dereham Town 2 v 2 GT’s Romford Oxford City 1 v 2 Hornchurch Att: 319
  9. Cyprus 1 v 2 Scotland (14:00) Leyton Orient 2 v 1 Scunthorpe Dulwich Hamlet 2 v 1 Billericay Enfield 2 v 2 Folkestone Hornchurch 3 v 1 Corinthian Casuals Att :219
  10. Bayern Munich 2 v 1 B. Dortmund Leicester 3 v 1 The Arse Burnley Clarets 2 v 2 West Ham Blues England Ladies 1 v 2 Germany Damen Basildon 1 v 4 Urchins Att : 119
  11. 1. Do I get to keep Baby Jago as a reward? 2. Why didn't I do the lottery?
  12. Roma 2 v 1 Napoli Bournemouth 2 v 1 Man United (12:30) Luton 1 v 3 Forest Hamilton Accies 1 v 1 Ross County Hornchurch 3 v 1 Potters Bar Att : 219
  13. Lille 1 v 0 Bordeaux Brighton 1 v 1 Everton Watford 1 v 2 Bournemouth Sheff Wed 1 v 2 Leeds (12:30) Hornchurch 3 v 1 Berkhamsted (FAT) Att : 319
  14. Lazio 2 v 1 Atalanta Everton 1 v 1 WHU (12:30) Middlesbrough 1 v 3 West Brom Potters Bar 0 v 3 Barnet (FAC) (12:30) Leatherhead 1 v 3 Hornchurch Att: 319
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