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  1. AC Milan 3 v 2 Atalanta Aston Villa 3 v 0 Newcastle U Ipswich 1 v 1 Peterborough A Villa Women 0 v 3 Reading Women (1230) The Daggers 2 v 1 King’s Lynn Covid contingency game: Monaco 1 v 2 Marseille
  2. Antalyaspor 1 v 2 Trabzonspor Wolves 1 v 5 West Brom (12:30) Villa 1 v 3 Everton Orient 2 v 1 Morecambe Hornchurch 1 v 0 King’s Lynn (before any extra time) Covid contingency game : Palmeiras 1 v 1 Gremio Yes, I am confident that we shall beat the Dog Heads by the same score as the last time we visited The Custard Bowl* * This may be a lie.
  3. I’m sorry, but this is outrageous. This season I’ve been extremely grateful for (and greatly impressed by), the streaming services for our games offered for free by Hampton & Richmond, Tonbridge Angels and Dulwich Hamlet. Nothing beats being at the match itself, but those clubs put in a tremendous effort so that we could watch the games. The Supporters Association recognised the benefits that these services provide and have spent a significant sum of money so that we could offer both our own and Kings Lynn’s fans the same. We all recognise that we are unlikely to see live footb
  4. RB Leipzig 3 v 2 B. Dortmund Luton 1 v 2 Reading FAC (12:00) Nott’m Forest 1 v 1 Cardiff FAC (12:00) Southend 1 v 1 Barrow King’s Lynn 0 v 2 Halifax Covid Contingency game Genoa 2 v 1 Bologna
  5. Thanks to everyone for their donations on Tuesday night. All items have been delivered to the Airfield Way Tesco's collection point once more.
  6. I appreciate how difficult these times are for many people but, if you can, we are collecting Foodbank donations ahead of our FA Trophy game against Wingate & Finchley on Tuesday night. Donations can be left at the Track & Trace stations. Many thanks and take care.
  7. It is a sad indictment of the institutionalised anti Midland bias that lies at the heart of those in power of this competition that I knew complaining at the time of Kentish Maid's flagrant breach of the rules in her tie against me was pointless. Had I predicted a Hornchurch draw, let alone a Hornchurch defeat, I would have been booted from the competition without a moments hesitation. However, Kentish Maid whispers something about Millwall connections and President Jago simply gives her a free pass and some additional goals just to make sure she progresses. However, inspired by watchin
  8. With the move to Tier 2 restrictions here in Havering and the potential economic impact that this will bring as we approach winter, the Supporters Association has agreed that we will now collect foodbank donations at each home game, rather than on a monthly basis. Contributions can be left at the Track & Trace stations or Clubhouse entrance. The recent campaign by Marcus Rashford to provide free school meals for children in need during the school holidays and fans of Premier League clubs boycotting Pay Per View fees of £14.95 and instead donating their money to local charities and fo
  9. Thanks to Rhys for pointing out the schoolboy error. If we are playing a Kent side on a Tuesday night then, of course, we are away. First league home game in November is on 14th November 2020 against Leatherhead.
  10. A big Thank You to everone who donated items to the Food bank last night. These have now filled out the collection point container at Airfield Way Tesco's. In the parlance of the modern day footballers tweet, we go again on 3rd November with the home game against Folkestone Invicta 👊
  11. England 1 v 3 Belgium Ireland 1 v 1 Wales Gillingham 1 v 2 Oxford Barrow 1 v 2 The Os Kingstonian 0 v 3 Hornchurch Att : 319
  12. A reminder that the Supporters Association will now be accepting donations on the first home game of the month, starting with the visit of Wingate & Finchley on 6th October 2020. We ask for your help and encourage you to bring in food donations from the list below, which can be left at the Supporters Stall. Thank you again for all your generosity in the past and we look forward to helping as many of those less fortunate than ourselves in our local community in the future. UHT milk Sugar Fruit juice Pasta sauces Soup
  13. Spartak Moscow 1 v 1 Zenit St P Reading 1 v 3 Watford Charlton 1 v 2 Sunderland Maldon & T 2 v 1 Grays (FAC) Woolfamstow 0 v 5 ‘ornchurch Att:279
  14. Bayer Leverkusen 1 v 2 RB Leipzig (14:30) Burnley 2 v 1 Southampton C Palace 2 v 2 Everton Romford 0 v 3 Aveley B Stortford 0 v 2 Hornchurch Att: 419
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