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  1. Is it worth contacting Bowers and suggesting a joint social and local media blitz? Focus on the fact that its a derby on Non League Day, the number of players playing against their former team, sibling rivalry with the Clarkes etc. Get the Recorder and Essex Echo journos on board early to promote the match. Contact C2C, see if they will promote the game through their social media channels using timetable between Pitsea & Upminster as a basis. See if West Ham, in particular, will publicise the game given both clubs firmly in their catchment area. Ask both clubs sponsors to make a special effort to promote the game to their customers. All the above can link to the wider message about Non League Day & the prostate cancer support. Some good ideas onhttp://www.nonleagueday.co.uk/
  2. Terribly sad news. Tina was a great character and will be sorely missed. Condolences to Ken and the family.
  3. I only have a few seasons under my belt, so feel a bit of a fraud. But for more recent events: Best match: AFC Hornchurch 5 - 4 Waltham Abbey. Great, late, comeback win with some stonking goals from both sides, topped off by George's "celebration" to the bench. Best achievement: Winning the Bostick North. Sealing things with a thumping win away at Whitham and seeing the players celebrate with Jimmy in the stands and the party in the clubhouse after. Favourite player: For conistancy and adapaptability, Alex Bentley. Favourite personality. Jimmy McFarlane. Always had time to say hello. Came up to me and introduced himself on the coach to Norwich Utd (as if he needed to). Massive respect for how he has battled against illness. Best experience: Hereford away in the Cup. Out singing the couple of thousand there; battling performance; beer (lots), kamikazee coach drivers. All in all a fantastic day out: Worst experience: Losing to Thurrock in the play-off semi finals. Totally outplayed on the night. Whatever happened to them?
  4. There is a difference in being sentimental and over sentimental. I was sad Leon McKenzie left, not least because I used to enjoy having a wager in my head each game as to how many times he would get caught offside. He had scored a bucket full of goals, but it was right that he should leave when he did. No one is arguing against progression. The pace and scale of the changes are causing concern. The loss of players who are capable at this level is causing concern. Equally, come the start of the season we will all be cheering whoever plays in the (hopefully) red and white stripes on.
  5. In the time I've been coming, Alex has been one of the most consistent players that we have had. Genuinely two footed, with more skill than he's given credit for, he has done a great job not only at right back, but also left back, centre back and in midfield when called upon. I certainly don't think of him as one who has cost us points. I'm sure you could look back over all the videos and say that Callum should have saved/not spilled that; defender "x" was out of position there; midfielder "y" didn't track back there; striker "z" missed an absolute sitter there. He was rightly the Player of the Season and I thought he was one of the few originals from the Jimmy days that would be able to adapt to Stimpsons style. For me at least, football is more than just winning points. If that was all I cared about, I'd bog off and just watch Man City. Alex and his family were a big part of what made Hornchurch a proper club with good people. We have lost all bar one of the players that got us to this level and a fair few that kept us here having come in. The vast majority were liked not only for what they did on the pitch, but what they did of it also. I'm happy for sentiment to be a part of football. Without it, the game hs no heart or soul. The new players coming in need to step up in more ways than one.
  6. Begining to think that purple is not the most flattering of colours......... Really good fun and a great night. Some great pictures in there Andy.
  7. Nothing ages a man more than knowledge of who Jasper Carrot is!
  8. I can't say I wasn't warned. The Hatted Urchin long foretold that this day would come. The elitism. The corruption. The Establishment desperate to keep poor Midlanders "in their place" and away from the glory that is Division 1. But. To wipe out the entire internet to prevent my accurate prediction of the Macclesfield v Cambridge crowd being known, just so nepotism can prevail? Who could honestly have predicted that Jago would stoop so low? It is Trumpian in its audacity and chutzpah. An affront to the sanctity of this *cough* great institution. If this is left to stand, then all members are sleepwalking into their own inevitable destruction.
  9. Celta Vigo 1 v 3 Barcelona Cardiff 0 v 2 Palace West Ham 2 v 1 Southampton Swindon 1 v 1 Notts County Macclesfield 2 v 1 Cambridge Att: 2519 Arriba!
  10. Inter Milan 1 v 2 Juventus C Palace 1 v 2 Everton Fulham 2 v 1 Cardiff Wingate 2 v 1 Burgess Hill Lewes 2 v 3 The Chins Are Staying UP Att : 819
  11. Akhisarspor 1 v 1 Antalyaspor (14:00) West Ham 3 v 1 Leicester Newcastle 2 v 1 Southampton Romford 2 v 1 Soham Kingstonian 1 v 2 Hornchurch Att : 219
  12. Seattle Sounders 2 v 1 Toronto Brighton 1 v 2 Bournemouth Reading 0 v 3 Brentford Corinthian Casuals 2 v 2 Wingate Hornchurch 3 v 0 Whitehawk Att: 219
  13. Sampdoria 1 v 2 Roma Newcastle 2 v 1 Palace Hearts 2 v 0 Hibs (12:30) Harlow 1 v 3 Potters Bar Hornchurch 2 v 1 Haringey Boro Att: 219
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