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  1. This fixture seems to have fallen off everyones radar...... Herts Senior Cup Leverstock Green v Hitchin Town
  2. As someone directly involved in this 2 year dispute I can categorically confirm it was an underhanded attempt to takeover Berkhamsted FC's ground and trust me he more than met his match and went away with his tail firmly between his legs.
  3. Berkhamsted FC as assistant to first team manager Steve Bateman. Excellent appointment.
  4. You predicted well, can I have tonights winning lottery numbers?
  5. Berkhamsted will be promoted if they better Leighton Town's result this Saturday. Well deserved too, they have been a joy to watch all season.
  6. Things have just simply moved on. Twitter is by far the best platform to get all the latest info and gossip about our league and teams. If I just take the club I follow, there are regular daily updates from the main club twitter plus lots of tweets from the chairman, one of the directors, the manager and some of the players. There is just no other platform (including this) that can compete with that. The only way a forum like this beats twitter is to have discussions about a certain topic (like this one!)
  7. Berkhamsted 5-5 Leverstock Green Incredible free scoring Dacorum Derby last night in front of 157 spectators. Both teams didn't deserve to lose but great advert for the league. According to my maths and the programme that is 97 league goals Berko have scored this season with still 5 games to go!
  8. So poor that Berkhamsted are the only step 5 club in the entire country that are still unbeaten in the league. Of the 14 step 5 leagues 10% of our clubs are still in the FA Vase and 2 at least will be in the last 32. Seriously with mood hoovers like some of you around it makes me wonder why you follow football at our level. FFS get behind our clubs, our league this season are producing some great clubs and football that is a joy to watch
  9. What are people's opinions now given we are a third of the way into the season? Obviously I have Berkhamsted tinted glasses on so won't comment on the team I support but been very impressed with Harpenden Town, Biggleswade FC, and Leighton Town this season. We don't play WGC until 16th December but that appears on current form to be between the sides that may win the league. I know Adam at WGC creates much discussion at times but speak as I find I think he is doing a great job and cannot wait for our meetings later in the season. Colney Heath finding form now and will be an interesting game against WGC on Saturday. Shout out to Crawley Green in recent weeks who drew with us and ran WGC very close last night. He might have quit the manager's job but Deano Bull is quite the keeper!
  10. Neither did we until the 93rd minute! Only 1 of 3 step 5 clubs in the whole country still unbeaten though.
  11. Biggleswade FC 2-3 Berkhamsted Fantastic match away to 2nd place Biggleswade and a great comeback from 2-0 down to win 2-3. Tremendous away support including our youngsters with their flags and drums. Great advert for the Premier League and Berkhamsted remain unbeaten in the league and 3 points clear now at the top.
  12. What do our team have to do other than have the longest unbeaten league run in the country? :-)
  13. There is also a friendly for those in the area between Berkhamsted and Chesham Utd at the Broadwater Stadium. Kick off 7.45pm.
  14. Have to say this whole ambulance waiting is getting way beyond a joke now. We are barely into September and this is the 3rd instance a game involving SSML teams has been abandoned because an ambulance has failed to turn up in a timely manner.
  15. One of the best days ever as a Berkhamsted fan and yes well worth the £9 entrance fee! :-) Berkhamsted should have been winning after the opening 20 minutes and also a club record attendance figure of 366. Did not disgrace themselves at all against opposition 2 divisions higher.
  16. I'm in my 70s now but can honestly say I've not looked forward to a game so much as I am tomorrow. Good luck to the other SSML teams too.
  17. Strange comment? From what I see on the sidelines is a well run side by unpaid volunteers trying their best to give the community a football team they can enjoy with good facilities. I'm an elderly gentleman who lives close and several of us go to each home game and certainly recently the team and football club have given me much enjoyment on a Saturday afternoon.
  18. Agreed, was really happy to see that with no offence to LC!
  19. That idea could not be any far apart than it is right now after Raiders tried a hostile takeover of the senior clubs ground in the summer without consent or permission. Berkhamsted FC have actually started a youth team set up of their own from this season and in a pre season friendly last night won 9-3! Saw on twitter the players have their own names on their backs with a new kit, sponsorship deal, and full use of the senior clubs facilities so looks like they are taking the youth team very seriously.
  20. Kings Langley have come in and offered their ground to Sun Sports to share keeping them alive.
  21. Absolute disgrace. Have seen many great games between us and Sun over the years and they will be sadly missed. Unfortunately there are too many non football people meddling with grass roots football nowadays. At Berkhamsted the board are still trying to fend off such people that want to turn our home into a totally unsuitable unfit for purpose astroturf monstrosity.
  22. We are so happy with our FA Cup tie, will be fantastic for the town and to be at home to one of Steve's former clubs gives it that extra spice!
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