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  1. 15-January 11 - Happy Birthday The Doctor :)

  2. Dartford borough residents discount scheme, means us that live in Swanscombe get a dart tag which gives us 100 free journeys I do believe, and it is 20p for every crossing after that.
  3. And he hinted about a conspiracy about refs against Crawley. Said something like 'they say they haven't, but they quite clearly have an agenda'. In my opinion, and said it at the time,it was a great challenge from Ricketts who quite clearly wins the ball. Look a much improved side tonight with a lot more football being played, also seem to be playing witha lot more energy.
  4. Pretty much agree with everyone else about the game, it was a very cold wet night and the game wasnt the best but we got the result. There were some phases of good football though, and Stacy definately looks to be returning to a bit of form. I didnt see the challenge of Moore, must have been late. But even then, the horrible two footed lunge, over the ball on shakes in the corner should have resulted in a straight red for the woking 6.
  5. I'll take a stab in the dark, but I think it may be a little too far back. Liam's first game in charge up at Carlisle maybe?
  6. haha, that is actually quite funny. Made me actually laugh out loud in the uni library, got me a few scorns.
  7. Mr. Kettle, ha, I remember him. Almost as bad as Mr. Deadman, who loved to throw cards around. The scary thing was, I was watching a game on Sky Sports the other week, QPR coventry I think(championship level) and Deadman was the referee. So expect to see Hopkins promoted. It seems the more cards they dish out, the higher up the leagues they go.
  8. Well either Wroxham or Kings Lynn will definately get through LH. They have drawn each other in the 3rd Q round. Full draw here http://www.thefa.com/TheFACup/TheFACup/Fixtures
  9. HG and Alan pretty much summed up what I thought, they looked very tired, but defended really well. Luke and Darius were our two best players I thought. Gash was very quiet I thought, he took his goal well but that was about it. Although, he was held throughout the game, similar to the Lewes game. The save at the end was amazing, it was in all the way, until out of nowhere hook gets down to the bottom corner and gets a strong hand on it and puts it round the post. Save of the season so far. Definately thought we should have had the pen, Luke was brought down just as he was about to unleash his shot.
  10. On another note, with Woodward's money not at Grays, does this mean Altrincham will get their regular 21st spot reprieve?
  11. Billynick, you are quite clearly a Dartford fan when mentioning gates etc...who cares, how is the season going now you are mixing it a league higher? How was that gate the other day, just over a 1000, do people of Dartford not like getting free tickets anymore? Bristolcityfc, no pick the team happens, very sensibly, that sort of thing should be left to the management team. MyFC is a point which will still cause debate amongst real Fleet fans, some love it, some hate it. Also john is a great player, and will be a very good signing for you, definately one of the best, most promising players I have seen in a FLeet shirt. Very good finisher, amazing passing and hold up ability, has an uncanny knowledge of where teammates are and what they are doing.
  12. I am being cheap, does anyone know of a good, free to use programme which will transfer music from my i pod back to my i tunes as I recently had to format my hard drive. thanks
  13. Is there enough space for a football ground there? And Gravesend have 5 teams and a lot of youth teams, so a football ground there couldn't provide the pitches. Although Gravesend seem to be very ambitious at the moment, recently being promoted into London 2(equilavent to CS). A town centre location like that would be amazing, I still think Dartford attract the fans because of its central locality and easy transport links(it cant be their football, haha). Anyway, I very much doubt that this is the case, and is all speculation. I personally think the site would be in the Ebbs valley somewhere.
  14. yeah I have noticed it now. I just do not understand what top level rugby club it would be as there are none in the area. There are 2nd division rugby union clubs, Blackheath and Westcoombe Park, but I'm sure they wouldn't play here. The premier league clubs I mentioned above already have much better grounds and in rugby league terms there is Harlequins(used to be London Bronco's), Kent Ravens(play at PP, I believe there are in the 4th tier anyway) and Greenwich Admirals(who I believe are in the 4th/5th tier).
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