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  1. Seems a great appointment considering he recently won the league with London Colney. Did he end up leaving after Colney following their refusal to take promotion? And has he managed since?
  2. The Leighton Town manager Danny Nicholls resigned after the latest loss above. Not surprising given the start to the season and standard of football played. It seems virtually all of the successful FA Vase squad has left from last season. I expected Nicholls to complement the squad with his own contacts from his varied career but this hasn’t transpired. His experience suggested a good team would be built. Interested to know who may know be in the frame for the job?
  3. At the game today and it looks like Leighton could be in for a struggle this season, which is a big shame after the success of last. The new additions lack the necessary quality and a real lack of presence up front. RWB were a very average side, went down to 10 men with 20 minutes left but still looked the most likely to score. The new manager, Danny Nicholls, looks to have a good CV but haven’t seen a great deal to be impressed with so far. Only 1 goal in 3 games. Let’s hope things improve
  4. Hope I’m proved wrong but it’s all fairly quiet from Leighton Town at the moment. A number of players lost from last season and they have not been replaced with the same quality. Very little from the new manager Danny Nicholls either. His son has been signed up and is now captain. At any level of football that always worries me a bit
  5. I'd be interested to know why they have folded, it's a shame as they are a long established club. Bicknell managed Leighton and after he left there was a difficult phase where a squad didn't really exist. Padbury also folded the season after he left and Ampthill were relegated after a disastrous season following his move. Seems to be a problem if an entire squad plays for a manager rather than a club. I personally prefer it when players have an attachment to the local community
  6. Leighton Town got walloped 6-1 by Winslow last night. Judging by Winslow's pre season results to date they will be in for a good season. Leighton also lost in the previous game to Totternhoe 4-3, perhaps the defence needs working on?
  7. AFC Southgate appear to be a well run club judging by their website. A youth team becoming senior is a complete unknown but could be successful. Good example being Biggleswade FC in Div 1 last season
  8. Agreed on New Bradwell. They thought they were going to smash the division and didn't even end up the best team in Bradwell.
  9. Signs are looking good at Leighton. There have been a few disorganised pre / early seasons before. It seems like there will be some continuity from the previous season which hasn't happened for a while. Promotion may be a step too far but I'd expect them to be a lot more competitive than last year
  10. Where did Baldock Town end up going? Poor eyesight, they are still there!
  11. The future of the club is mentioned as the reason on the clubs official twitter. Sounds like either refusing promotion or not increasing the budget. It's a shame that the clubs ambitions are not as high as the players. Such a difficult league to win. When is Step 4 and 5 finalised by the FA?
  12. I've always wondered why there are no playoffs for Div 1 at least. It's not just the extra revenue from the games themselves but all the extra games as sides have something to play for at the end of the season. At the end of the day, everyone loves drama in football even if it doesn't always reward the best team
  13. I'd quite like to see how that Thame side would get on at a higher level. Their performance in cups suggest they are capable of playing at a level or two above. By way of introduction I've been a 'voyeur' of the forum for a while and thought I'd start posting on here. I've followed Leighton Town since they were in the Ryman Leagues. Still try and watch them as often as I can but work and playing football make it tough to go as much as I want. However I'll watch any local football and finding that I prefer non league to the professional game recently.
  14. Is this the current Thame Rangers manager? Surprised he has gone to Winslow as they seem to have a good thing going on at Thame. Decent facilities and able to go up I presume as well.
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