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  1. I must admit I’ve not posted on here for a while. Finding the lack of football a real downer, although I know things are far worse for others. The warnings that lower league may not start again until 2021 is a real blow. Nothing better than a Saturday at 5.30 with a plethora of scores ,updated league tables , photos and reports to look through. Not sure how clubs will be able to survive in the lower leagues unless we are back to ‘as we were’. There’s a lot of clubs with no alternative income streams. A commendable effort by the chaps keeping the posts going on this forum! I look forward to the days when scores and reports are back!!
  2. Managed to get to the game in Kent on Saturday and a really disappointing outcome. At 3-2 it looked as if Leighton had it in the bag. A really nice set up down there with lots of facilities, and the crowd was 75% Leighton fans. Without meaning to sound too insulting (and like a poor loser!) Corinthian do seem to be quite a small club to have got this far. But good luck to them. I think the issue in the end is that Leighton’s game plan does often seem to be to out score the opposition given the strength of attacking talent. However they came up against a team with a very good front three and in the end the momentum went their way in the closing stages.
  3. Without getting too confident that’s not a bad draw. I must admit I had to do a little bit of research on Corinthian FC. I did think they were Corinthian Casuals to begin with. In my opinion Bradford Town away was a harder fixture than this but let’s see. They seem to have been knocking on the promotion door from the SCEL division for a few years now
  4. Always two sides to any story I guess. Just listened to the 3 Counties interview. If true, not wanting to take promotion would be a very frustrating stance to take. I do understand wanting to run a club prudently but part of the fun is progressing. London Colney didn’t end up going up a few years ago and now their languishing at the bottom of the league
  5. Reading between the lines on the statements issued by the ex manager and the current committee it sounds like a budget issue. I think the budget was reduced and perhaps others (supported by the manager) have tried a “management buy out” or that that could be nonsense!
  6. No afraid not but from the reports sounds like a deserved result. The team do seem to raise their game when the opposition is better
  7. Leighton go as the underdogs but bring it on! Beat eastbourne who were top of their league and a great never say attitude in the team!!
  8. Think Bradford Town could be the limit of the run. Checking this morning, they are top of their league and have won 9 of the last 10 in the league. would love to go this game but apparently it isn’t what the wife wants to do on her birthday!
  9. It was a great attendance on Saturday and no special offers. I think the success of the club is being well reported locally via regional papers and twitter. The policy of adults with under 18s is a bit controversial. 20 years ago or so I used to go on my own and had no interest in being a yob, there is a danger this could alienate a lot of future supporters. Let’s face it the future of non league does rely on encouraging new fans. A significant proportion of those causing trouble at Eynesbury are not regular match go-ers. They tend to turn up for the big vase games. It would be quite easy to identify the main trouble makers from the videos (10-15 of them) and ban them from entering.
  10. Listened to this weeks non league show and hadn’t realised that Tomlin the Winslow manager had left. Whats the full story there? Judging from the interview it sounded like he was too disorganised despite getting good results!
  11. Went to the Eynesbury vs Leighton game on Saturday and addressing the most important point first, what a game! Leighton looked dead and buried with 15 minutes remaining. However 2 substitutes changed the game. Ex QPR player Ben Pattie and Ashton Campbell combined well for 2 of the 3 goals in the comeback. It has surprised me that Campbell hasn’t got more minutes for Leighton this season. Eynesbury have a very powerful and effective front 3 of Gentle, Brown and Calcutt who will cause a lot of teams problems. For the majority of the game the atmosphere was brilliant. Leighton had publicised this game well but a side effect seems to have been that a horde of 16-18 year olds turned up wanting to be ‘ultra’ type fans. Nothing wrong with this per se but they turned idiotic. I think something was thrown at a player in the game although I think he may have feigned it hitting him. At the end of the game an unsurprising pitch invasion happened. The youths choose to run towards the Eynesbury fans and started goading them. On this provocation a lot of beer and punches were thrown, predominantly from the Eynesbury fans. Nobody came out of the situation well, especially the Eynesbury player Jordan Brown who ran from the changing rooms to throw some punches. The lesson is that if Leighton decide to take these types of fans again (which I hope they don’t) that they provide stewards to control them
  12. Their manager resigned today and justified the walk out on a lack of training facilities. Apparently they hadn’t trained for 3 weeks. Whatever is going on at the club, to walk out at half time is inexcusable, it smacks of a lack of character and pride. You would imagine Abingdon are in danger of folding now
  13. It was a decent away following, think the total attendance was 230ish and I’d say at least half of those were away fans. Not sure if that counts as massive! It’s a good set up down at Creasey Park and I know they are off the back of 2 successive relegations. I’d assume that’s related to some funding issues?
  14. Went to Dunstable today to see Leighton emerge victorious 3-0. An entertaining game and a competitive local derby played in the right spirit. Leighton looked to have slightly more quality especially going forward. The goalkeepers made a big difference today. The Dunstable gk made a howler which gifted the opening goal to Leighton , whilst at 1-0 Brad Kirkwood in the Leighton goal pulled off a super penalty save. Another point of note was an announcement at the ground that insulting /abusive language has been heard and spectators might be ejected. It wasn’t made clear what the nature of these comments were but got the impression it was ‘just’ bad language. It will be quite difficult to cut this out of football games and from my position the worst language I heard was used by the Dunstable players!
  15. It is a bit of a shame that the two sides from the Spartan drew each other. But it should be a great tie and might mean a bumper attendance. The atmosphere and turn out on Saturday at Bell Close was amazing. Eastbourne look to be a good side so it was no mean feat knocking them out. The next round will be a very tough tie to call. In a recent league game a 2-2 draw ended up being the final result after Leighton were leading 2-0
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