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  1. Having seen that Wingate & Finchley and Harlow have both called their games off due to snow covered pitches, and the fact that we sit almost bang on halfway between the two - is there any realistic chance that tonight's game will go ahead???
  2. RT @kevinmitnick: Checkout this warning when walking into the Apple Store in Chicago! https://t.co/PIDSUjC9M7

  3. I thought there were a lot of positives from last nights performance - having been out of the country for both Maidstone games and the Billericay one on Saturday. Lots of nice neat passing and keeping calm in possession I thought was a real plus. OK there were quite a few sloppy passes (Leiston were guilty of that too to be fair) and sometimes players were trying to do too much and losing the ball but at least it's staying on the deck. it's much nicer to watch than the panicked hoofs up front we were seeing at the start of the season (and in all honesty quite often under Brad's Braintree feeder side). If we can continue to work on this then it will be a pleasure to watch. There were some great spraying passes out wide and the wing play got us into some really dangerous positions at time. What I felt let us down was the presence in the box. All too often we were getting forward and either the final ball was lacking or there was no-one there to find. Leiston were good on the break and had it not been for some wild finishing (including blazing over an open goal from what looked to be two or three yards) we may have found ourselves in a unrecoverable position, but ETFC showed some real grit to force the draw right at the death. And hats off to Mario for his finish - I'm looking forward to seeing the video of that one!
  4. RT @darrenpurse: 3 wins in a week. Don’t get much better than that. @ETFCOfficial

  5. RT @ETFCOfficial: FT - ETFC 1-0 HFC - Town made to work extremely hard for the win but put in a fantastic performance against a very good H…

  6. Oh Anbury... The more you comment, the more I realise that you take the hesh out of Cheshunt...
  7. RT @ForwardHamlet: BTFC cheerleaders idea binned after players see them and get the horn.You *literally* can't make this shit up.

  8. Home to Folkestone opening match. Final game away to Merstham. COYT! http://www.isthmian.co.uk/bostik-league-fixtures-released-37501
  9. RT @EnfieldTownLFC: This is brilliant and we are proud to have some of our Youth players in this ?. https://t.co/cT9VTGnZZE

  10. Happy to have joined the forum after years away from them. Enfield Town FC Fan.
  11. That's asssuming the rest of the team isn't going to be ripped apart. Can't see Billy, Micky and Scott hanging around now...
  12. According to St. Alban's website, PK has followed Harold Joseph to Clarence Park this morning. https://www.stalbanscityfc.com/squad-news-4/
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