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  1. Very entertaining game in which Casuals played their part. We have an abundance of attacking options- probably more so than at any time since we have been in the Isthmian Premier. 3 strikers all capable of turning a game and Charles Brown looked promising when he came on for the last ten minutes. Very promising.
  2. A good cup tie between to evenly matched sides both at the top end of their divisions. Rushden will be disappointed not to have got at least a replay. But stopping goals is as much as part of the game as scoring them and we defended well. Many good performances. And of course a bit of magic from super sub Muhammadu. Looking forward to Monday’s draw.
  3. Probably the tie of the round. And in the week that Bury are expelled from the League how fitting that two clubs formed from the demise of two great clubs should be drawn together to show that fans can bring their clubs back to life.
  4. Lets see where we are at the end of September. Cautiously optimistic.
  5. Enjoyed yesterday’s game retrospectively at the time it was a bit close to call. Sorry to see Dan pick up an injury but pleased Rian got a chance to play having kept the bench warm for a while. Thought the Lowestoft 10 on loan from Ipswich was a constant threat but we defended well for the most part. A very good week for Town.
  6. In a fans owned club it's not just the Boards ambition it's the fans ambition. So if you have not already- and I suspect most have - sign up to the 12th man or woman scheme.
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