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  1. 'sadly four of those players in the photograph are no longer with us...' Well, we have to be realistic Rhodes. Obviously Willie Maddren and Johnny Vincent died tragically early, but the rest of the guys are all in their mid-to-late seventies now, so we must expect them to be leaving us at some point. As I have pointed out elsewhere, given his erratic lifestyle, Wille W did remarkably well to make 81. Quite a few of the guys in the photograph are active members of the Middlesbrough FC Former Players' Association, run by the 83-year-old Alan Peacock, and, at 69, the relative youngste
  2. 'will be confident of qualifying for the Semi Finals...' What makes you think this, Rhodes ? I don't know about Aylesbury, but I have seen all of the other five in this group this season and have no doubt that Dunstable are the poorest of the five. Biggleswade, Newport Pagnell and Baldock are all comfortably better than Dunstable, and even though Shefford are Step 6, I expect them to be more than a handful for them. In my humble opinion, Dunstable will do well to finish any higher than fifth, and could easily finish bottom. Should there be any further easing of lockdown over the n
  3. Because, as I posted earlier, these projections are more then eighteen months out of date. It is also worth bearing in mind that none of these projections has any 'official' backing, or even any acknowledgement --- they are largely 'guesstimates' cobbled together by fans and enthusiasts. One of the most widely-quoted projections, for example, was put together by an ex-RAF man who is a season-ticket holder at Derby County. The projection reproduced here by Rhodes is, I believe, the one put together by a supporter of NWCL Club Warrington Town. He was posting on another forum quite recent
  4. An alternative plan being proposed at the same time as the 'Combined Counties North/South' option was, according to a respected source, the 'London Orbital' option. This would concern the five Step 5 leagues which cover Greater London, currently the SSML, the Essex Senior, the South-East Counties, the Southern Combination, and the Combined Counties. The plan would then involve taking from each of the five leagues the four Clubs closest to Central London, and creating a new league for the twenty Clubs. At the time this was mooted, the four SSML Clubs would probably have been Cockfosters,
  5. This is probably the pre-season photograph for the 1971/72 season. Back row: Gates, Smith, Moody, Boam, Whigham, Hickton, Maddren, Vincent. Front row: McMordie, Stiles, Downing, Mills, Spraggon, Laidlaw. Goalkeeper Willie Whigham sadly died, last Thursday, in Scotland, at the age of 81. Apart from being probably the best keeper I've ever seen, Willie was a real character. It was no secret around town that Willie liked a drink, and he was often found in the early hours asleep in a shop doorway or a bus shelter. No-one phoned the papers, or the television, or took photographs
  6. Extremely sorry to hear this. He was a good man.
  7. Pete --- I don't know how to post links, but here it is. It's in the background of picture 13. gazettelive.co.uk/news/nostalgia/gallery/teesside-ice-cream-kings-14966796
  8. 'Is this it ?' Yes it is, Pete, but at the same time, no it isn't. There were three Rea's Ice Cream Parlours in Middlesbrough, one out toward the south of the town, where the football ground was, and two in the town centre, and a lot of the posters on that facebook page are getting them mixed up. The one where I would see Chris helping out, (because he lived upstairs), was the southern one, referred to by some of the posters as 'Albert Park'. The one in the photograph, to the right of the red and white bus, was one of the two town centre ones. So, yes and no.
  9. As far as I'm aware GRS, this is all still supposition, and almost nothing has actually been decided. My regular hotline to the FA, Mike Appleby, sadly died last summer, and so I'm as much in the dark as anyone right now. The FA have long been of the opinion that there should be an extra Step 5 league in the south-east, and until the pandemic struck, the most popular idea appeared to be the one you've posted above. That is, to split the Combined Counties League into two, North and South, (no West), and to fill out the two new divisions with Clubs from other leagues. But of course, that
  10. The entrance with the gates in your photograph was on the far side from where I would approach the ground. People regularly refer to 'the iconic gates', but they were only really used by the players, the visiting team, the directors and the match officials. In common with most Middlesbrough supporters I suspect, I have never actually been through those gates. Walking away from the football ground, from the entrance I first used, (photograph 29), at the end of the road there is a small terrace of shops, and among them there used to be a cafe/coffee bar. My parents were getting a divorce
  11. Some posts above there is reference to a petition to 'Save the National League Clubs with Support Grants'. I'd just like to say that I think the petition is complete and utter nonsense and that I hope that it sinks without trace. Apart from being ill-timed and ill-judged, it is simply factually wrong. The government has not 'changed the terms of its support', and no-one has 'moved the financial goalposts mid-season'. To those who were actually paying attention it was clear from the outset that the initial grant was a one-off payment. Rather, the truth of the situation is revealed in a
  12. In posts above you refer to Avenue Park, (the Hidden Gem), and London Tigers, and say 'they can't play at Spratley's Meadow forever'. I was at Tigers' last game at Northwood, in April 2019, and spoke to some of their officials afterwards. Although a little down in the mouth, as their defeat meant that they'd just finished bottom and therefore been relegated, the general feeling was one of optimism. They were pleased to be leaving Northwood, and were really upbeat about 'going home', and moving into the Spikes Bridge Complex at Southall, where they were expecting to be playing all their
  13. Some fine views of Ayresome Park there, thank you for posting. I assume that most of the photographs are from the final league game, in 1995, against Luton Town. The one that probably means most to me is photograph 29, as that is the entrance I used on my first ever visit, and also the one I walked past almost every day. My last visit was in January 1983 for the third-round FA Cup game against Bishop's Stortford, a game that Stortford were unlucky not to win. A long time ago now. And, because I know that you're just dying to know, no, I've never been to the Riverside. I d
  14. Worth noting that the restructuring projection which suggests that Edgware Town, Wembley, Oxhey Jets and North Greenford United will be moving westwards into the Combined Counties also has Hadley, Cockfosters and Hoddeson Town all coming back into the SSML.
  15. No, I wasn't there. I lost interest in football for some years and in 2013 only went to a handful of Middlesbrough away games -- Reading, Bournemouth, Watford, QPR, Brighton, Yeovil. My first visit to Chalk Lane was in 2014 for an FA Vase tie against Hoddesdon Town. A lot of familiar faces in the crowd -- some, sadly, no longer with us. Ah well...
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