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  1. No, is the simple answer to your question. In my early years in London I was heavily involved with independent cinemas, and so spent most of my time sitting in the dark watching films, rather than standing in the rain watching football. I didn't get along to Church Road until April 1980, when I watched Hayes win an Isthmian League game against Dulwich Hamlet 2-1. I liked Church Road a lot, and was very sorry to see it disappear. Having said that, I quite liked the original Warren, at Yeading, as well, and was never really sure why the two Clubs wanted to merge in the first place. Was
  2. Me too, WB. Take care everyone, and stay safe.
  3. 'Don't see him fighting off the job offers!' Disappointing, though entirely predictable, that you should be taking cheap shots so soon at a man who has done so much, and is so well-respected, at your Club. That you should choose to do this does, of course, say far more about you than it ever could about him.
  4. There are suggestions, (albeit rather confused ones), on another forum that Mildenhall Town have withdrawn from the FA Vase.
  5. TA/SB - You're right --- it's not great, but it's better than nothing. Most of the SSML Clubs are in Tier 2, and so for them it may that over the next few weeks, takings are largely going to depend on the weather. On November 4th, the last evening before lockdown, I was at Coggeshall United, of the Eastern Counties League. Their clubhouse was closed, but they were selling drinks at the door, and round the corner they had a hatch selling tea & coffee, bovril, burgers and chips etc. With an attendance of around 100/120, it seemed to work reasonably well, though Club officials were cl
  6. A full set of SSML fixtures for December 5th has reappeared on the FA FullTime website. On another forum, however, KB is suggesting that these are dependent on divisional meetings yet to take place, so we are none the wiser.
  7. Thank you WB. Margaret isn't remotely interested in football, and so was amazed to find that so many people would be interested in reading something about Graham. She was also only expecting about thirty at the funeral, rather than the one hundred and twenty who turned up. She's a nice woman, and I'd like to think that it made a difficult day for her just that little bit easier.
  8. You probably didn't notice, but the brief obituary which you purloined from another forum and reproduced in your original post, was written by one agamemnon3. On the other forum's old operating system, it was possible to ascertain how many viewings each individual post had received. At Graham's funeral a few weeks later, therefore, I was able to show Margaret, his widow, that more than nine hundred people had read what I had written about him. She was very touched. A good and decent man, sorely missed.
  9. From both the interviewer and the interviewed. No football for me this evening. I am on a couple of local committees, (non-sporting), and with the new lockdown imminent, there are some routine chores that need to be done. Have a good evening.
  10. It's a good interview. I would expect nothing less.
  11. R, please, you must stop trying to put people in boxes. I am not 'an Edgware Town fan'. I am a retired professional, I live on MIll Hill Broadway, and I watch a number of local Clubs regularly. Belstone, Hadley, Cuffley, Edgware, St Albans, Boreham Wood, Sandridge Rovers, London Lions, Cockfosters, Wingate & Finchley, Oxhey Jets, Brentham, North Greenford, whatever, as the mood takes me. I went to Worthing United on Saturday, obviously because Edgware were the visitors, but largely because the last time I was there, in 1982/3, they were called Wigmore Athletic, and I wanted to see
  12. Sorry Rhodes, but in this instance you are way off the mark. It's not even clear to me that you know what you are saying. Regarding Fergus, only four posts ago you wrote that 'he is not a quitter and not one to leave a Club in the lurch', and yet now, less that twelve hours later, you are claiming precisely that. (In general, when you don't know what you are talking about, I find that it's probably best to say nothing). Were you at Worthing on Saturday ? No you weren't. But I was, and I learned at half-time that, win or lose, Fergus was going to be sacked later that evening, and that
  13. R -- I believe that both the Essex and the Herts have already announced that they will not be running their County Cup Competitions this season. Any news on the Middlesex Charity Cup yet ? And in answer to your query of June 30th, (which I've just spotted), regarding the 1962 FA Amateur Cup Final Replay at Ayresome Park, it was to do with Middlesbrough's unique position at the time. Prior to Wimbledon joining the Football League in 1977, Middlesbrough were the only FL Club to have won the FA Amateur Cup, which they did in 1895 and 1898, and so big Amateur Cup games involving Northern si
  14. 'A Max Kyte hat-trick that's six goals in five games for him now.' Yes, he's prolific, but hell, he's wasteful. On Saturday he missed at least four that were easier than the three he scored. He also has a 'Hollywood' tendency, often taking the spectacular option, rather than just making sure. I note that Lions' next league game is at St Panteleimon on the thirteenth. I suspect that chances will be scarce that night, and so Kyte & Co will need to take them.
  15. My planned journey into deepest Essex having fallen victim to the heavy rain, it was once again on the train to Elstree & Borehamwood, and then the rather soggy walk to Rowley Lane to see London Lions. The visitors were Stotfold, who on Wednesday had beaten St Panteleimon, so potentially an even contest was on the cards. Not so, as Stotfold were always second best on an eventful afternoon. Lions, easily in command and with most of the play, had already wasted a couple of clear chances when on 29 minutes Stotfold no5 Cawley brought down Lions' Max Kyte from behind, and as last man, r
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