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  1. GinolaII

    New season predictions

    I am so sorry the bucolic charm of Chalk Lane is not to your taste NLG. We look forward to not accommodating your vehicle or your sensibilities next season.
  2. GinolaII


    I am not sure I agree that the fixtures organisation is ridiculous. Looking at the Bostik North for comparison, and to which most, or rather some of us aspire, has a range of 6-11 games played. First world problem. What does grind my gears is that games that are postponed or delayed seem to take weeks to re-arrange. How hard can this be? Next available slot in a week in which neither side are potentially in a cup replay. Sorry, but for me, monthly fixtures are Mickey Mouse.
  3. Mira siempre el lado brillante de la vida
  4. GinolaII

    Sun Sports Football Club

    Fabulous news. Well done well done well done Kings Langley.
  5. Good luck BDC. Those remaining in the Spartans salute you. Have a great season.
  6. GinolaII


    Excellent job Karen. You can please some of the people some of the time, others you wonder why you bother.