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  1. There was no club in 60s forget that club it’s dead and gone this is etfc why harp on about a dead club
  2. Stand for election and put your money where your mouth is
  3. Have they really????? Can you prove this as I believe that’s it’s quite the opposite there needs to be a end to this nonsense that there is this miracle big pot of cash! Where has it come from???
  4. Was he??? Someone feeds you duff info he was in Bolton when you claimed he was down your way
  5. I think it will be a disaster for him and bwfc are in real trouble and if they get out of there situation players like him will be tossed aside
  6. Just home from game not great need to be better next time
  7. Maybe they have more members , more money. After all how far do you think the membership fees go? I hazard a guess it’s less than 4 weeks wages. The club doesn’t have the means to offer contracts to lots of players (£600 + to one player screws the budget for everyone else)
  8. The club can not afford contracts look how much the contracts that are there now cost. A large sum paid out each and every week even if injured or suspended or anything else! A situation like this is very rare and to use contracts just in case will kill the club in less than a season
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