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  1. Not sure really but when you win with a big chunk of playing budget “away” it can’t. be bad
  2. I understand that .The point I try to make is that these people have many other responsibilities and cannot be ready to update websites etc. at anytime just to keep all of us informed. I’m pretty sure that when the time is right and all the info needed to be given is ready then the websites etc. Ummm
  3. It really does depend if that person has access to player news as I stated before it’s not all down to one person.
  4. It doesn’t but it does take time to check facts and as you well know different people deal with different aspects of the club so there can be a delay in gathering info, or would you prefer rumours. When you was a director of this club what did you do personally to ensure information was sent out to members?
  5. Yeah very just like all those who work for the club! Note the sarcasm!!!! Although it would be a serious point to bear in mind that all those who you want to keep us informed of everything at all times have other jobs and commitments and that does include the likes of players and management
  6. Excellent point. Get behind the club or lose the club
  7. Only the contracted players have to stay all others are free to go to any club they choose.
  8. maybe then you should go watch them play and you can report back every detail about the former players and what they do. Why do you care? do you follow the careers of everyone who has left your work place ? Of course the players were loyal to the ex manager they see him as a mate , no players are loyal to any club these days in any league. money talks and if and when any of them try to come back lets hope they are told where to go
  9. No one should care. Look inwards at your own club who gives a toss about others. Forget past players they are gone support the ones you have got now.
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