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  1. Fan owned clubs are a good thing but you need the high number in the membership 300 odd won’t do it maybe 10x would be nearer the mark even then that would only go so far. As for an investor what is there to attract them the club has no land a very long lease no real assets would need a very rich guy who wants a football club as a hobby (Mike Ashley) The board I believe are doing the best they can with the resources available and give time to club which isn’t easy but maybe new blood can change things however even a new board would have the same constraints and lack of funds that the cur
  2. I’m sure the board has much the same views however as already discussed they have no power to stop them. No contract go whenever you like. There are no such things as loans for non contract players (why they ever say a player is loaned is beyond me). All we can hope for is maybe dual registration and hope the player wants to come back but the grass may be greener and the money in his pocket heavier
  3. The trouble being that the fund raising would be never ending. I would guess that the current set up of membership will not really allow additional membership fund raising as there would surely be a need for those who pay more to have a bigger say or to hold more shares than those who don’t pay more? One member one vote will never allow the club to gain additional funding.
  4. Don’t we give it so many games every season? A complete overhaul of the club is needed or soon there will be no club
  5. Sack the manager ? But who wants to come in at a time like this?
  6. Let’s hope it’s the same for the premier league! And will there be refunds of fines and league registration payments
  7. Is it still a over reaction? Guess the government didn’t ask you first
  8. Why should they ? would any of us if our work is closed tell them not to pay us for a few weeks maybe more after all bills will still need paying
  9. gets his £650 a week just no £50 goal,bonus
  10. Paid nothing same as we pay for our players. No contract no fee
  11. There was no club in 60s forget that club it’s dead and gone this is etfc why harp on about a dead club
  12. Stand for election and put your money where your mouth is
  13. Have they really????? Can you prove this as I believe that’s it’s quite the opposite there needs to be a end to this nonsense that there is this miracle big pot of cash! Where has it come from???
  14. Was he??? Someone feeds you duff info he was in Bolton when you claimed he was down your way
  15. I think it will be a disaster for him and bwfc are in real trouble and if they get out of there situation players like him will be tossed aside
  16. Just home from game not great need to be better next time
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