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  1. Hi all, congrats on the win and all the best in the next round. Thanks for being good guests! Apologies to those who were unable to get a programme before they sold out on Saturday - we had a bit of an issue with the printers at the last minute. If you would like a hard copy, you can order one here: https://walthamstowfc.com/product/hornchurch-fa-cup-3-10-20/… PDF versions can be downloaded here: https://walthamstowfc.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/7-Hornchurch-FA-Cup-web.pdf
  2. Unfortunately the bar is closed at the moment (out of our hands). But we're sponsored by Exale Brewing (https://www.exalebrewing.com/) this season, and they'll have a selection of beers available on Saturday. FA Cup rules mean they will have to pour the beers into a plastic glass... strange, I know. Our other sponsors, The Dog & Duck pub is just a couple of minutes' walk away - they're an excellent option for a pre-match pint and pizza.
  3. Hi all In the Walthamstow programme we do a 'key player' for the opposition. Rightly or wrongly, I have no idea who most of your players are (it's been a while since we were in the same division!). Is anyone able to say who your key player is? Or one of them? And if you're feeling really generous, 100 words on why? There's a free programme in it for whoever does! Either reply here or email andrzej@walthamstowfc.com. Cheers!
  4. I see, thanks for the explanation. Last season we averaged about 80. This season we've been a couple of people under 300 for every game (except for one Senior League game against Southend Manor). People clearly got nothing better to do!
  5. How did you see how many we've sold? Genuine question... I manage the Stow website and didn't think it was visible in the frontend! And I've checked sales, we're not at 100 yet. Thanks
  6. I saw a couple of people tweet him congratulating him on a new job, saying that he'll have a good pitch to work with. The only Ryman Prem pitch I can think of rebound for being good is Wingate & Finchley? Time will tell I guess.
  7. Well done ETFC, from all at Waltham Forest. I don't think there's a club who deserves their place in the Ryman Premier more than you. It just goes to show what hard work and dedication can do. Hopefully your stay there is a successful one. Forest Gump.
  8. Oh, and Tony Mercer was our manager last season too. That wasn't a very good season either...
  9. Kevin Durrant was our manager for about 6 games in 2008-9. I'm not quite sure how it happened though, he wasn't officially appointed, he just appeared in the dug-out with the previous manager, and the next thing we knew, he seemed to be in charge! That wasn't a very good season for us...
  10. For those who are interested, here is an updated list. - Disbanded or folded AFC Newbury, Andover, Beaumont Athletic, Bicester Town, Biddulph Victoria, Blakenall, Brache Sparta, Brereton Social, Brierley Hill & Withymoor, Bromsgrove Rovers, Chipping Norton Town, Chobham, Croydon Athletic, Dawlish Town, Edgware Town, Great Harwood Town, Grosvenor Park, Handrahan Timbers, Hinckley, Leigh Genesis, Leyton, Meir K.A., Newcastle Blue Star, Oldbury United, Paget Rangers, Rossendale, Ruislip Manor, Rushden and Diamonds, Sandwell Borough, Scarborough, Slade Green, St Leonards, Stapenhill, Southall Town, Viking Greenford, Woodford Town (Essex), - Resigned, ejected, or demoted (forced or voluntary) A.F.C. Wallingford, Almondsbury Town, Atherstone Town, Banstead Athletic, Blackwell Untied, Boston United, Bourne Town, Cambridge City, Canvey Island, Cammell Laird, Chalfont Wasps, Clevedon Town, Farnham Town, Friar Lane & Epworth, Frimley Green, Glapwell, Grays Athletic, Hailsham Town, Harwich & Parkeston, Harrow Hill, Horley Town, Lydney Town, Lymington & New Milton, Margate, Marlow United, Minehead, Newport IOW, Old Woodstock United, Retford United, Saffron Walden Town, Rothwell Town, Southall, Team Bath, Torrington, Totton & Eling, VCD Athletic, Westfield, Weston St Johns, Wick - Reformed Ashford Town (Kent), Berkhamsted Town, Brightlingsea United, Darwen, Enfield, Fisher Athletic (London), Formby, Gresley Rovers, Ilkeston Town, Louth United, Merthyr Tydfil, Nuneaton, Farnborough, Hornchurch, King's Lynn, Runcorn, Spennymoor United, Telford United, Windsor & Eton - Liquidation Chester City, Farsley Celtic, Halifax Town
  11. How about Mauritius Sports FC becoming Haringay & Waltham Development FC, does that count? I suppose the above could just be a name change, in which case the same would go for Bowers Utd, who changed to Bowers & Pitsea FC at the start of the 2004/05 season. I think they both have to be classed as name changes. My list is currently at 140 clubs, and growing fast. Very worrying for non-league football!
  12. Do East Ham Count? I always assumed they merged with Barking. I should have mentioned, I'm only after clubs from the last 10 years, so that excludes Pegasus. Thanks for your help!
  13. Ha, I wish! If you saw the multitude of data I'm acquiring for this project, you'd understand me asking other people for help! And besides, a lot of the time, the only people who know about this sort of information are people you find on forums - Google has not been my friend on this occasion. Just to prove I'm doing some work (and a lot of people have helped me with this already), here is the list compiled so far: - Disbanding AFC Newbury, Andover, Bicester Town, Brierley Hill & Withymoor, Brache Sparta, Bromsgrove, Chobham, Croydon Athletic, Dawlish Town, Edgware Town, Grosvenor Park, Hinkley, Leyton, Newcastle Blue Star, Oldbury United, Rushden and Diamonds, Slade Green, Stapenhill - Resigned, kicked out from leagues, or folded (including any AFC clubs) Almondsbury Town, Atherstone Town, Banstead Athletic, Biddulph Victoria, Brereton Social, Canvey Island Grays Athletic, Great Harwood Town, Leigh Genesis, Lymington & New Milton, Meir K.A., Newport IOW, Rossendale, Rothwell Town, Scarborough, Spennymoor, St Leonards, Telford United, VCD Athletic - Reformed Ashford Town (Kent), Berkhamsted Town, Darwen, Merthyr Tydfil, Nuneaton, Farnborough, Hornchurch, King's Lynn, Windsor & EtonRuncorn - Liquidation Chester City, Farsley Celtic, Halifax Town
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