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  1. We're coming home guys, the current Division One Cup holders make a return, been a long couple of years had feared we might be placed in the Combined Counties but glad we can renew our old friendships within the Spartan South Midlands.
  2. Most of the current Southern Oxfordshire area was originally in Berkshire pre 1974 as was Abingdon, Didcot and Wantage., all three are affiliated to the B&B rather than the Oxfordshire FA. Cannot answer why they remained in Oxfordshire with the short move to Abingdon.
  3. Hellenic League have also contacted clubs this morning with the same information, does seem a tad over the top.
  4. We hope so, had a good quality of responses for the position, done well in his previous posts so looking forward to his tenure, main task for the immediate future is to retain our step 6 status and build from there, exciting times ahead (hopefully).
  5. Risborough Rangers have appointed former Hemel Hempstead, Arlesey, Aylesbury United and Aylebury FC boss Mark Eaton as the new man at Windsors.
  6. Our manager Jamie Rayner has decided to step down as manager and the club are looking for a replacement. Nick Young, his assistant will take temporary charge until a new man is found.
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