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  1. Complete and utter farce but hey ho, who are we to question those in power at County level. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. As Karen has already stated, we have a Berks & Bucks Senior Cup tie away at Milton United that day.
  3. No need to apologise Rhodes, we shot ourselves in the foot to be honest, fair play to Ascot, one of the nicest Clubs around with good people involved so no bitterness towards them. Could and should of been out of sight at HT with the amount of chances we made. Very last kick of the game as well apart from kicking off again so it probably hurted more. Move onto Saturday now and focus on trying to win the 3pts against London Colney at Cotlandswick. All the best to Ascot, some you win some you don’t, that’s the beauty & magic of the F.A Cup.
  4. I get you point Sir, I can only assume that as Step 6 clubs aren’t playing any F.A Cup games this season the pressure to cram games in isn’t so much a necessity.
  5. To be fair to Karen, what’s the point in scheduling in fixtures when it is a night set aside for F.A Cup replays. Thank god we won could of quite personally been on my way to Lydney which is 88 miles from Risboro’.
  6. Our Friendly with Aston Clinton Sports is actually:- Thursday 5th August Risborough Rangers Dev v Aston Clinton Sports (B.E.P. Stadium, 7.45pm) also a game to add Tuesday 10th August Holmer Green Dev v Risborough Rangers Dev (7.30pm)
  7. Certainly was Rhodes, yes Simon takes some great shots, two late goals done us. Looking at yesterday’s result their game with Leighton, we have enough experience within the squad not to read too much into the result. Mark Eaton will know what a hard game it is going to be at Bell Close on Tuesday.
  8. Not a bad game for pre-season and a last minute winner for our hosts but sadly only showing Thame’s efforts and not our goals from Marcus Wyllie and Brian Haule.
  9. The Stabmonk is a Chalvey Sports supporter Rhodes as that is Chalvey’s nickname. Kidlington Reserves Twitter is very hit and miss as most stuff goes through their First team account. Hope this helps
  10. Thanks Karen for the update, as per usual doing a sterling job.
  11. We're coming home guys, the current Division One Cup holders make a return, been a long couple of years had feared we might be placed in the Combined Counties but glad we can renew our old friendships within the Spartan South Midlands.
  12. Most of the current Southern Oxfordshire area was originally in Berkshire pre 1974 as was Abingdon, Didcot and Wantage., all three are affiliated to the B&B rather than the Oxfordshire FA. Cannot answer why they remained in Oxfordshire with the short move to Abingdon.
  13. Hellenic League have also contacted clubs this morning with the same information, does seem a tad over the top.
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