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  1. im going for a 3-2 win think we will have to much fire power for them att 262
  2. kingstonian 5/2 folkestone 11/2 bognor 7/1 bishop s 7/1 margate 8/1 tonbridge 9/1 whitehawk10/1 leatherhd 10/1 enf town 16/1 dorking 20/1 carshaltn20/1 lewes 20/1 hornchrch25/1 haringey 25/1 mertsham33/1 harlow 40/1 cor cas 40/1 brighling 40/1 burgess h 50/1 potters b 66/1 worthing 8/1 wingate 16/1
  3. looks like tyler campbell could be on his way back as well
  4. well with 18 league games to go and a q final velocity to come, whats your views on the rest of the season, for me its about finishing well for nxt season, would be nice to reach a final but it wont be easy, its been a bit down at the club lately, and would be nice to see some entertaining football, heres hoping, get behind the club, ETFC
  5. got a good feeling about tonights game think positive going for a 3-1 win
  6. my all time best team 1 andy pape 2 keith barrett 3 paul underwood 4 tony jennings 5 dave howell 6 john bailey 7 paul harding 8 mark bentley 9 noel ashford 10 paul furlong 11 steve king goalie-pape solid and brave right back barrett had the sweetest right foot left back underwood very quick and good on the ball centre half and captain jennings the bobby moore of non league say no more centre half rambo howell strong good in air right wing bailey great at running with the ball left wing kingy always delivered a cross middle midfield harding tough tackling took no prisoners middle of midfield bentley got better and better great passer of the ball forward ashford my all time fav the magician forward furlong quick and clinical if that team could not win the conference now i would be shocked
  7. the problem for me is midfield we just dont create enough chances for our strikers think we created 3 chances yesterday which isnt good enough when you have 2 midfielders that play the same way as in blackman and martin there job is to break play up from the opposition which they do well thats fine but we need creative players who attack and help the forwards noto and youngs did not do that the way the manager sets the team out is to negative for me how can you get anything when you dont create chances need to up our game otherwise supporters will not come to watch when they are not being entertained
  8. looking forward to this one, our home form reads w3 d3 l0, thurrocks away form is w0 d0 l4, hopefully get a win and get a run together
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