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  1. ??? In your foes list you call us Townies and Waltham Abby Scabby Abby, sorry if I upset you! I am very very proud to be a good little shareholder and have been for a few years now, thank you.
  2. Haha I love it. Now that Chesericay are massive, who knows, they might even get their own forum so we can troll them 🤣 🤣🤣
  3. I am pretty sure you are right, I was just going to post the same.
  4. How about going to your own forum to gloat .... oppps sorry I forgot you cant.
  5. haha yes, I had my stupid head on when I put that
  6. What's the betting for a final against Cheshunt on May 6th
  7. Hornchurch 1-0 up, I think we will have to settle for playing away on Wednesday 1-1 now
  8. Wow B Stortford and Hornchurch both losing at the moment
  9. I have relatives in Stockport, the climate is absolutely wonderful this time of year.
  10. Cut 'em some slack chaps, they come here for someone to talk too, they've nowhere else to go.
  11. Wow do you realise how bitter you are coming across in your posts, and you accuse us of having "zero class" If an EnfieldTown supporter had posted rants like yours I would have been very embarrassed.
  12. dwhe


    I got an email this evening to say Mo has signed for the season, along with: di Connolly (Goalkeeper) Ryan Kirwin (Defender) Larry Asare and Ebrimah Sawani
  13. First time I've seen us this season, someone tell me that was not normal.
  14. Give us wave on the telly seemgee 🖐️
  15. Looking good, nice to see you back seemgee me and my big mouth
  16. Your memory's playing games with you, that was in the 1965/66 season lol. Courtesy of a great website put up by BetVictor http://www.isthmianarchive.co.uk/
  17. I'll finish it off for you seemgee 2-1 to us 😁
  18. I can remember watch us play CC in the late 60's, they were always the whipping boys of the league. Not that I saw the game but we're up to 4th, can't complain.
  19. looks like a great game at Worthing V Leatherhead 5-5
  20. Cheers for the updates seemgee, it's much appreciated by us out of Towners.
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