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    dwhe reacted to seemgee in Enfield Town v Carshalton Athletic   
    McDonald, Muleba, Payne, Thomas, Weatherstone, Wilson, Hatton, Blackman, Bricknell, Faal, Charles
    Mubiayi, Bawling, Brown-Bampoe, Esan, Youngs
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    dwhe reacted to seemgee in Enfield Town v Corinthian-Casuals   
    McDonald, Hatton, Payne, Thomas, Weatherstone, Muleba, Charles, Blackman, Bricknell,  Youngs, faal
    Mubaiyi, Aggrey-Adams, Ellesley, Livings, Brown-Bampoe
    Town lead 1-0 18mins bricknell
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    dwhe got a reaction from MbrunoB in Tonbridge Angels v Enfield Town   
    I was thinking exactly the same.
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