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  1. What a phenomenal performance by the whole Hornchurch FC organisation. 'Congratulations' does not even begin to do justice to your accomplishments. You have made us all so very proud! For the past few years I have been following the team from afar as my personal circumstances prevented me from attending matches. No It wasn't prison!! But now things are different and I will be able to get down to the Bridge when the new season starts. Well done everyone. You have created a legend.
  2. Another gem! https://www.dropbox.com/s/vq6gbx2tqf8m0gb/goal.flv?dl=0
  3. Enjoy! https://www.dropbox.com/s/yl2cwv3s5mniowp/Parker3.wmv?dl=0
  4. There are probably many lurkers out there
  5. It was tongue in cheek Peter ... I should have used a smiley Mind you ... what would have happened if ETU hadn't been so helpful ???
  6. Colin said that we had made a request to the League but seems they were not accomodating. Knowing how they sometimes behave I wouldn't put it past them to fine us for not being able to play the home fixtures on the designated day!
  7. Thought we were supposed to play our first few RPL games away as the new floodlights would not be ready in time? Still, don't suppose they will be needed at 3pm on a Saturday!
  8. You do seem to be fighting a losing battle on the Romford Forum Alan
  9. Sky and the Isthmian Live Scores info shows Wealdstone won 1-0 with goal scorer as Scott McGleish on 20 mins. He was in the Wealdstone team when we played them. Kingstonian website says they won 1-0 and so does the Isthmian results page. Big clanger dropped by someone. Suppose all these results services get their info from the same source.
  10. Cheeky blighter I bet if you conducted a head count you would find more people sit on the Riverside than are found on the Eastside. And to anticipate your reply ... yes the Eastside are more vocal
  11. Agreed. Not too happy about giving up my seat on the Riverside as don't know if I can stand for 90 mins on my bad leg! The Riverside can get quite vocal when the chips are down and support on both sides of the ground makes perfect sense.
  12. The gap between the teams may not be as great as they (Hereford) think. IMO we are Conference South standard and, but for the alleged sculduggery which allegedly took place last season, would still be playing in Conference South now. All credit to them as they are showing us respect and I am sure we will certainly do the same for them. It will be great for a team with such a fine Cup history to visit the Bridge. It should be an enthralling game.
  13. If players are involved in match-fixing it most likely means they 'help' their team lose games. You can hardly bribe players to win games. The finger pointing at AFCH is totally unfair. As I said earlier in the thread - WE ARE THE VICTIMS. If the allegations turn out to be true then it cost us our place in Connie South.
  14. Interesting quote from the article ... "Police will also investigate if AFC Hornchurch, the Essex-based club where three Stars players were recruited from, had matches influenced by the syndicate during the 2012-13 conference south season. The club was relegated after 2012-13 season" .
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