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  1. Another gem! https://www.dropbox.com/s/vq6gbx2tqf8m0gb/goal.flv?dl=0
  2. Enjoy! https://www.dropbox.com/s/yl2cwv3s5mniowp/Parker3.wmv?dl=0
  3. There are probably many lurkers out there
  4. It was tongue in cheek Peter ... I should have used a smiley Mind you ... what would have happened if ETU hadn't been so helpful ???
  5. Colin said that we had made a request to the League but seems they were not accomodating. Knowing how they sometimes behave I wouldn't put it past them to fine us for not being able to play the home fixtures on the designated day!
  6. Thought we were supposed to play our first few RPL games away as the new floodlights would not be ready in time? Still, don't suppose they will be needed at 3pm on a Saturday!
  7. You do seem to be fighting a losing battle on the Romford Forum Alan
  8. Sky and the Isthmian Live Scores info shows Wealdstone won 1-0 with goal scorer as Scott McGleish on 20 mins. He was in the Wealdstone team when we played them. Kingstonian website says they won 1-0 and so does the Isthmian results page. Big clanger dropped by someone. Suppose all these results services get their info from the same source.
  9. Cheeky blighter I bet if you conducted a head count you would find more people sit on the Riverside than are found on the Eastside. And to anticipate your reply ... yes the Eastside are more vocal
  10. Agreed. Not too happy about giving up my seat on the Riverside as don't know if I can stand for 90 mins on my bad leg! The Riverside can get quite vocal when the chips are down and support on both sides of the ground makes perfect sense.
  11. The gap between the teams may not be as great as they (Hereford) think. IMO we are Conference South standard and, but for the alleged sculduggery which allegedly took place last season, would still be playing in Conference South now. All credit to them as they are showing us respect and I am sure we will certainly do the same for them. It will be great for a team with such a fine Cup history to visit the Bridge. It should be an enthralling game.
  12. If players are involved in match-fixing it most likely means they 'help' their team lose games. You can hardly bribe players to win games. The finger pointing at AFCH is totally unfair. As I said earlier in the thread - WE ARE THE VICTIMS. If the allegations turn out to be true then it cost us our place in Connie South.
  13. Interesting quote from the article ... "Police will also investigate if AFC Hornchurch, the Essex-based club where three Stars players were recruited from, had matches influenced by the syndicate during the 2012-13 conference south season. The club was relegated after 2012-13 season" .
  14. Our Club and its supporters are very much the victims here so I wonder who the mudslingers are targeting? The Australian press stated that an offer was made LAST YEAR to provide five 'free' players to the Southern Stars team for this current season. So, not wishing to pre-judge, it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that these five players would have needed to 'prove themselves' prior to making the trip to Australia. Should that have been the case then this would most certainly have impacted on our League position last season ... the consequences being relegation. Why the Southern Stars Management were not suspicious when offered 'free' players is astounding. Like others have said, the betting companies are the catalyst here. There should be no betting allowed on domestic non league games full stop.
  15. I took those pics and used them on the old website. Colin said they are well out of date and promised to have some up to date pics taken but never got round to it.
  16. Indeed, that's why I suggested the info bar. You can use it to publicise whatever you like very quickly. Without exaggeration it used to take me two minutes to enter the text and upload the message to the website. Anyway, it was only a suggestion for an easy way to advertise the next home game. I will leave you all to argue amongst yourselves.
  17. So far I have refrained from dipping my toe in the muddy waters of website discussions lest I am sucked back into the vortex. Only those who carry out the work know how time consuming webmastery is and I am happy that such a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. All I would say is that I found a front page scrolling info bar very useful. It was ideal for getting urgent messages 'out there' and only took a few seconds (well maybe a minute or two) to update.
  18. 'We Will Rock You" by 'Queen'. A classic which is recognised after hearing just the opening few seconds. Not too many words to learn ... "We will, we will rock you!" Might even get us oldies on the Riverside to join in
  19. For those who would find it more convenient to apply for their Season Ticket by post you can download the Application Form here:- http://www.afchornch...postal_2012.pdf
  20. No worries. I will delete the afchornchurch@tiscali.co.uk address then. Too many email addresses will only lead to confusion. I know its pointing out the obvious but whoever 'owns' the Club email address will receive all the Club email traffic and will have the task of dealing with it.
  21. I mentioned in another thread that afchornchurch@tiscali.co.uk is an alias of my own personal email address and for the past few years I have handled emails to the Club sent to this address. If it helps I am quite willing to continue to do this. If someone sends an email query to this address I contact the appropriate Club personnel, if necessary, and send back a reply. Obviously if the Club want to make other arrangements its fine with me - I am just making the offer.
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