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  1. Bantick has left ,not sure where to though.
  2. Braintree Town at home in the next round of the FA cup.
  3. Yes good away win,looking forward to next week's game. See you there LH COYT
  4. 4wf I do know of an ex EFC player who passed on the contact details of a young player who I think was considering signing for a competitor pre season.The said player was on our bench on Sat. Given the clubs statement that they want more continuity between all ETFC teams I am sure there are scouts out looking a most levels.I would love to see more players come through our system like Mubiayi and Davison.
  5. From what I hear Andy's first team budget is considerably less than last season's,I think he has done a great job with the players he has recruited.And he has been very unlucky with injuries to a couple of key players.
  6. Yes agree with you 4wf,it was a shame Taafe did not play (tight hs in warm up) he was superb on Tues,linked up particularly well with Muleba. Our other main problem imo is our center backs lack of pace,as a result holding a far to deep line. Why Hatton was not used baffles me ?
  7. Excellent summation djwilf. S Bantick has one more game of his 3 match ban to serve,hopefully M Faal should be ready to play some part Sat if things go to plan. Was a pleasure to watch that performance last night. COYT
  8. Best first half performance I have ever seen from a Town team over the QE2.2nd half was up there as well Hope the injury to Potton is not as bad as it looked. COYT
  9. Well I did click the like button !
  10. Agree with that entirely,I have been very impressed with what I have seen at the 3 games I have seen this pre season,the club has assembled a very competitive squad that I am sure will do us proud this season. COYT.
  11. Josh has been trialing with Charlton Athletic for last couple of weeks,was due to return but they took him on tour with them.Club should know outcome this week I believe.
  12. What also impressed me was the club App that you can download and Taylor the news/teams you want to follow,it involves registering.Early days but seems a big improvement.
  13. The official club Facebook and Twitter accounts have links on the ETFC website.None of the other clubs with unofficial forums here have links on their websites that I can find. What other clubs list links to unofficial forums on their websites ?.
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