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  1. Agree with that entirely,especially the bit about younger players progessing through our system. COYT.
  2. @Barney Regarding Ryan he has stud marks on the underside and side of his foot,hopefully it's just bruised,not sure if the club know yet how bad.
  3. Let's hope he has not ordered the painters and decorators yet .
  4. Thatcham Town beat Swindon Supermarine 4-1 last night.
  5. I was at both games and had a good view of both own goals, were very unlucky both times the ball was hit in at pace from the right wing,and rebounded in after hitting our player.Wethers was off his body, Muleba off his head Last night's game I felt we had the better of the first 30 mins,and unlucky to go in level.Second half Hornchurch upped there game,did not give us space in midfield so we resorted more to playing long balls which played into there hands,was very impressed with there right winger lost count of the times he put in great crosses from the by line. Our players did well to withstand the onslaught in the 2nd half,Nathan well deserved mom. Great to see BB back playing again. COYT
  6. And I do believe Chichester City have pledged to make a donation to the consortium of fans trying to resurect Bury FC as a football club/team again. Well done Chichester and good luck to them.
  7. Excellent result,that's us up to 4th with games in hand over the 3 teams above us. COYT
  8. Players do actually commit for the season,but then we have the 7 day approach(that has been discussed before).I would prefer a transfer system like the premier League,2 windows,outside of that players can only be transferred to lower League clubs. But it's only ever going to be like it is at the moment. What does not help the situation is agents.
  9. What makes me laugh is when we win some people don't comment because "apparently" they were not at the game,but when we lose different story!. COYT
  10. As far as I am aware the club only ever operates within its means and the money committed to the playing budget is what we can afford.We are very lucky to have a manager like Andy L who works within these constraints and controls his limited budget extremely well. Disappointing result yesterday of course,but I am very proud of what our club has achieved so far this season. COYT
  11. Well I suppose MP has first hand experience of how well GQC is playing after Hornchurch lost to Potters bar in the FA cup.Comments on the Hornchurch forum about this game seem to suggest They resorted to playing the long ball game which played into the hands of the two PB center backs.
  12. @Littlehampton The prize money has greatly increased this year for the earlier rounds,and also losers pick up a fair amount also in the earlier rounds up to ,4th qualifying round.The FA said they were going to redistribute some money into lower division football ,and this is a good start.in 17/18 when we were at this stage ie won 2 rounds we collected £7,500 this year after 2 rounds we have in the kitty 11,250 ,and the jumps in prize money now are considerable. Let's hope Billy is fit to play on Sat,but if not we have Lewis or Junior to fill a wide slot.Junior did very well against Braintree.I to would be loath to change the midfield. COYT
  13. @djwilf Yep agree I think the pairing of Weatherstone with Muleba at centre back gives us real stability,Hatton and Payne also do a great job on the flanks.Our midfield is just getting better and better.And I think our fowards Charles,Brown,Faal are growing in confidence,Merstham really struggled with there pace .When Billy is fit I am sure we will be even stronger.Nathan does a good job and his distribution is vg.Good to see the team play from the back when possible.Some of the interplay Sat was excellent and we were unlucky not to score more.Everything seems a lot more controlled this season. COYT
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