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  1. I go to the early pre season friendlies not knowing what to expect.But I must say that was a quality performance by the entire Town team against a very good FC United team,a well deserved win.
  2. Junior Mubiayi has been retained also.
  3. LS I do not think there is a minimum amount for a contract.Would be great if we could do as you suggest because this system is not ideal for clubs like ours who run on a limited budget.
  4. The 7 day approach is for non contacted players Contacted players can of course leave but would usually involve a transfer fee. , .
  5. Old Towner that is not exactly accurate. As I understand the rules regarding signing players who are not put on a contract. The club offers terms for the player to commit to play for the season,if the player accepts we register him as our player with the league,and he cannot play for any other club unless a loan or dual registration is agreed. Other clubs though can put in a 7 day approach for a signed player,ie informs the club they intend to offer terms to sign our player,our club has 7 days to offer new terms ect to player,then after 7 days the other club can approach the player.This is why some players are not inclined to sign contracts,as the contracts usually put off an approach. At the end of a season all non contract players become free agents and cannot be resigned untill a certain date.This is the reason for silence from the club as they do not want to tip off other clubs of players who may be available.Why make it easier for other clubs to grab players we would like to retain. COYT
  6. Well said Wildlife rescue. I would add also that the club usually offers terms to the players they want to retain for next season,this information is kept private for obvious reason.Once the club can safely announce who has commited to stay and who will be joining we will know.Its the same every season and it will be in future seasons untill we have the funds as a club to offer more players 2 year contracts. COYT
  7. Well said Benjrider10. Looking forward to the friendlies,I hear there are a few special games lined up this year. COYT !
  8. Yes Theo the play offs at step 3 and 4 are a disgrace this season,but fortunately it's only for one season.Next season normal service resumes thankfully.
  9. There were 2 scouts from Morcambe FC (div 2)at the game checking out Bilaal Sayoud.
  10. @djwilf Sound points made,I much prefer Joe playing out on the floor,but yesterday when he tried this he did get the ball back most of the time, he was then under pressure to rush a kick,so I can understand why he chose to kick long most of the game.
  11. Very good djwilf spot on assesment. One big difference from our previous games was the distribution from our keeper,nearly everything was aerial.We play imo much better when the ball is released on the ground to our players building from the back.
  12. Great to get a home draw,Bedford Town are currently 5th in the Southern League div1 central Division. Would be great to get a cup run going again,and even better to get the TV cameras over the stadium.BBC are showing 1 game live on the red button from each of the earlier rounds,they asked for viewers to contact them with their suggestions for future games.What better than the first fans owned club.
  13. Should be a good game to guage where we are at performance wise this year against a team who finished 10 (ish) points higher than us last season,and in the corresponding fixture last year beat us 2-1. 0-2 to the Town
  14. Great result,congrats to all concerned.
  15. Thanks for the report Castorman,I also read the report on the Canvey webpage and they were very complimentary of our younger players and from what I read we were unlucky not to score more,great video on theirTwitter feed of our goal. I think this year we have a great mix of experience and youth in our squad.and with an u23s team all should get some game time.And with what I have seen of some of our younger players and those with more experience,competition for first team places places will be tough.Great dilemma for Andy to have we have quality all over the park. Great win last night,congrats to all.
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