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  1. Sensible words Barney I have been following the following doctor online for some time,good source of info on Covid19 and what effect its having on the world. Stay safe
  2. Exactly right. From my enquiries we need to increase the seating over the smaller stand, and segregate the away supporters. Anyone got a spare 15k knocking around? I really wish we could have discussions on here about how to help our club raise more finances, playing tactics ect And not the same old same old, sack the manager every time we lose or play a long ball. COYT
  3. And guess who Cheshunt are playing away on Tues.
  4. Yes a great performance and an even greater result. When I asked what our playing budget was at the start of the season I was left a bit taken aback by what I was told. The quality of players Andy and his team have been able to attract to the club with this reduced budget is really suprising (good job Andy & co) I have been very impressed by Juniors performances, great to see him getting deserved starts now. Showing future Academy scheme members what is possible with hard work. COYT
  5. By my reckoning we have to play three of the six teams currently above us away from home, folkestone, Hornchurch, Horsham. And one of the top 6 at home Worthing. That gives us twelve games against teams currently lower than us, six home six away.
  6. One sobering thought to ponder on for all of those who would like our manager replaced mid season. Which 3 or 4 players would you like to go with him, as that is the only way to free up funds to afford a new manager currently. Very good summation on the game Annfield Towner,exactly as I saw it. COYT.
  7. Very well said BJR10 agree entirely. Always enjoy reading your contributions to this forum. COYT
  8. Something that some members may not be aware of. On the ETFC website there is a statement regards emailing questions to the club if you are unable to attend the AGM in person. May be of interest to some?. For full details please check out the website.
  9. I do not need to ask for this information about the playing budget I asked the pertinent person at the club at the start of the season and was given the answer as it was then.The up to date balance sheet will be available at the AGM as usual, for all to see, and on the club website for those not present. I find the elected club officials very approachable. As a Co owner if I want some information I ask and usually get an answer.
  10. I keep seeing reference to the playing budget. My question would be does anyone know for certain what Andy's budget is? . People seem to assume just because we have a decent team it has increased, just maybe its because of how Andy is able to manage it. I know for a fact at the start of the season the club faced a shortfall in funding caused by several factors that many at the club have been working hard to rectify. And this shortfall was reflected in Andy's budget for this year. With the AGM coming up we will be able to find out for certain. COYT
  11. Mo is currently named as the top goalscorer in div 1 on 17 goals. (all scored for us)
  12. Good to see Mo named as a sub against Rochdale today, let's hope he gets on. Way to go Mo 😊.
  13. Thanks AT for the summation. Great to have Jack Hockney playing again.
  14. I do not know of any other clubs at our level that have had as many players progress Into pro football in recent years. That speaks volumes for our club and something to be proud of. Corey Whitely, Riaan Mc'clean, Josh Davison, Mohamadu Faal.
  15. I second that. I also keep tabs on Josh Davison at Charlton Athletic he has had a few 1st team appearances from the bench. But today against Swansea he made his first team starting debut.
  16. As has been said previously I cannot really understand the problem with the u 23s representing the club in this competition. If you look at the rules for this competition it is allowed to use an u23 team to represent your club. What we should be discussing is the gulf in standard between our u23s and a team in step 4. Its very easy to be wise after the event. And the club made it very clear who would be representing us.
  17. Exactly as I have observed Steph. I have mentioned this on numerous occasions to people who have the ear of AL. 4WF I don't think AL has the same rigid playing style as when he first arrived,ie diamond with one up front hit it long,hold it up till support arrives.We now seem to line up 4-3-3,and the team do try to play passing football,I have witnessed some great games this season involving quality passing football.But as Steph so succinctly put against well organised teams holding a higher line we really struggle,and the ball goes long again.Teams have now sussed our style of play. Surely our coaching team see this problem ?
  18. One young guy that appears to have disappeared off the radar is Callum Ellesley.I thought he looked a tidy player the little I saw of him.Anyone know what's happened to him ? I have seen a couple of u23 games this season some good players in the squad,unfortunately there are no programmes so I have no clue of there names.The entire midfield from the u23s could not do any worse than what we have at the moment in the first team imo at least they know how to pass the ball.
  19. Yes a very bad day at the dome. Next week we will be without Blackman (suspended) and Muleba (unavailable) I just hope Weatherstone will be available.Although I understand he is carrying an injury and will have a scan this week. There is a 7 day approach in for Charles Brown from Saffron W.And apparently we have a 7 dayer in for another forward(can't remember his name) How many more fowards do we need ?
  20. Three scouts at Todays game watching Mo. Cambridge United,Stevenage,Mansfield.
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