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    72wemblyfinal reacted to AnfieldTowner in Northwood   
    Disappointing to go out of the Middlesex Senior Cup last night against a team we should have beaten.
    Andy took the opportunity to play many of the squad players and, in truth, the game wasn't as bad as the 1-0 scoreline suggests - we hit the woodwork 3 times and whilst I've not yet seen the footage I thought we had the ball over the line at one point. The officials did not agree.
    Good performances in particular from Roman Campbell, Samson Esan and Gideon Nsiah who were a constant threat despite not quite managing to break the deadlock.
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    72wemblyfinal reacted to Barney in Chichester City FC / FA Cup 3rd Qualifying Round   
    Caveat: I'm no expert on this, so this post is very much as I understand things, and may well be a long way from the reality - apologies if this is the case.
    As much as I'd love to see a much lower turnover of players at our level and more loyalty, as the system stands I think that we are doing as much as can be reasonably expected to retain players. If a good young player who has ambitions to player higher up in the leagues doesn't want to sign a contract with us, we can't force them to. Doing so would effectively mean that we hold their registration, and can ask for a fee when an opportunity arises to move up. What's in it for the player in this scenario? Assuming they are good enough to play higher, very little - a club higher up would be much less likely to take a punt on them for a fee when they could take a punt on a non-contracted player instead, without the risk of financial outlay.
    Of course players that we want on contract, but who aren't willing to sign could be shown the door, but does that really help us? Personally, I'd rather have exciting young players like Mo (or Corey, or whoever) for a period of time at the club where they can help us, and accept that they will at some point move on as they're ambitious to play higher. The alternative is them playing on a non-contract basis for one of our rivals, strengthening them in the process. Of course the whole situation is frustrating, but it's a fact of life for a club like ours unfortunately.
    To the point about introducing a club policy of players signing nominal contracts of £5 a week, I only see that being detrimental to us - there's little or nothing in it for the players, especially for the good young ambitious players mentioned above, so why would they come to Town over a rival that didn't have this policy? The only way things are likely to change in this respect would be if the whole transfer system was overhauled for all clubs, so that every non-league club had to do this, effectively giving players no alternative (and don't get me wrong LS - I think this would be great, the idea itself is good, it's just that I don't think any club can go it alone on this).
    The players that we do have on contract I think we've have about right - they're players that are nearer the end of their careers who have already played higher and aren't likely to do so again, so the incentive of stability of income and employment that comes with a contract outweighs the fact that if they were to move on, it would involve a fee. Putting these guys on a contract effectively stops them moving on should someone turn up wanting to offer them loads of money, but on the flip side, as I understand it, means that we have to pay them regardless of whether they're playing well, in form, injured etc.
    Just my two penneth as always, nice to see some healthy debate, but I don't think the club can be held to blame here for what goes on as it's much more a systemic issue. Lastly, I would strongly recommend supporters get along to one of the members meetings to speak with the board and the management about our policy on contracted players - they're clearly going to have the facts (unlike me), and as someone said upthread: we're a members owned club, so we have a right to be able to question these things and get honest and factual answers. Certainly the club website or an unofficial forum like this isn't the place for the board to be formally discussing these issues.
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    72wemblyfinal got a reaction from littlehampton in Chichester City FC / FA Cup 3rd Qualifying Round   
    As far as I am aware the club only ever operates within its means and the money committed to the playing budget is what we can afford.We are very lucky to have a manager like Andy L who works within these constraints and controls his limited budget extremely well.
    Disappointing result yesterday of course,but I am very proud of what our club has achieved so far this season.
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    72wemblyfinal got a reaction from Barney in Chichester City FC / FA Cup 3rd Qualifying Round   
    What makes me laugh is when we win some people don't comment because "apparently" they were not at the game,but when we lose different story!.
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    72wemblyfinal got a reaction from ETFC Interested Observer in Chichester City FC / FA Cup 3rd Qualifying Round   
    What makes me laugh is when we win some people don't comment because "apparently" they were not at the game,but when we lose different story!.
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    72wemblyfinal reacted to Barney in Chichester City FC / FA Cup 3rd Qualifying Round   
    What a disappointing result (pretty much ruined my weekend, and I'm still thoroughly annoyed with how things played out). I'm told by a couple of reliable sources that went to the game that we were much the better side on paper, played OK first half, but switched off and invited pressure in the second, effectively trying to play for a replay for the last 15... That said, that's cup football - teams in lower leagues can and will raise their games and come into fixtures like this treating it as their 'cup final' - we did exactly the same to Braintree, and it's really frustrating that our players didn't seem to have the same mindset that they’ve shown over the previous games that's seen us win two really difficult cup ties and climb up the league table. 12 months ago, I'd possibly be questioning Blackman if he'd had a bad game, but given the fantastic performances he's put in over the previous few games, I've got no issue whatsoever - the dive, mobility, commitment and attitude he shows more than makes up for any shortcomings in my opinion - at this level, playing like he has been, he's a very good player that I’m proud to see wearing a Town shirt.

    For me, it's how we respond to this that's key - bounce back against Cray with the same attitude, organisation and commitment that we've shown over the last month and we'll be fine, let this setback affect us and it will be doubly disappointing. It's up to the management to get our players mindsets back in the right place, but more so up to the players to have a long hard look at themselves and know that Saturday wasn't nearly good enough and it absolutely can't happen again regularly if we are going to progress.

    Regarding player recruitment, I don't think there will be many Town fans that will a) begrudge Mo a move up the leagues (as shaky as Bolton are financially) or b) be unhappy that we signed him in the first place, given that he's contributed considerably in his time at the club. He's a player that can play higher in my view, so good luck to him. Ultimately if he didn't want to sign a contract with us, then what can we do - bottom line, doing so would severely hamper his chances of progressing, and from what Andy has said, it was always clear that he was looking to get into the professional game at some point. Signing Read to me looks like pretty shrewd business, with Bricknell injured (any update?), and now Mo departing. It's very easy to say that we should have signed him way back when, but if another club offered him better terms, what can we do?

    Lastly a shout out to Littlehampton, who's 'euphoric' comments upthread were for me all about drumming up support, interest and enthusiasm for a really important cup tie for the club - if doing so encouraged just one extra fan to make the trip down south, or the ultras to sing just a tiny bit louder, then his efforts were more than worthwhile. Most fans are excited, positive and encouraging about the club, win or lose (and clearly we will lose games along the way - we're not Liverpool), but I do wonder whether some are more content with us playing badly as it justifies their preconceptions about the management, style of play and direction that the club is going. Food for thought…
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    72wemblyfinal reacted to ETFC Interested Observer in Chichester City FC / FA Cup 3rd Qualifying Round   
    What a shock to see a couple of the usual suspects back moaning straight after a defeat
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    72wemblyfinal got a reaction from Barney in Chichester City FC / FA Cup 3rd Qualifying Round   
    As far as I am aware the club only ever operates within its means and the money committed to the playing budget is what we can afford.We are very lucky to have a manager like Andy L who works within these constraints and controls his limited budget extremely well.
    Disappointing result yesterday of course,but I am very proud of what our club has achieved so far this season.
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    72wemblyfinal reacted to Benjrider10 in Chichester City FC / FA Cup 3rd Qualifying Round   
    Good luck today!!
    No shortage of strikers with Alex Reed's signing but a real shame Muhammadu Faal is suspended. He has been playing outstandingly well. If our defenders and midfield play as well as they have for the two games I saw while at home, I am optimistic we will get a good result 
    Come on the Town!!
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    72wemblyfinal reacted to Benjrider10 in Brightlingsea Regent v Enfield Town   
    Very disappointed to miss last night's match. Knew coach was due to leave Donkey Lane at 4:15 so left Bush Hill Park at 3:25. Picked my son up from Hertford Rd/Southbury Rd but traffic armageddon meant we mournfully watched the coach head the other way along the A10 at circa 4:45. Apologies if it was us that meant the coach left late 😟
    Result has cheered me up though.
    Won't get to another match until Christmas but the 2 matches I did see this time round leave me optimistic. We are playing some excellent football and the squad has a good balance to it. Fingers crossed for a win on Saturday. This club deserves success in the FA Cup. Could this be our year for first round proper?!
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    72wemblyfinal reacted to littlehampton in Chichester City FC / FA Cup 3rd Qualifying Round   

    Every year without fail the FA Cup captures the imagination of football supporters, up and down the Country, not least fans of non-league clubs, like the Town, who dream of making it through to the First Round Proper, and beyond,  with a lucrative home tie against Football League opposition.

    This season, Town are playing exceptionally well, are on a 5-match unbeaten run, and are now 4th in the IPL Table, just 3 points behind the leaders.

    Saturday is a massively important occasion for the Town, and playing against a lower division side, in a different stadium, provides an excellent platform to showcase our ability, and reward our loyal travelling supporters with a win down here in West Sussex.

    There is already plenty of interest in this match, and it is definitely not one to miss. I can't believe that our Coach travel price, shown on the official website, is only £16.00 return. What a bargain - and there's more!
    Chichester City's admission pricing is very, very reasonable, only £8.00 for adults, £4.00 concessions, and £1.00 for 18 year olds and students, under 16's free.

    This is a big weekend for the Town, and a great away-day for the Enfield faithful. Let's give Andy and our team the support they richly deserve, and help see Town through to the Next Round of the FA Cup.

    Good luck everyone.  Look forward to seeing you there! 

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    72wemblyfinal reacted to littlehampton in Chichester City FC / FA Cup 3rd Qualifying Round   
    A little more information for Towners who are planning on making their own way down to West Sussex for this match.


    This lovely scenic ground is located very close to Chichester Festival Theatre, about 5 minutes walk from the City Centre. The railway station is about 10-15 minutes walk, and the ground is adjacent to a very large pay and display car park - although the club do have their own car parking area which is free of charge. To access this, head through the main car park towards the exit, and take the lane to the left,  and enter through the yellow barriers which will lead you to the ground. Because of its location, city centre pubs and places to eat are within a few minutes walk, although the ground clubhouse does have a bar upstairs.


    The clubhouse is fairly modern and straddles the halfway line. To the right of the clubhouse is a small covered terrace' (three steps). The whole pitch is surrounded by a wide concrete path.


    Toilets are located inside the entrance to the clubhouse on the ground floor. There is no club shop, but a small range of club souvenirs (badges, scarves, shirts, etc) are available from the bar / counter downstairs.


    There is a licensed bar upstairs in the clubhouse, and a small 'burger & chips bar' arrangement on the outside of the clubhouse near the players tunnel.


    Over to you guys. To be honest, there wasn't much in the way of atmosphere the other night. Think it is a great opportunity for Towners to help our team, by showing plenty of pride and passion throughout the match, make themselves heard, and encourage the boys to deliver the result we all want.

    Hope this helps.  See you at Oaklands Park. COYT
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    72wemblyfinal reacted to littlehampton in Chichester City FC / FA Cup 3rd Qualifying Round   
    Yesterday evening I made a short 16-mile journey to Oaklands Park,   home of Chichester City FC, to see their FA Cup replay against Hampshire side Hartley Witney, to decide who will host Town in the 3rd Qualifying Round on Saturday 5th October.

    After a very even goal-less first half, on a very wet evening, Chichester went ahead, shortly after the interval, against the run of play, and held out to progress in the competition.

    It is a very long time since Chichester have made it to this stage of the competition, and this coming weekend, before they play Town, the club are making history again when they feature in the FA Trophy for the first time ever when they host Three Bridges.

    Thoughts from last night? Chichester City are a very nice club with friendly very pleasant supporters,  excellent clubhouse facilities, a 150 seater low level stand on the far side of the ground, no stands or cover behind either goal, some sheltered standing accommodation, no printed matchday programmes on sale, understand it is posted online.

    The pitch is in superb condition, and will definitely suit Town's style of play. If we play as well as we did against Rushden & Diamonds, and Braintree Town last weekend, I would expect us to win this match.

    Let's plan to have a big turnout to support our guys in this very important match. See you there.  COYT 
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    72wemblyfinal reacted to Barney in Fa cup   
    Just to echo what others have said: I picked a great game for my first visit of the season (real life has been getting in the way of my Town visits so far). Town were excellent to a man all over the pitch, and worked incredibly hard to nullify a decent Braintree side, making them look pretty average on the day. Difficult to name names when it comes to standout performances, but along with everyone mentioned above, I think Muleba had a really good game, limiting their 9 (who looked like he could be a real threat) to scraps, especially towards the end of the second half when they were really pushing for an equaliser.
    As others have said, the depth of the squad is a slight concern, although if it means that youngsters get given a chance to show what they can do at times, then that can't be all negative. I'd also say that given the budget Andy is working with, putting together a strong and experienced 13 or 14, then relying on youngsters and fringe players probably is the best way to approach things.
    What will be interesting is whether we can maintain that level of intensity, workrate, application and skill throughout the league campaign - 2 years ago, we showed how high we could raise the bar against Maidstone, but couldn't maintain that week in week out, let's hope that this season is different and this excellent start to the campaign is part of a longer run.
    Saturday was another proud day to be a Towner - well done Andy, Mario, Steve and everyone else behind the scenes!
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    72wemblyfinal reacted to Benjrider10 in Fa cup   
    Well the planets certainly aligned for my first home match of the season. What a cracking performance!! Our formation looked solid from front to back and every player did his bit. Standout performances from Ryan Blackman (deservedly man of the match in my opinion) and Muhammadu Faal, but we looked impressive all over the pitch.
    The first goal followed an exceptional box to box run by Blackman, then a through ball to Faal who took his chance very well. Our passing was slick throughout and I thought the way we marked the Braintree no. 8, who looked to be their chief playmaker, was outstanding. He did look threatening when on the ball but we had done our homework and knew what to expect. I can only recall 1 clear chance for Braintree to equalise in the first half and that was a header from a corner just before half time which fortunately their no.9 looped just wide.
    I thought our game management through the second half was excellent. Crisp passing and good running off the ball, very few wasted long balls, all extremely encouraging. Nathan MacDonald made a superb save about 15 minutes in to keep us ahead. The second goal near the end was no more than the team performance deserved. Good work by Junior Mubaiyi on the right to win the ball, nice pass to Blackman, first time ball from him set Faal free on quite a long run to goal. It was one of those where every Town supporter holds their breath for what feels like ages as the striker bears down on goal. His first touch was perfect - ahead of him just far enough to draw the keeper off his line but also give him time to pick his spot, which he duly did! Great finish to make the result safe.
    Terific support as ever on a hot afternoon which must have been draining for both teams. Now fingers crossed for another home draw! The pitch looked superb and the rain forecast through the rest of the week will do it no harm at all.
    Two more matches for me before I am out of town once again. The whole squad can take great confidence from these recent performances - let's hope we can maintain this form in the league.
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    72wemblyfinal got a reaction from Barney in Fa cup   
    Very well summed up.
    LT has an injury not sure how bad.
    We have signed a new central defender but his international clearance papers have not yet been approved by the FA.
    Your comment about squad depth although true do not really concern me,as Andy is using players from u23s and u18s as cover,we have some very tidy players in both squads,and I feel this is the only way for our club to grow in a sustainable way given our limited budget.
    I hear Wilson has also been released.
    Yes the Ultras were superb  
    Looking forward to the draw live on Talksport tomorrow at 12.30 ish.
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    72wemblyfinal reacted to Raingod in Fa cup   
    Fantastic performance yesterday - sore throat from the constant singing (and boo ing their no 5!) and tired hands from the clapping! When was the last time we beat a team at a higher level? This game will go down in the memory alongside Tonbridge Away last year and the Grays Semi.
    Few line up surprises .. Taafe not in the squad (not aware of an injury?) and then Billy getting injured in the warm up. Junior and Nathan must have expected to get the nod ahead of Charles, but he had a very solid game.
    Strong performances all over the pitch - but Mo lead the line brilliantly - and ran from start to finish on a hot day. Ryan was a real driving force in midfield and it was a great run and through ball for both goals. Sam Youngs was all over the place and had some great touches too.
    We had some nice passing moves and it felt like the team spirit really is there.
    To beat a team in the level above who are almost in the play offs is a great result. Yes they were poor but I think we battled and did not let them play.
    I have previously criticised sub timings but thought Andy got it spot on - giving Junior enough time to make an impact, and freshen things up when we were under pressure, and then bringing Nathan on towards the end - to see things out in the middle (fair play to his patience this season being mainly a sub).
    Defence all  played well together - led ably by Wethers!!
    If I had to pick areas for improvement, feels like the squad is lacking in depth - a couple of injuries and we could be in trouble. And we did panic for a while in the 2nd half when we should have tried to keep the ball more. Overall though a memorable day, much needed funds for the club. Any casual fan who turned up yesterday would surely have loved the whole matchday experience and come back for more. Special mention to the Ultras - their unwavering support is fantastic - was really proud to be a Towner yesterday!
    So looking ahead to the draw, would like either lowest ranked team at home, or would love to get Ricay and turn them over!
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    72wemblyfinal reacted to djwilf in Where are they now?   
    Think the town twitter reported Cambridge City.    
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    72wemblyfinal reacted to Richard Katemon in Enfield Town v Corinthian-Casuals   
    Very entertaining game in which Casuals played their part. We have an abundance of attacking options- probably more so than at any time since we have been in the Isthmian Premier. 3 strikers all capable of turning a game and Charles Brown looked promising when he came on for the last ten minutes. 
    Very promising. 
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    72wemblyfinal reacted to littlehampton in Fa cup   
    You can't ask for more than a home tie in the Emirates FA Cup, and everyone can look forward to another cracking match when we host Vanarama National League South side Braintree Town at the QEII Stadium on Saturday September 21, 3.00pm, for this 2nd Qualifying Round encounter.

    A bit about our opponents, who we have played on a number of occasions in the past. The Iron are currently standing 8th in the Table, after 10 league matches, with 5 wins, 1 draw, and 4 defeats. They have lost away to Bath City (0-2), Dartford (1-2), Chippenham Town (1-2), and drawn at Concord Rangers (2-2). This Saturday (Sept 14), a week before they come to us, they are away to Havant & Waterlooville.

    These days, as everyone well knows, there are no easy games in the FA Cup, and our guys will certainly need to be up for this one, if we are to progress, and make home advantage tell on the day. It will certainly be a tough match for both sides, in front of decent size crowd.  But upsets happen every year in this competition ……. so who knows, this might just be another waiting one to happen !!  COYT
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    72wemblyfinal reacted to Richard Katemon in Enfield Town v AFC Rushden & Diamonds   
    A good cup tie between to evenly matched sides both at the top end of their divisions. Rushden will be disappointed not to have got at least a replay. But stopping goals is as much as part of the game as scoring them and we defended well. Many good performances. And of course a bit of magic from super sub Muhammadu. 
    Looking forward to Monday’s draw. 
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    72wemblyfinal got a reaction from Barney in Enfield Town v Horsham   
    4wf  I do know of an ex EFC player who passed on the contact details of a young player who I think was considering signing for a competitor pre season.The said player was on our bench on Sat.
    Given the clubs statement that they want more continuity between all ETFC teams I am sure there are scouts out looking a most levels.I would love to see more players come through our system like Mubiayi and Davison.
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    72wemblyfinal got a reaction from Barney in Enfield Town v Horsham   
    From what I hear Andy's first team budget is considerably less than last season's,I think he has done a great job with the players he has recruited.And he has been very unlucky with injuries to a couple of key players.
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    72wemblyfinal reacted to Theodopolous in Lewes V Enfield Town   
    Ok I will start off....  fantastic pitch and viewing makes this my favourite ground to visit.....playing into a gale force diagonal wind first half it was always going to be tough ... we were helped by the Lewes strikers smacking everything out of the ground and when their striker was found one on one with McDonald his chip also went over the stand... when they did find the target our keeper was excellent and I thought first half Weatherstone was a class above anything I’ve seen at our level for a long while ... to nick a goal from the pacy Charles was a real brucie bonus .... second half as expected we had most of the play without creating too many clear chances maluba was solid and  rumens had an excellent half ... but like what we did Lewes grabbed a goal when to be honest they never looked like scoring... the last five minutes it was really backs to the wall but we held on for a deserved draw....A real hard working display... no real standout performances apart from the defence... Not Bricknells type of game and he looked to have needed this... Charles could be interesting with his pace ... a very enjoyable game in very trying conditions.....
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    72wemblyfinal reacted to seemgee in Lewes V Enfield Town   
    McDonald, Muleba, Payne,  Scott, Weatherstone, Wilson, Taafe, Youngs, Bricknell, Charles,  Potton
    Cathline, Rumens, Livings, Murray,  Hatton
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