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  1. I see that Louis Ramsay played for Billericay against Concord Rangers yesterday. Has he left the club, on loan or dual registration?
  2. Taken off the Isthmian League Website. A translation would be appreciated. "Football can return across ALL Covid Tiers- latest guidance from the FA We've just received a statement from the FA, who have gained government agreement to allow home spectators to watch- following guidelines and with a limited capacity- across the country. Details below: The FA has today received approval from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) for a limited return of home spectators to be permitted at clubs competing in the National League System (NLS), Women’s Footb
  3. Any idea why a few players were missing from last night? Remi Sutton. Alex Osborn. Mark Onyemah - still injured? Harry Gibbs - presumably cup-tied at Aveley? Chris Dickson - Did Dartford not want him cup-tied?
  4. Isthmian League Website today; "Following the statement issued by the Isthmian, Northern Premier and Southern Football Leagues yesterday, further clarification can now be given in relation to the voting following the Zoom meetings held by all 3 Trident Leagues with their Member Clubs to discuss the impact of the raising of the lockdown on 2nd December. There were 224 Clubs voting across the 3 Leagues and of these 172 agreed with the proposition to continue the pause in fixtures, 51 disagreed and there was 1 abstention. Broken down by League, 57 Clubs in the Northern Premier League vo
  5. So have Jamie O'Hara and Konch's Kafe at Billericay.
  6. Following a meeting of the three "Trident Leagues" (Northern Premier, Southern and Isthmian) clubs were asked to vote on a proposition that the pause in fixtures be continued with a regular review in light of changes to the Tiers and/or grants becoming available. The total votes cast by the 224 clubs show a substantial number of clubs in agreement with the proposition. The matter has been considered today by all concerned and a further statement will be issued in due course. Further muddying of the fixtures waters.
  7. See Dave Collis has gone from Harlow and been replaced by the returning Danny Chapman.
  8. Well spotted you two, I assumed that Cray was in Kent proper but it is still a London borough.
  9. Not too much of a problem, have already played at Folkestone and Margate which only leaves Cray. Can Kent teams travel to us i.e.Cray on 12th December?
  10. In the match report on their website, Dartford describe Chris Dickson as their "new signing". Hopefully it is, as people say, on dual registration.
  11. Hmm, might be OK short term but the ground is in the middle of nowhere and Grays Athletic's intention has always been to move back into the town itself so that it has a proper local identity. Might as well call themselves M25/A13 United if they stay at at Ship Lane long term. There are huge numbers of objections to the development due to traffic issues and the like so the whole development may never take place. Interesting though.
  12. There doesn't seem to have been any mention of Mark Onyemah recently. Is he still around? I don't recall seeing any official mention of Scott Doe either, although I understand that he departed after a difference of opinion after the Wingate and Finchley match.
  13. See that Elliot has come out of retirement to play for Harlow Town.
  14. Blimey, if my maths is correct, we now have a 21 man squad as a minimum; Wright. Parcell, Ramsey, Hayles, Cooper, Onyemah, Sutton, Gibbs - 7 defenders. Brown, Christou, Clark, Spence, Osborn, Muldoon - 6 midfield. Dickson, Higgins, Stimson, Winn, Purcell, Ruff, Nash - 7 forwards. This is ignoring Hassan, Cunningham and Doe (is he still here?). Will be able to carry such a squad both numerically and financially? I guess Matt Johnson will not be the last to leave Bridge Avenue.
  15. The main squad at the moment seems to be; Joe Wright Mickey Parcell Rickie Hayles Nathan Cooper Arthur Lee Remi Sutton Ellis Brown Joe Christou Jordan Clark Matt Johnson Lewwis Spence Chris Dickson Sam Higgins Charlie Stimson Ronnie Winn 15 players seems a bit on the thin side taking into account the inevitable injuries, bookings and sending offs ( no names). Whilst there are no doubt budgetary constraints, is it known whether there any other signings in the pipeline?
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