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  1. Have I missed something about Dominic Green Leaving as he doesn't appear to have played or been on the sub's bench for some time, nor has he been mentioned as being injured.
  2. Clearly a decent side but a division below, so Urchins should be the favourites at home.
  3. Thought there was a better balance when Remi Sutton came on as left back, Mickey Parcell moved to the right and Rickie Hayles to the centre. Not really sure what Parcell's role on the left was prior to this.
  4. Think he meant the Margate squad.
  5. What is the actual position regarding Nathan Cooper? Is his signature being left in abeyance until his fitness can be confirmed? On this subject, James Goode was signed from Waltham Abbey whilst injured and I don't think that he actually started a single game. Was he on the payroll for the whole of this period?
  6. The only other player is Reece Morgan who was at Waltham Abbey and then went to Heybridge Swifts. A pretty useful attacking fullback/midfielder.
  7. Now on the Urchins site, so no more to be said.
  8. Now mentioned in detail on the Isthmian League website although not on the Urchins one.
  9. I may have missed this but according to the Isthmian League website Remi Sutton has been signed from Enfield Town. Terrific attacking left back (in old parlance) who was very impressive at Thurrock last season.
  10. We are not of course in the bottom three which are the relegation places. However,we are only three points above the 19th and 20th placed clubs and it is a bit naive to suggest that we are not in the relegation zone/area or whatever else you want to call it.
  11. Whilst it would be great to think that we will soon be soaring up the league, form generally would suggest otherwise and that we should be looking to how many points we might need to avoid relegation. Three clubs go down and the last season that there was a 22-club league was 2012-2013.The team finishing 19th in that season plus the four before achieved 41,41,38,45 and 46 points respectively which would suggest that we might need around 43 points i.e.16 more than at present.This equates to, say, 4 wins and 4 draws. This is one a game on average which is commensurate with the 27 from 26 games so far although this did reflect a relatively good start to the season. As a matter of interest, East Thurrock went down with 50 points (!) a few years ago when four teams were relegated but that was pretty exceptional and unlikely to be the case this season.
  12. Harlow aren't setting the league on fire.
  13. It seems that Colin is looking for a new coach to assist. Sitting next to me at the Tonbridge match was Jim Cooper who managed Metropolitan Police for a number of years before leaving owing to their being transferred to the Southern League with the additional travelling that it entailed. He has apparently applied for the Heybridge and /Finchley Wingate posts without success. He lives in Upminster and might be worth an approach.
  14. Having spent four years at Hornchurch and having finally gained promotion to the premier division, why would he then elect to go down a division?
  15. Metropolitan Police are not exactly enamoured at being placed in the Southern League next season. There still seem to be some long trips for Step 4 in the North Division next season.I thought the idea was that the Suffolk/Norfolk clubs would be moved to provide less travel for them in particular. It also seems strange that 'fringe' clubs such as Cheshunt,Hertford,Ware and,in particular,Waltham Abbey have been moved away into the Southern League.
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