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  1. A shame most of you weren't there Saturday to witness it for yourselves. Also please remember we've played in the Conference and are not strangers to big crowds, albeit not in the last few years. I expect it's the case that the Cup brought a nasty element out of the woodwork for the biggest game in the club's short history, but it reflects very badly on the minority.
  2. Judging by the calibre of players you've managed to attract so far, I'd imagine Windsor will do very well this coming season. Strong performance and result today.
  3. I really hope all goes well tomorrow. With any luck, the amounts pledged should go some way to paying off the debt and then the club can enter into a CVA and pay off its debts over an extended period. It won't be straightforward and there will have to be some pain along the way - not just a 10 point deduction but a slashing of the playing budget I'd imagine, but the aim overall is to keep the club alive - don't lose sight of that.
  4. Seedel was at HP watching our game against Burnham a couple of weeks ago. I'd assumed a loan deal had been lined up to get him match fit?
  5. The simple answer is most clubs at this level and above are helped out by a benefactor, and I'm pretty sure we're no different, you're quite right. As for going the same way as Windsor - we already nearly have, at least once!
  6. That'll be kabbadi, not gabadi.
  7. I have to agree with Woody - if you're serious about paying off the debt, you need to reduce the playing budget to expenses only now. Accept the inevitable relegation and increase your chances of saving the club. When we ran out of money (c. 2007) we had a horrible few seasons and were spanked by all and sundry. It'll hurt, but surely not as much as it will when you don't have a club to support. I hope it doesn't come to that, and wish you the best of luck.
  8. Assume you can't make it to Marlow, WR?
  9. He can't be 10 years older than he was in 2005 But yes, it was some time ago, and as I said, he does have valuable experience of Southern/Ryman Premier level and beyond.
  10. "Mr. Angry" is about right - he was jailed for a couple of months for headbutting an opponent whilst at Staines. He does have experience of the higher levels though, including Chelmsford.
  11. Matt

    Windsor 2 Slough 1

    And there was me thinking this was just a kickabout in a field! I wasn't there, but can say with absolute certainty that Slough should have won. I think it's the mentality that runs through me and my fellow Rebels!
  12. Who knows? Maybe Bates has signed him, saw the above post and got a bit confused as he thought it might have been from an official source! As for managers posting on forums - I believe the Chesham manager has in the past, and I'm pretty sure Dave Mudge has frequented the odd forum or two in the past. Hope Windsor can sort themselves out off the pitch and survive at Premier level.
  13. Matt

    New Signings

    You mean Jemel Johnson then Chris?
  14. ...on winning the league title. Fingers crossed we'll see you next season!
  15. Matt

    AFC Totton watch

    Virtually your title now isn't it? Well done.
  16. Matt

    AFC Totton watch

    Thought I recognised the name. He came off the bench for Marlow against us on Tuesday.
  17. Matt


    Gumbsy moved to Beaconsfield after leaving us, but I'm not sure where the likes of him and Steve Daly stand with the new manager coming in. This is his last season so I'd imagine he'd be keen to play every week.
  18. Matt


    The only way is down for Bracknell and I agree, it will probably benefit them in the long run if they can hold onto a manager and maintain some stability. But aren't there plans for a new ground there? I guess relegation could hamper things. I feel for them though - after we've been down the bottom of the league in recent seasons with teams like Bracknell, Newport IOW etc, I really didn't think they could get much worse - but they've managed it in spectacular style!
  19. Fair play. We should be getting a lot more than 229 for a top of the table side (well, we were anyway) but being at Beaconsfield as opposed to Windsor does not help.
  20. You Windsor fans, always boasting about your crowds!
  21. They're very different to other clubs purely because of their geography. If the money was to dry up, they could be in a position where they have to see out the season in whichever league they're in, with no cash available for the huge travelling expenses they undoubtedly incur - not to mention struggling to find players willing to give up their entire weekends and some Tuesdays to play for little money. It's not as if their games are a short hop around the M25! I can't imagine how they'd survive if this happened. I bet clubs like Plymouth and Torquay struggle with the expense, so whilst the ambition is good, it's only a matter of time before they fail and settle back into Cornish football. After all, why has no Cornish club ever made it to the Football League? It can't happen without sustained financial support.
  22. I was wondering the same thing earlier. This may sound unfair as I haven't seen the likes of Paulton, Cirencester and VT FC but I feel the S&W will probably come down to a two horse race between Windsor and Totton - whereas I think the Midlands is more open with at least 5 clubs having a chance. I would have to say we're one of them (don't underestimate just how much we have improved), along with Chesham, Hitchin, Bury, Burnham and probably Arlesey. The S&W also has more clubs struggling for points at the bottom, so perhaps overall the Midlands is looking like the more competitive league?
  23. Not too sure if they can get away with saying this on what I assume is an official website! "I could not work out why 1 lino was applying the offside Law correctly while the other, the dickhead on the Golden Farm side, had no idea and flagged for anything whether the player was active or not. Missed what he surely should have seen, the stamp by Seedel."
  24. Matt

    Gavin Smith

    Not sure about the 'write our own report' bit! What typically happens is I find my reports in the paper, with certain bits edited out and words rearranged to make it sound different. I'm not sure if that counts as writing their own report. You can certainly tell when I've not got around to writing a Tuesday night report until after their printing deadline, let me put it that way. Also agree about the shoddy editing. Anyone with a copy of last Friday's paper need only read the first three paragraphs of the Woodford United write-up to know what I'm talking about. The thing is, I can't talk on behalf of Slough Town Football Club as I'm not an official, but I'm sure the club wants positive relationships with all local media. I agree with you, I don't see why we, as volunteers for our clubs, can't submit reports for them to use if they can't manage their own.
  25. Matt

    Gavin Smith

    It's not just Windsor, I can assure you. I quite like seeing my work in the paper, just a shame someone else gets the credit. I can understand times are hard and they can't send reporters to games, but it would be nice to be asked.
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