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  1. Seems a bit odd. I think we should 'ave words when we come down next season! Personally, assuming we're in your league, I'd love nothing more than to see all the local clubs (Windsor, Slough, Burnham, Bracknell etc) challenging at the right end of the table - would make for some exciting games and some decent crowds too, like the ones in the Slough-Windsor games a few seasons ago.
  2. Well done guys. Sounds like it was rather a good evening!
  3. Originally Posted By: Hoops@BTFC i don't suppose slough or what ever you call em have seen him play Most people call us Slough, or Slough Town...
  4. Thanks very much. I'm hoping I can make next Saturday as I like the New Lodge. Nice covered ends mean you can make a bit of a racket
  5. Hi all Just wondered if someone could let me know if any of the admission info on this page is incorrect (or indeed anything else you spot) ahead of our trip to NL next Saturday. Thanks.
  6. Well I want you to win promotion. Preferably you and Chelmsford to finish 1st and 2nd so I can clean up in my each-way bets
  7. Matt

    Paulton 5-0 Windsor

    5-0 defeat? Welcome to our world! Still, the anon poster above is surely being just a tad melodramatic talking about relegation?
  8. Matt

    "Staines Rebel 1"

    If you banned him you'd only start getting postings from a "Staines Rebel2"
  9. We have a supporters team, and it's possible we could arrange a friendly before our game in April if you'd be interested. We're not in any league, just always on the lookout for friendlies.
  10. Oh, the perils of inbreeding!
  11. Yeah, it was always our plan to go out of the Trophy early too <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />
  12. Making sure to purchase it through the club's buy.at shop, of course... <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />
  13. Quote: GazzaBTFC said: Quote: Ted said: Quote: [..Would you say your side is good, average or poor? Will considerably better than yours suffice? Bertie breaks out in Slough. If only! Hopefully one day we'll actually have something to shout about! <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
  14. An edited post? Touchy. I'm struggling to think what Nathan could have said that would be that offensive.
  15. Your no.4 was originally shown a straight red, but the referee then rescinded that and correctly showed it to the no.6 instead. At the time it looked to me like 2 sendings-off, but the no.4 stayed on. Our player's was a second bookable offence.
  16. Quote: Steve B said: Even at home games, visiting fans (Slough for example) group together and get behind the side as a unit while, once again, we have only a few people singing. It is interesting you raise this - at away games, there are a good number of Slough fans who choose to spread themselves out. Those that stand behind the goal do try and get some sort of atmosphere going, but it isn't easy unless you have a fair number. At home, we're not great at singing. It's great if people are grouped together, especially if segregated - but you don't often get that at this level. By the way 783 is a pretty awesome attendance, especially considering this is the Westview Cup.
  17. Good luck for the rest of the season guys. Especially since I got 25/1 on the Gate in pre-season <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/thumbsup.gif" alt="" />
  18. Margate were 25/1 with Bet365 when the odds came out the other evening, so I had another little e/w flutter. 25/1 quickly became 20/1 and then 12/1. I don't really see much value elsewhere here - I used Stan James as soon as I saw their odds come out for Chelmsford and Margate (but only managed to get 20/1 for you guys and 6/1 on Chelmsford when I could have got 12/1)!
  19. Can't see the problem myself - the announcements aren't specific to just this forum. I think the Ryman Prem links thread is a handy resource and should be pinned, myself... Dare I also mention that this forum is never particularly busy anyway so I can't see why it would cause a significant decrease in posts!
  20. Matt

    Groundshare Agreed

    Will be interesting - I had heard that the club in the higher league would take priority over home fixtures, but I could be wrong. I think that would be a bit unfair on Windsor anyway. From past experiences, it might be better for Slough to play a few fixtures on Sundays anyway! I'm also fairly sure there'll be no Slough reserve team, so that'll help things too.
  21. I read that Thames Water are more responsible than any other company for loss of water through leaks, so if they pulled their finger out, we might not need a ban. Hope it doesn't screw up your plans though, as it's something the pitch badly needs.
  22. I'm fairly sure that £7 is the minimum you are allowed to charge at this level. I think there's a fairly even split in the Ryman Prem between those that charge £7 and those that charge £8. AFC Wimbledon charge £9.
  23. Matt

    Ryman League

    Sorry to hear about what happened guys, but I look forward to our matches next season - you'll be very welcome at wherever it is we call 'home' next season!
  24. Many congratulations and good luck in the Conference.
  25. So you believe all the local councillors who say that too!!
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