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  1. Sorry to hear that - a great character. Condolences to his family and his family at The Ranch.
  2. Looks an even better result after Met Police beat Corinthian Casuals in the FA Youth Cup 18 (Eighteen) - 0! Hope all is as well as can be.
  3. First managerial casualty of the season at Molesey with Craig Lewington going - rumours of resigned, but the man himself has stated on Twitter he was sacked. Seems he wasn't overly happy with the training facilities he had to work with pre-season, but maybe there is more to it with a number of players walking out too. The 7-0 defeat at Southall last night suggest the pre-season predictions of Molesey to be in the promotion mix may have been thrown awry by this change - will be interesting to see who comes in and how quickly they can rebuild a squad with games coming so frequently. No easy ride with a trip to Ascot on Saturday...
  4. 109 Southall v Ashford Town (Middx) 110 Chertsey Town v Abbey Rangers Two cracking local derbies for current vs former CCFL clubs - and tenant v landlord in the first one!
  5. Well it certainly had the most goals!
  6. It's here to stay for a while - Redhill won't be the first or last club to have to take a 'time-out'. Real shame it affected FA Cup participation though. Hope all come through it safely.
  7. Pick 3 from Ascot, Molesey, Spelthorne, Abbey, SCR and Southall
  8. Some decent sides in that Surrey Elite. Let's hope we all get finished and we can get the CCFL fully stocked again for 21/22!
  9. I guess the prize money, even for losing, in the FA Cup offsets the lack of crowd income to some extent: Extra Preliminary Round winners (184) £1,125 / Extra Preliminary Round losers (184) £375 Preliminary Round winners (160) £1,444 / Preliminary Round losers (160) £481 First Round Qualifying winners (116) £2,250 / First Round Qualifying losers (116) £750 Second Round Qualifying winners (80) £3,375 / Second Round Qualifying losers (80) £1,125 Third Round Qualifying winners (40) £5,625 / Third Round Qualifying losers (40) £1,875 Fourth Round Qualifying winners (32) £9,375 / Fourth Round Qualifying losers (32) £3,125
  10. Meeting of League Chairmen and Secretaries today to decide when non-league football will start, and then FA Cup draw tomorrow, which the FA seem insistent will start of Sept 1st.
  11. Sounds like Jersey won't have it as easy this season as last if the rumours regarding Walton & Hersham's wage bill are to be believed.
  12. August pre-season, September full season - http://www.surreyfa.com/news/2020/jul/18/return-of-outdoor-competitive-grassroots-football---18th-july
  13. Match officials will be very happy!
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