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  1. Glad to hear you came through it!
  2. Sharing with Northwood i believe
  3. This was a competitive game on Monday. Frimley took the lead early on and their attacking trio caused Camberley problems, particularly attacking down the right, which was where the cross for the goal came from. However, Frimley gifted Camberley a breakaway goal before half-time and Camberley took the lead early in the second half and subsequently defended stoutly, reducing Frimley to shots from distance mainly. On this showing, Camberley's previous winless record was not a fair reflection of their ability and I would expect both to be mid-table. Frimley's attack will mean they have the potential to beat anyone on their day, but probably not consistently enough to challenge at the top over the whole season.
  4. Hanwell invested in drainage a few years back now and since then sorted the clubhouse out too. Every time I visit they seem to have improved it bit by bit.
  5. Closer to the club yes, but it depends where the players come from. If they come from the other side of Spelthorne, it's further for them to travel.
  6. Spelthorne needing to rebuild with a lot of players leaving due to the travel required in the new division
  7. Will give an interesting insight to next season with St Panteleimon coming into Div1 next season
  8. North: Hanworth Villa to beat Reading City South: Badshot Lea to beat Balham Div 1: London Samurai to beat London Lions
  9. Welcome - it's not the most active of forums, but new members might help give it a spark! Happy with your move?
  10. Quite Stephen. What are clubs going to do if leagues are voided and then we can play again in March? A couple of months of pointless friendlies? I'd have thought players and clubs would prefer to finish this season playing Tuesday-Saturday-Tuesday-Saturday for however long it takes and then start next season a bit later if needs be, knowing that hopefully the 2021/22 season shouldn't have the issues we've had in these last two. Maybe cup competitions can be done away with to ease the burden a little bit? Many clubs have managed to increase their fanbase in the last 6 months as fans who normally went to watch pro clubs have come down the pyramid to get their football fix and realised it's quite enjoyable. A damp squib voided season would probably see those fans head back to the EPL or EFL, but an end of season with plenty to play for might tempt them to stay permanently, which can only be good for everyone.
  11. So it seems like the Committee's of the Step 3&4 Leagues have decided they want to null and void the season again - without so much as consulting the clubs. Would it not be a good idea to finish this season, however long that might take, so we don't have two 'lost' seasons?
  12. It's a shame 2 CCFL clubs have drawn each other, but I guess it means we're guaranteed one to go through!
  13. A sensible approach by the league and clubs. Well done all involved!
  14. I'd like to think most clubs would approach this with a 'can do' attitude and give it a go in December and see what happens. From what I've seen, attendances had been higher in the first couple of months, so hopefully clubs made a bit more than usual then, and if players are realistic about what they can expect to be (or not be) paid, then I would have thought the situation is achievable until conditions change. What are the thoughts on the ground from those involved with clubs?
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