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  1. MoleseyMan

    Walton and hersham

    Jumped before he was pushed? It seemed to get a reaction last night - they were unlucky to lose to Chertsey on penalties having showed great character to come back from 2 down in 15 minutes.
  2. MoleseyMan

    All weather surfaces.

    This report came from rugby, but makes interesting reading nonetheless: https://www.irishtimes.com/sport/rugby/staggering-amount-of-injuries-on-4g-pitches-compared-to-grass-1.3641369
  3. MoleseyMan

    Midweek matches

    Second that - they've put a lot of work in to get everything up to standard since they moved up from the Surrey Elite. Always a pleasure to go there.
  4. MoleseyMan

    FA Vase 2nd Round Draw (CCL Clubs)

    Seven out of nine at home is a nice result
  5. MoleseyMan

    All weather surfaces.

    There are two potential issues: i) The carcinogenic properties of the rubber crumb. This can be overcome by a few different options. Sealing the pellets with a sealant that stops the potentially (and they are only potentially in the right combination of circumstances) dangerous chemicals escaping. The other is using a cork crumb rather than a rubber crumb. Both obviously come at a greater cost than the standard rubber crumb, but what price the possible future health of players? ii) Infection of players with wounds. The artificial surfaces are sterile when they go down. However, as any sterile surface does, it will attract bacteria. Unlike grass pitches, there are no living beings in the ground or on the surface that will counter those bacteria so they breed and hence if a player gets a cut on the pitch, it has more chance of picking up an infection. It's not normally anything that needs more than a few antibiotics, but it is a possibility. Again it is reasonably easily solved by a regular spraying of disinfectant on the surface, but again that does cost money. I suspect clubs are not made aware of these risks when the pitches are installed, but groundsmen are being educated by their various bodies and should therefore be communicating to their clubs the risks and the options.
  6. MoleseyMan


    SCR beat a poor Molesey side 1-0. Changes in fitness and attitude needed for Molesey if they aren't going to be back in CCFL next season. SCR looked like they will be a tough side to beat for the rest of the season.
  7. MoleseyMan


    Interesting measure tonight with a friendly between Molesey and Sutton Common.
  8. MoleseyMan


    It's a shame the club isn't allowed to put any of their stuff up, and whoever decided to build the stand with a 10 yard gap to the pitch wants shooting! Any atmosphere just gets lost.
  9. MoleseyMan

    Sad News from Krooner Park

    Sorry to hear that. He will definitely go down as one who put more into football than he took out.
  10. MoleseyMan


    Chertsey no surprise if what I've heard about what they're spending is true. You still have to win games though, so fair play to them. Balham looked good early season, but I hear they've lost a few players to higher divisions. Bit surprised SCR, Camberley and Walton & Hersham are where they are, but saw Cobham beat Camberley in the cup the other night and they looked a reasonable outfit. Looks to me like another CCFL season with one runaway team and then any one of several battling for second. Anyone know what the extra division coming in at the next step means for promotion this year?
  11. MoleseyMan

    FA Vase

    Thanks Karen - always wondered what magical formula they used!
  12. MoleseyMan

    FA Vase

    Out of interest, where do the other 23 teams for the next round come from?
  13. MoleseyMan

    FA Vase

    So who is fancied for a run in the Vase this year?
  14. MoleseyMan


    Either it dies or this is a kick up the backside to all subscribers to pick it up again...
  15. MoleseyMan


    I hope not.