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  1. Match officials will be very happy!
  2. I was more referring to those levels (1-6) where matchday income is needed to cover costs. I suspect Step 7 and below, where players pay to play, and 3 men and a dog watch, could be the first football to restart outside of the pro game.
  3. Given the prize money at stake (even for the losers), would clubs be happy to play FA Cup games behind closed doors, while waiting for approval for spectators before league games start?
  4. Is there any point non-league football starting without spectators allowed?
  5. I guess the Vase can start whenever lower level football starts. Fitting the FA Cup rounds in could be trickier depending on when we start I presume. I guess they could concertina dates a bit if they do away with replays in all rounds of FA Competitions?
  6. Have any clubs started pre-season plans yet? I know cricket clubs are starting to train in groups of no more than 6 with social distancing measures in place. Presumably football clubs can do similar?
  7. You mean players might have to play for the enjoyment?
  8. Did you see the letter signed by 65 clubs sent to the FA asking them to reconsider? I can't see the FA changing their minds now, given other wheels have already been put in motion as a result, but it was interesting that more than 50 of the 65 were clubs in the top 4 positions of their league... And ironic that it's being led by South Shields, who for years refused promotion!
  9. So that's that then. Start again next season. Seems harsh on Jersey, but could the league promote them under the guise of evening the numbers in the Prem?
  10. All matches suspended for two weeks from tomorrow. A couple of games off today, but most go ahead.
  11. Knaphill are the best side I've seen, but given yesterday's result, I'll go for Southall to win it and Knaphill to finish runners up. Can all six go up with their grounds?
  12. The young Rancheros are an impressive side. I saw them comfortably dispatch Hampton & Richmond 3-0 and they'll give Wimbledon a good game.
  13. I'd be surprised if SCR and Abbey aren't in the mix again. It depends what Egham and Molesey have recruited/lost as to whether they are good enough to bounce back.
  14. The better, more credible, referees will use it as a threat, only using it when really necessary. The lesser referees will be sinbinning left, right and centre. Footy Mad - it only gets complicated if the same players is penalised for dissent twice. Otherwise everything is as is - two yellows = red, and dissent before or after a yellow card is still only a 10 min sinbin. Two dissents = two periods of 10 mins in the sinbin, unable to rejoin after the second, but can be replaced by a sub However, if that player has been cautioned as well, on receiving a second sinbin for dissent, they are unable to return and can't be subbed, so are essentially sent off (although a red card will not be shown). Hope that helps!
  15. Casuals ground is pretty much where the athletics track on the Xcel site is now. Walton & Hersham's Stompond Lane was sold by the council for housing yes...
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