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  1. Ah ok, thanks Theo with apologies to 4WF, read it wrong.
  2. Whilst I agree that the Manager seems reluctant to play younger players unless he's forced to, I feel you're being a bit harsh on young Nolan stating he only knocks it long. He obviously still has plenty to learn at 19 but the games I saw him in I felt his distribution was very good, yes some long kicks but his throwing out finding team-mates was excellent. Josh Davison also done very well but again I feel he was only playing as the manager had run out of options.. After doing so well towards the end of the season I reckon neither would not want to be just squad players and may be out the door along with the rest of the squad.
  3. According to AFC Hornchurch website, they have signed Joe Wright and Matt Johnson.
  4. 4WF, you've hit the nail on the head. Everyone knows better than the person doing the actual job. I'm in the minority (obviously) because the manager has my sympathy. Now I've only spoken to him a couple of times this season and like he said to me last season when I had a chat with him he carries the can when things aren't going right. But as I said I have some sympathy for him, and I will use the last 3 games (I know there's plenty of others) as examples. Bognor, players switched off from a short corner/free kick. Haringey, player caught in possession, goal. 2 players looking at the ball in the pen area, penalty goal. Yesterday, unmarked player allowed free header from 7 yards. My point is he can send out players with instructions but these are individual mistakes that he can do nothing about, other than get rid of the players and if he did that we'd have the under 18s playing. Now I'm not a member but there was a meeting where those of you that were could go and air your views to the manager, but from what I was told, it was fairly tame. You can give all the excuses you want but if you are as passionate as your comments of this forum suggest then perhaps you should have gone and spoken face to face to get your views across. It's all fairly easy being wise after the event.
  5. Decent win and performance yesterday, bar the first 20 mins when I thought I might need a neck brace. After that it settled down and plenty of good passing football was played and we were worthy winners and it if hadn't been for their keeper, who I thought didn't have a bad game, it could've been more, but you can't argue with 4 goals and a clean sheet. Thought Johnson and Blackman were my MOM, ran their socks off and totally controlled the centre of the park. As mentioned previously thought Nolan did well, good distribution and handling, he got away with one near the end of the game but all round more than an able deputy for Wright. I think that's 2 games for him now and 2 clean sheets. Just as a side thought on Nolan, were we a bit fortunate he was there as he wasn't originally named on the bench, not too sure what the team protocol is for having the back up keeper at the ground.
  6. Sorry 4WF I wasn't suggesting your comments were personal against the manager, only that using that particular contributor as an impartial outsider was not the best example as we have seen him making personal comments about the manager. i appreciate your difficulties in attending games etc and I hope you are able to attend when you can because at the end of the day we all love football. Perhaps some of the other vocal critics of the manager are able to take the opinions forward. i wish you well.
  7. 4WF, I think anything on this forum by that particular contributor needs to be read carefully as there was some very personal comments made by him about the manager on one topic that is now locked. As for the manager, he still has my backing and I believe he will get it right. I find it very frustrating that some of you can't wait to get on his back when things start to go wrong and very slow to post comments when things were going better earlier in the season. Some of you haven't liked him from the start and even if had won every game this season you'd still find something to criticise him about. There are plenty of younger players still at the club, didn't the manager bring back an u23 side this season (anyone know how they're doing?) and other youngsters are out on loan at other clubs. Last point, there is a meeting coming up where members can attend and make their point direct to the manager. Got to be better than posting on a form surely (not directed at you 4WF, but to all contributors)
  8. Good to see the bandwagon has started up now, with the good start to the season some of you must have been disappointed that you couldn't commence your 'Leese Out' campaign earlier. Whilst the last 3 results have been disappointing, the team is still in a good position and for those that actually watched last nights game you probably came away wondering how we didn't comfortably win that game. Plenty of chances just a combination of poor finishing and a couple of decent saves by their keeper kept them in it and they achieved what they set out to do, go home with a point. The majority on here feel that the squad is decent and that the managers tactics are to blame, so I ask you this, do you think the manager sends his players out and says to Micky Parcell, when you get the ball pass it to the opposition twice within 10 seconds or to Bricknell, when you're in the six yard box, don't score, hit the keeper instead. The manager will accept responsibility for last nights 'defeat' But some of the players need to take responsibility for their own performances. As for the bring back Brad brigade, no thanks, football might have been better but we're still in the same division and if he gets a better offer he will be off again rather than stay and finish the job, which he was on his way to doing before he left and took the entire team with him.
  9. Good work by the manager so far, seems to have got the spine of the team sorted, Wright, Tafiq, King, Blackman, Johnson, Bricknell and Wadkins. I' m sure with the rest to be added there has to be a decent optimism for the season ahead and if they all stay relatively fit could push for the top.
  10. The manager has made some decent signings so far and these things take time. Building a team is a lot like building a house, start with the foundations, then you build the rest.........
  11. With regards to the players at Enfield Borough, you have to remember that they are playing at step 6. I'm not saying they're not good guys but there is a massive difference between step 6 and step 3, I've even seen a big difference between step 3 and 4 this season. I'm a bit torn about the younger players because although they should be given a chance are they ready for a real tough season at this level or should they be loaned out to clubs at step 4 for instance to get valuable playing time. Experience is everything at this level. It is my understanding that the 3 youngsters that came from Broxbourne u18 (Hockney, Nolan and QC) were considered the best players in that side. Hockney stayed with the squad all season, while QC and Nolan were loaned out to Cheshunt and Egham respectively. Finally to Mr 4WF, sir, it is with the greatest respect that I ask this. I have read of your difficulties this season and I am sorry for your troubles. You made your mind up about the Manager very early from what you were told, but have you tried to speak to the man himself? I too had heard and read differing comments about him, but to satisfy my own curiosity decided to speak to him myself and this resulted in my view being pro the manager and that he should be given time to get it right.
  12. Three very different welcomes there. Thank you Steph1, isn't that what football is all about, everyone sees things differently and opinions are what makes forums and chats in the pubs great. The only point I was trying to make was that after (what I saw) a good performance and win why was there negativity about that performance. There have been plenty of poor games this season where the majority of comments are justified. I will only ever comment on what I see, not what I have heard or been told about. I can't really comment on their keeper as that's the only game I've seen him play this season so don't know if it's common for him to make ricketts like the first goal. I didn't see the penalty incident, like everyone else I think I'd followed the ball to the corner. The 3 subs did change the way the game was played against a tired opposition by that time and I think Hockney deserves a start. Andyetfc, for the record I'm not a board member, I don't think the club is the best thing since sliced bread and I don't know that much about what goes on at other clubs, you're obviously much better informed than I am. Lovely Stuff, thanks I'll bear that in mind when I read your comments. I, like Steph1, thought that I was contributing to a friendly discussion.
  13. Congratulations to those above who have managed to factor in some negative comments about Saturday's game, which was imo 95% dominated by ETFC. I mean really, complaining about the types of goals scored now in an attempt to create the negativity, is this what it has come to. Did you comment how unlucky the team was against leatherhead who scored a deflected free kick to hand them the win, probably not. On the point about loan players, agree it is not the best scenario as they can be recalled as soon as they arrive, but sometimes things work out for the better, as I believe they did with Aaron Greene at the start of the season, wasn't he on loan from Chelmsford City.
  14. Decent performance today from the team, well done to Andy and Darren in what must have been a tough game for Andy given his recent personal loss. Played some good passing football at times and looked solid in defence. Credit to Lowestoft who despite their troubles, never gave up and looked liked they had a few youngsters out. Nice cameo from Hockney in the last 15 minutes who looked good on the ball and passed well, very unselfish in giving Hope his goal. Deserved MOM for Blackman, does that guy ever stop running!! Well done all.
  15. I've been following Enfield from near and far since the early 80s, since I discovered one of my PE teachers at secondary school (Bishop Stopford) was a centre half, for those of you with long memories, it was Dave Waite. After bouncing around watching various non clubs in the area, I decided that this season I would focus on watching Enfield. Now I've read a lot on this forum this season, with quotes from 'reliable sources' and 'it's my understanding' etc and whilst I agree that some of the performances haven't been good, I've found that some of the criticism being levelled at the manager has been way over the top. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and whilst I respect yours, as a payer at the turnstiles, I also have mine. My opinion is that the manager has done a job this season and he has got something to build on for next season. The man needs time and it takes time to build, if you want quick success, support Man City. Can't remember who put the comment on that he was out of his depth, but what a stupid comment that was. How can you say that about a manager who has managed this level for over 20 years, I'd also be interested in your experience at managing this level for you to back up that comment. I don't know what the budget is, but I'm afraid that the bigger the budget the better the players you can get, he doesn't have unlimited resources, that's football today. Some posters have been negative about him from the start and are quick to post after a defeat even if they haven't seen the game, also backed up by very few comments after the creditable draw recently at Dulwich. To those of you who say he is unapproachable, have you actually tried to have a conversation with the man? Well I have, I've spoken to him 3 or 4 times after a game in the bar, does he not say in his programme notes you can do that, but if your going to be half pissed and start slagging him off how do you thing he's going to react to you. I approached him and started a conversation about the game and got talking about football in general, and despite him being a Stoke City fan, his knowledge and passion was so evident. He wants to do well and will try his very best, the start of the season was the revolution now is the time for evolution, but like all things that takes time and in my opinion he will get it right. Sorry for the long first post, I don't particularly like posting on forums and in future I will try to contribute where I can.
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