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  1. Ah ok, thanks Theo with apologies to 4WF, read it wrong.
  2. Whilst I agree that the Manager seems reluctant to play younger players unless he's forced to, I feel you're being a bit harsh on young Nolan stating he only knocks it long. He obviously still has plenty to learn at 19 but the games I saw him in I felt his distribution was very good, yes some long kicks but his throwing out finding team-mates was excellent. Josh Davison also done very well but again I feel he was only playing as the manager had run out of options.. After doing so well towards the end of the season I reckon neither would not want to be just squad players and may be out the door
  3. According to AFC Hornchurch website, they have signed Joe Wright and Matt Johnson.
  4. Any supporter that was there last night could see what it meant to the supporters and the team to win that trophy, I certainly didn't feel like the team were playing for a 'Mickey Mouse' cup. Superb all round team performance, thought Davison was fantastic up front, thoroughly deserved his goal, he was my MoM but won't argue too much because Parcell was superb as well. Also thought Rumens had a really good game at the back, he had his hands full with their 9, but coped well and marshalled the defence all night. Totally agree with Stephs comment. Well done to Andy, Mario and all the staff. Las
  5. 4WF, you've hit the nail on the head. Everyone knows better than the person doing the actual job. I'm in the minority (obviously) because the manager has my sympathy. Now I've only spoken to him a couple of times this season and like he said to me last season when I had a chat with him he carries the can when things aren't going right. But as I said I have some sympathy for him, and I will use the last 3 games (I know there's plenty of others) as examples. Bognor, players switched off from a short corner/free kick. Haringey, player caught in possession, goal. 2 players looking at the ball in t
  6. Decent win and performance yesterday, bar the first 20 mins when I thought I might need a neck brace. After that it settled down and plenty of good passing football was played and we were worthy winners and it if hadn't been for their keeper, who I thought didn't have a bad game, it could've been more, but you can't argue with 4 goals and a clean sheet. Thought Johnson and Blackman were my MOM, ran their socks off and totally controlled the centre of the park. As mentioned previously thought Nolan did well, good distribution and handling, he got away with one near the end of the game but all r
  7. Sorry 4WF I wasn't suggesting your comments were personal against the manager, only that using that particular contributor as an impartial outsider was not the best example as we have seen him making personal comments about the manager. i appreciate your difficulties in attending games etc and I hope you are able to attend when you can because at the end of the day we all love football. Perhaps some of the other vocal critics of the manager are able to take the opinions forward. i wish you well.
  8. 4WF, I think anything on this forum by that particular contributor needs to be read carefully as there was some very personal comments made by him about the manager on one topic that is now locked. As for the manager, he still has my backing and I believe he will get it right. I find it very frustrating that some of you can't wait to get on his back when things start to go wrong and very slow to post comments when things were going better earlier in the season. Some of you haven't liked him from the start and even if had won every game this season you'd still find something to criticise
  9. Good to see the bandwagon has started up now, with the good start to the season some of you must have been disappointed that you couldn't commence your 'Leese Out' campaign earlier. Whilst the last 3 results have been disappointing, the team is still in a good position and for those that actually watched last nights game you probably came away wondering how we didn't comfortably win that game. Plenty of chances just a combination of poor finishing and a couple of decent saves by their keeper kept them in it and they achieved what they set out to do, go home with a point. The majority on here f
  10. Wow, bit of a harsh post Theo, in my opinion. You are obviously entitled to yours and that should be respected. I know it's still early in the season but Andy has got this team into a decent position so far, he's assembled a good squad and got a young management team in place. They haven't lost in the league yet and it's definitely an improvement on last season, which is what we all wanted.
  11. For those that watched yesterday, it's easy to be disappointed because Enfield dominated so much of the game, but we'll probably play worse and win games. Thought Johnson and Youngs were excellent in the centre of midfield, Johnson just shading MOM for me. It will be interesting to see if Bricknell changes the dynamic up front and games can be killed off, having said that thought Hope had a decent game yesterday. Onwards and upwards. On a side note (I like those) seen on the Bostik site, that we signed Matthew Nolan from Great Wakering, is this the same player (keeper) from last season?
  12. Great performance and result last night, following up an equally good result and performance from Saturday. I know it's early days but you can't ask for a much better start than that. I Agree with Andy we were on the back foot but I think that this team has a bit more resilience about it and last season we would have possibly drew or even lost this match. If the team keeps playing this way the players waiting to come back in might have to sit on the bench for a while. Saturday will be a strong test against the bookies favourite for promotion. Looking forward to it. On a side note, it looks li
  13. Good work by the manager so far, seems to have got the spine of the team sorted, Wright, Tafiq, King, Blackman, Johnson, Bricknell and Wadkins. I' m sure with the rest to be added there has to be a decent optimism for the season ahead and if they all stay relatively fit could push for the top.
  14. The manager has made some decent signings so far and these things take time. Building a team is a lot like building a house, start with the foundations, then you build the rest.........
  15. Steve Bould has been Arsenal's number 2 now for a number of years now and if anything our defending has got worse, my point being it doesn't always translate on to the pitch. Anyway, I'm sure the manager won't have to look far for a replacement, there's plenty of contributors on here who seem to know better. Ps - the second paragraph is an attempt at that thing we used have - humour Good luck all, have a great summer
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