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  1. Well it would have happened had it not been for the obvious, so yes another season will have to be spent in the SSMFL
  2. How wrong you are, Edgware were comprehensively beaten and the visitors deservely won, 3 defeats on the spin now for Edgware, need to get back to winning ways on Tuesday
  3. You sure they weren't all queueing up for a nice Donar and chips 🤣 Seriously doubt it kicked off unless it's some Greek gang related issue, there's absolutely nothing about it online or on social media. A "40 man mass brawl" would you expect make the headlines, after all a few kids following Leighton Town on a jolly was all over the news!
  4. Are you being serious? 😱 What were they fighting over, who's got the best kebabs🤣😱
  5. Was Avenue Road the ground they played at in Greenford which had poor facilities and pitch? I never went there but heard horror stories, where are they playing now? London Tigers originally were a Bangladeshi team who's HQ was in Marylebone they're a charitable sports club football just one of the many things they do. They merged with Kingsbury Town in the mid 2000's and I watched them regularly around 2008/09 after Edgware had gone dormant, they had a good team with players from all over the world though it was run by Bangladeshi. They decided that they wanted to move away and by doing so they efficiently killed off Kingsbury Town as they obviously dropped that from their title. I think the secretary you're talking about was the long standing Kingsbury Town secretary, credit to him then because London Tigers had nothing to do with Kingsbury Town anymore
  6. And good riddance having killed off Kingsbury Town in the process!
  7. So have all the players who were previously at the club getting paid under the big budget left? That's very credible that a young home grown team stepped up and had such a resounding win. Do you know if there's still a budget at the club or will they finish the campaign with the players who played on Saturday with a much smaller pot?
  8. Edgware are definitely off to the CCL, I've seen a projection where Edgware /Wembley and North Greenford all move and another that had Broadfields /Harefield and Oxhey coming along for the ride. We won't know until the summer but it'll be a fresh challenge for all concerned. As it stands based on both I've seen there's 15 teams that appear in both projections by different people so based on that it gives a good idea as to what teams we (Edgware), will be playing next season. I'd have to say Southall would be favourites but it looks a very winnable division based on current positions, of course that could all change with players and managers coming and going but I'd have to say if rdh can keep the squad together we could well challenge for promotion next season.
  9. You're correct that was the official I was talking about so if you were by the side of the stand it wouldn't have been you.. On this occasion Rhodes you're going to have to pick up your case and run with it 🤣
  10. You're not wrong he made all of us junp and the poor lino looked like he'd just dropped one 💩 🤣
  11. I wouldn't say Edgware were hanging on but to be fair Dunstable did put us under a lot of pressure in the final 5 /10 minutes the defense stood firm with makeshift center back former football league striker with over 300 goals, Scott McGleish a rock to earn a second clean sheet in a row!
  12. 'Peter the Greek' were you running the line on Saturday at SJP? If so were you the one that Fergus shouted at up keep up with play, 🤣
  13. In a tight contest The 'Wares' came out on top to win 1-0. Edgware are now 6th in the league with just 2 defeats in 15 COYW!
  14. Re the floodlights, the club put out a tweet an hour before KO, however a number of people were still arriving after KO and I believe the club had to reduce admission meaning that a loss was made on the gate. The attendance was a disappointing 52, given the work the club and myself have done to promote the Free Season Ticket incentive. On the pitch though all was good, What a performance by Edgware, who tore apart a Baldock side that arrived on the back of 6 wins on the spin and a midweek win over the leaders Colney Heath. It wouldn't have flattered us to have won by a higher margin, given our dominance, it was our biggest win of the season. What made the win even more impressive is the fact we were missing both recognised center backs and we had 5 U18s in the team, two of whom scored! Under 18 starlet Theo Offori scored a brace, his second was a beauty hitting it first time to lob the keeper he's definitely one to watch. Having gone 14 games without a win, since beating Wembley in mid November Edgware have now picked up 24 points from a possible 36! BTW Rhodes, that's me you can hear and see celebrating on the video and Theo did give me a high 5 COYW!
  15. Colney Heath from what I saw had around half a dozen in attendance, there were a few Hendon fans in attendance which is normal when they don't have a game. I'm not going to disclose how many paid or not, suffice to say if ALL the names on the list turn up and collect their ST the attendance will be well in excess of 100 We're looking at reaching the 100/150 regularly next a season mode likely in the Combined Counties League!
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