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  1. Colney Heath from what I saw had around half a dozen in attendance, there were a few Hendon fans in attendance which is normal when they don't have a game. I'm not going to disclose how many paid or not, suffice to say if ALL the names on the list turn up and collect their ST the attendance will be well in excess of 100 We're looking at reaching the 100/150 regularly next a season mode likely in the Combined Counties League!
  2. There's been a steady rise in attendance, almost 90 despite the inclement weather on Tuesday night when previously we'd been getting around 40 for midweek games. I'm helping the club by dealing with all the ST enquiries as well as promoting the incentive (in a non committe role) we've got a decent number of local residents on the list, to date almost 50 many of whom are families which is good to see. The plan is to keep it exclusive to NW9 residents and its more than likely that it'll be rolled out before the start of the next season to include the full season.
  3. That's true, goals in the 90th and 96th minutes won a close contest though Edgware were on top for long periods of the second half. Did you go to the game? If so what were your thoughts on how Edgware played?
  4. The offer is in the London Football Guide blog 👍http://www.tlfg.uk/2019/12/tlfg-16-22-december-2019.html?m=1
  5. Edgware continued thier resurgence with a 5th win in 6 as two late late goals helped to beat a solid Broadfields side.
  6. Nice to see Rhodes hasn't lost his knack for hijacking posts with his own agenda.
  7. I don't think a move to the Essex Senior League would leave Edgware feeling like a "Duck out of Water" as you said unless you mean location wise? Football standard wise both Hadley and Cockfosters are doing well this season having moved sideways Hadley did well last eason but Cockfosters struggled in the SSMFL. I would imagine the standard in the Essex Senior League is possibly not as good as in the SSMFL Premier especially at top end. I'm hoping that the new Division in the CCL will be a easier way to progress for Edgware
  8. With the Division yet to be finalised I guess we won't know how this will pan out but I think it's all swings and roundabouts,rather than head North we'll be heading West. Journey times may be longer which will cause issues especially in midweek but we won't know till it happens. I heard that the Essex Senior League wanted Edgware to move in the summer along with Cockfosters and Hadley, perhaps that's still a possibility but I think the FA will want Edgware to go West just as Hendon moved to the Western based division of the Southern League. With regards to it being a loss to the SSMFL,, they want to get rid of their southernmost clubs so they're obviously not bothered at Edgware and Wembley moving on.
  9. I've heard that we (Edgware Town) will be leaving the SSMFL at the end of the season along with Wembley to join a new league. Most likely it'll be the new division at step 5 being run by the Combined Counties based round the Thames Valley and West London. They'll be some clubs in the Combined Counties at present who will form the make up of the new division along with some clubs to the West of London in the Hellenic as well as Edgware and Wembley from the SSMFL. It'll be interesting to see how the new league pans out but I think it's possibly a better fit for Edgware than the SSMFL
  10. Following Edgware Town FC

  11. The offer is exclusive to local residents in the NW9 postcode to watch live football and enjoy supporting local footbal with local people. The club wish to build ties with the local community No idea about the food deal, if you wish to know more I suggest you email the club secretary
  12. Haringey do offer their free ST to All regardless of location they've clearly seen the benefits of their offer as they've risen up from the SSMFL where they had one man and no dog watching them regularly in a ground with facilities that were questionable to say the least. Rhodes seems a bit misguided as clearly "thousands" haven't taken up their offer more like several hundred. Perhaps Rhodes is unaware that Colindale is one of the fastest growing community's in London with a huge catchment area on the clubs doorstep for both Edgware Town FC and Hendon FC to take advantage of. Since launching last week take up has already far exceeded what we were hoping for and it's safe to say they'll be be double the numbers for the next home game against Broadfields on Saturday than there was for our last home game. Clearly something needs to be done to address the poor attendances the club have been getting and it's good to see the club have the foresight to try something that aims to get LOCAL people supporting their LOCAL Football club!!!!
  13. Just popped by to let you all know about a new incentive Edgware Town are offering to local residents whereby they can get a FREE Season Ticket for All league games which will also offer half price admission to All Hendon league games at Silver Jubilee Park I appreciate the offer is available only to local residents in the NW9 postcode but it's good to spread the word so if you know of anyone who you think may be interested please let them know. The team have seen a recent upturn in fortunes result wise, having gone 14 games without a win since August they've won 4 from the last 5 games playing some attractive football.
  14. NO I was talking about he 2006/07 season when Edgware won the treble...you of course are talking bollox as usual!!
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