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  1. We looked very comfortable after a shaky initial 20 minutes. In the second half we could have won more comfortably with the chances we had.
  2. Only PSF but WTF has happened to Biggleswade and Leighton!
  3. Looks like they have been leaked as clubs were announcing late last night..... Someone has clearly 'dropped the ball' at SSML HQ!
  4. That's interesting given they were already in the Combined Counties League and now they'll have club's nearer to them such as Wembley, NG and my club Edgware Town I'm sure some clubs have had to reassess with regards to playing and management but this seems an odd one especially as looking at previous league tables Spelthorne have been thereabouts the last few years
  5. The new era not got off to the best of starts then!
  6. They told me they have been trying to get into the Combined Counties League for the last two years and can't understand why they haven't been moved laterally especially given ST Panteleimon who as it stands are playing at Enfield Town So with no further appeals pending it looks like the CCL North will be going ahead with just 18 clubs, looks like they'll be a minimum of midweek games which can only be good for all clubs especially Edgware with regards to travel
  7. That'll be Harefield United then as I know they have appealed and wish to join the Combined Counties League Premier North
  8. Won't be the first time the SSML Premier has had a odd number of clubs I'm guessing Cockfosters sits further East than Hadley who had their appeal refused and will return to the SSML
  9. Odd, it's downright unprofessional! Just a few days into his new role at Leverstock he's seen on social media promoting another clubs Season Tickets! He should be trying to drum up support for his new club not paying lip service to another club! Had he tried this stunt while he was at Edgware he would have faced the wrath of the fans as Wealdstone are not popular with the clubs support or our co tennants Hendon
  10. AKA Journeyman who hasn't won anything of any note in a long long long career both as player and Manager
  11. Fergus tactics are from the dark ages he even admitted he's a dinosaur!
  12. I listened to the interview, all I can say is it's a great cure for insomnia?
  13. Mediocre club appoints a mediocre manager Leverstock Green are happy if they avoid relegation each season,this appointment screams mediocracy!
  14. NPT have had their appeal turned down, expect Biggleswade and Potton to be the same. Flackwell Heath could well move to the CCL North as could Harefield who are appealing, both stand a good chance with only 18 teams in our division.
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