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  1. Mark janney legend just had him in my cab as he's been out for donny Barnards birthday
  2. Nice one, I thought they might as they seemed like nice lads
  3. Did you ever speak to the lads you did that podcast with at Notts county after the semi final or final, wondered what they made of it all
  4. God knows would of thought at least 40-1 maybe 100-1 even Be interesting to see if any bet on it, and if any bet on it next season
  5. I think the ex took mine to ireland with her ??????
  6. That's a great game to have against the vase winners at the bridge
  7. I would hope not as the stewards allowed masses of people to congregate at the front beforehand so you'd like to think the FA would take this into consideration. 2 mins after the original invasion you notice there were two more sneak on to the pitch completely unchallenged by the stewards.
  8. This one Pete?? He said we didn't deserve to be winning let alone 5-0 up, he got the sack on the Monday of my memory serves me and I walked past him and called him a Jose mourinho wannabe, this was obviously in my drinking days ????
  9. Can I be my old user name eu please daggsy old bean , thanking you in advance
  10. Weren't we 13/5 or something Or 9/4 told everyone to jump on , I didn't because gambling is the devils work and the devils a bad mofo
  11. My mum recorded it, if I leave the front door open Saturday monrning someone can come in and nick it as long as I get it back lol
  12. What about "but we always knew we would" Thanks - have added your name and Richard's to the list. And thanks for the suggestion for the title.
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