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  1. The results are always leaked on a Saturday night after they finish filming the results show. Michelle was in the bottom 2 with Felicity.
  2. To save you having to watch the results show tomorrow i can tell you Michelle goes.
  3. I am going for a 0-0 draw Att 524 June to win the 'Meat Raffle' and Pagey to earn £3.50 when people mistake him for 'A Penny for the Guy' when he crouches down to tie his shoelaces.
  4. Quality thread Rhodesy bringing culture to the masses. Did you see Erin Borg saturday?...I would.
  5. All sorted sweetness. I am going to leave a couple of quid with the Mentalist formerly known as the mentalist.I would give it to Dave .but he would only waste it on his JLS collection.
  6. I may pop along to this game. Where are we in the league. 'Up The Reserves'.
  7. I am going to drop a couple of quid round on saturday before you go.Would someone give it to Taffy at Margate as he is getting a round in for me.
  8. Taffy! how is going long shanks Could you sort out Bethany on saturday ?...with a drink that is not the other as that is asking too much for any man.Well except scouse Dave,but the least said about him the better. Whilst you are at it get Frankie and your director a short on me 'Up the Cottagers'. and a bone for Pagey. I will sort you out financially when i see you.
  9. Cheers for your replies guys. Whatever it was it made a fecking awful pie.
  10. If you like them 'O' then the are probably like Mumford and Son and i fecking hate them Why don't you get an act like the Conway Sisters or Same Difference.they will pack the crowds in.However if there is no food don't get the Conway Sisters as everyone will get the munchies watching them. 'Up The Conway Sisters'
  11. Good glad you are not coming as we already have 1 Fulham supporter in the Margate team and another one as a steward (I also think he is a few inches taller than you). Frankie and i were part of the Fulham firm specializing in knee capping. We didn't use shotguns,we used to head butt them.
  12. You have never met me because the club took advice from the local police and they requested that we should not be at the ground at the same time as it would constitute a freak show and they would have to get a special licence. How are things with you Margatians. Is Alan still Welsh,is June still running the 'Meat Raffle' racket?
  13. I am not attending the game on Saturday as to be quite honest i couldn't be asked. I wonder if one of you guys would by our Beth a drink on my behalf(fruit based obviously) and i will settle with you when i see you. Cheers guys 'Up the Urchind'.
  14. I see people are already making jokes about his death even before the ink is dry.
  15. Local Sensation? ...I have never heard of them, and i pride myself on having my ear to the ground when it comes to up and coming music artists.I am a bit of a Louis Walsh,but without none of that back door malarky. What are they?...some acid house group going by the name. Send us a free ticket and i may give them the once over as i know someone,who knows someone that does the booking for Butlins.
  16. Oi! i will have the bloody lot of you. Up The Benedict Amen.
  17. Would one of you muppets give me the heads up when we reach the top 3 and i may attend a game. I am loyal supporter 'Up the Urchins'.but i do not do any of this mid table nonsnse. Cheers
  18. Not that i want to be associated with you types of people and i will be showering after making this post. However i saw a bird the other day that i have not seen brfore.It was light brown except for the tips of the wings which were Magpie like black and white stripes. Any idea what it was? ps it was 3/4 the size of a crow.
  19. How on earth do they play each week if the pitch cannot cope with a little bit of rain.
  20. I feel old now as i remember when Alice was born. Good luck to the pair of you and make sure that baby doesn't sneeze.
  21. The Great man sadly died today.
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