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  1. might have been when group 4 turned up ??
  2. any idea why he wasn't there not on bench
  3. by scoring more goals than leatherhead same way east Thurrock beat you lot 4-1
  4. still needs work to be done was billy suspended ??
  5. more work needed on our back four midfield needs a tinker good striker needed
  6. why didn't they try and use Ken's pace I'm sure the number 5 would have seen red and im surprised no-one has mentioned the keeper trying to get Billy sent off
  7. Steph that's a bit wet camping in the lakes ???
  8. so a promising start lets keep it going
  9. as I understand the squad is and I not sure if its 100% accurate and I believe 3 players are on contract Mr Bricknell Mr Weatherstone and not sure on other one I think it was Josh Davidson and im not 100 % so correct me if im wrong Billy Bricknell Dan Rumens James Potton Joe Payne Jon Muleba Josh Davidson Junior Mubiayi Kezie Ibe Lewis Taaffe Marc Weatherstone Nathan Macdonald Ryan Blackman Sam Youngs Scott Thomas Muhammadu Faal Sam Bantick Nathan Livings Ken Charles Sam Hattom Tyler Forde Brad Empson Lewis King
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