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  1. ffs this is getting silly can any one else see a pattern here ,what is Andy playing at its half time and 4-1 down or am I the only one that gives a f**k
  2. whats the sscore so far v hayes and yeading ?? i notice news on the team so has been removed from website
  3. Andy hasnt had a clue fo the last 3 seasons
  4. the players we had over he last 4 games apart from the first team names what do we know about the others???
  5. would it be better to play teams at our level not 2 -3 leagues higher anyone know of any more players joining ?
  6. i never went but second half turned a bit sour i thought Andy was putting his first choice plaers out ........................so far pritty poor imo
  7. was that our first team in manchester ? has Mo re joined who are the new players out there are we going to get any answers or do we have to join the magic circle come on guys this is a joke
  8. thanks for the link raingod hope its a good game !!
  9. any news on the team yet ??
  10. what a good start to the season any forwards out there
  11. I’m still waiting to find out who the new guys are only been 10 days since we had the meeting and was told we would find out on the 8th so much for members finding out news
  12. who are you not sure of ?
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