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  1. I thought he allowed it then changed his mind !!!! Agree with you 4wf the lack of red cards was noticed as stated on here AGAIN the refereeing was very poor, be a good idea if we sent in videos of there poor performance to the FA or make £250 and send it to you been framed !!!!!!!!!!!
  2. a good win for the town, Cheshunt got away with murder , a few bad tackles by there no8, pushing on Mo by I think no 2 and never got booked till the second half, and then a classic there keeper pull on Ryan's shirt and Ryan gets booked !!! but we see it every week very poor ref's
  3. sorry I don't think I explained myself correctly I have no problem with players going good luck to them , the point I tried to make was ,,,,,,,,,,,, we found out on this forum that Mo had gone to Bolton BEFORE the cup game and as yet NO OFFICAL CONFORMATION on the website Josh Davidson is he still on trial at Charlton or have the got him again nothing from the club >>>>>>> surly they must know something we have been told we now have Alex Reed a very good player to have and a striker on loan from Gillingham both got before the cup game is it like area 54 on a need to know basis for a fan owned club this is poor come on board tell us what is going on !!!!
  4. thanks for clearing that bit up just a well paid non contracted player
  5. I know its a bit late now but Mo was suspended for our cup game how come he played for Bolton's U 23's before that
  6. Mo gone Josh Gone who else will go and when will we find out, no news still run this club the way it should be we do have a right to know what's going as we are a fans OWNED club
  7. is ken Charles injured ?? does not seem to be100% fit a bit off the pace
  8. might have been when group 4 turned up ??
  9. any idea why he wasn't there not on bench
  10. by scoring more goals than leatherhead same way east Thurrock beat you lot 4-1
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