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  1. Raingod if we had won more games getting a better goal difference we would have been in a much better chance at being champions . As I have noted on here before we needed more goals to boost our goal difference poor defending didn’t help
  2. Our water bill is some paper with a large amount of money that the water company wants from us but that’s not important at the moment where the two empty containers are get rid of them and put in a large water but or something be more use than empty boxes going rusty ..... btw what are they there for ?? Answers on a postcard Good idea low maintenance nick the one in the park !! Errrrrr joking
  3. Totally agree other teams play well on our pitch why can’t we. Don’t blame the pitch when both sides play on it
  4. Andy as we know the team play the “Andy” way coz he knows no other way long up to the front line and hope C C you cant blame the pitch both teams played on it and Cray played better. Mo has been off for a long time The trouble with us is we don’t go for more goals when we get one unlike Hornchurch Bishops Sortford and Worthing we needed a bigger goal difference than what we have or am I wrong again
  5. Down to 3rd as Stortford now 2=0 up. 2 goals in a minute Mo on tv this morning now gets a 3rd
  6. Down to 3rd as Stortford now 2=0 up. 2 goals in a minute
  7. Is there that many ? Chestnut boys wow there are a big fan based club
  8. i think if Mo had put away a lot more of his poor misses and the othe 2 missed pens we would have a better goal differance and maybe on top
  9. It’s getting boring now playing the ball in the air it’s going nowhere why do we persist but can’t moan to much. 3 points
  10. Agree with most on here 3 good goals Sam was lucky with his soft shot .Very well taken free kick keeper beaten well apart from that poor game Hornchurch will be a much harder game we will be lucky to come away with 1 point
  11. We will have to give 150% tomorrow nothing less it’s a banana skin game like the other games that have been said are easy games no more long balls let’s play on the ground
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