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  1. any news on Malick Mboob did he stay or go ????
  2. old towner


    i thought he went off form he was very good at the start then went down hill a bit ?
  3. up by another £100.00 well done
  4. now we have hit the £8,000 well done all the supporters and all the people who have donated there money to the club £8,038 get in there
  5. pity they don't help us out money / friendly as a thank you they got a very good player for nothing as did Bolton !!!!!!
  6. I cant believe this forum is so quiet and on a positive the money is going up good nearly £10.000 come on you towners
  7. Littlehampton I think it shows just how a fans owned club is run with EVERYONE putting in to the club and helping what ever way they can , it would be nice if businesses in the town area could help out that don't already . The local paper could run an article on this ???
  8. update updated £5,145 come on let's be having you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dig deep
  9. in your first set I saw a very tall policeman they made them tall back then !!!!
  10. im loosing track of the days here keep thinking its sunday or Monday
  11. andy some one with a bit of common sense lets fight this virus make sure ALL our fans are healthy young and old and welcome them in the new season !
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