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  1. do you mean like this ?? We’re talking to a number of new signings and have agreed terms with a number of last season's squad, but we would prefer the protection of a signature before announcing these to you. Talking to the managers and chairmen of some of our rivals at the Isthmian League dinner last Saturday, it appears that lots of players at our level are understandably hedging their bets and wanting to explore all of their options before committing to a team for the season ahead. With the exception of Hornchurch, there doesn’t seem to be a huge difference between what clubs are able to offer players this summer, and that’s making for a very competitive market. 18 Jun 2019
  2. ok wrong again ill let you explain to others who don't understand how close season works and why we cant afford to put the whole team on contracts !!!!
  3. I've no idea why the club cannot or will not keep us informed again something which needs to be addressed at the meeting . yes it must have been a good offer as I pointed out if on contract he is paid 52 weeks playing or not
  4. check twitter BHTG he handed in his notice as it were 3 or 4 weeks ago !!!!! but never said where he was going only signed for Hornchurch last week they have money to buy players now !!!!
  5. Mickey Parcell left of his own choice question is did HE tell the club he is not playing next season ?
  6. good idea LS but how would you do that apart from contracting the players ??
  7. when you sign a player on contract he is paid 52 weeks of a year weather he plays or not other players sign to play for etfc just like you or I working for a company you can leave when you like, you are not committed to that company /club and you can leave when you like. we would need a wealthy chairman or big funds to put all out team on contracts .. so if he signs at the start nothing to stop him leaving two months later or two years later
  8. I know mickey has left the club but has not said where he has gone to
  9. not seen anything to say he has joined Hornchurch
  10. a player we should have kept Brandon Adams Striker W 15 L 6 D 4 Appearances: 25 Goals scored: 23 manager could not see potential ????
  11. which as I said to do at the agm or can we call for a meeting ?
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