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  1. The session included our inspirational Skipper who answered all questions honestly and made a very bold statement when he said we will reach the playoffs,So hold on to your hats guys we are in for potentially an exciting end to the season. a very bold statement look at the real world 3 more goals conceded 3 more points dropped fu** knows how many defenders on the last 5 mins and STILL lost 2-1 up and take off your only striker GREAT MOVE Andy Ryan red card Blackman it was only time when he was going to go he is losing us points and costing us money in fines why o why can we not play football on the ground Billy 5 ft something defenders 6 ft plus play a high ball guess who wins it play it to feet he has a chance
  2. bring on margate and cray nothing to worry about !!!! Billy back to his best
  3. take it all back 45 mins and not conceded
  4. im sure we can do better in the second half
  5. a blue bird and a mirror and bell he keeps running up the line dinging his bell when we concede a goal !!!!!!!
  6. wtf could do with a new set up soon looks like the lease is up for andy !!!!!
  7. bring back Paul Furlong Dave Howells Paul Harding and JJ Erskine Smart
  8. as a fan owned club yes we expect the club to announce it
  9. and I take it the 2 goals conceded didn't help matters
  10. 2-0 lose now a slippery slide down the league hope we don't go down this year
  11. normal service resumes from now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. 75'Ken Charles replaced Ryan Blackman 76'Kezie Ibe replaced Lyle Della-Verde
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