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  1. im loosing track of the days here keep thinking its sunday or Monday
  2. andy some one with a bit of common sense lets fight this virus make sure ALL our fans are healthy young and old and welcome them in the new season !
  3. Big JR this post is open to all keep our non league family together during this horrible times WELCOME
  4. with me I cant work at home as I work for a car garage !!!! thought id get all suporters on here chatting about anything and everything passes the time away
  5. this is not just for us towners but non league supporters as well I hope you all are keeping well under the lockdown we are in lets hear from you all how your doing any gossip from YOUR teams we could be like this for a while ive been sent home from my job for a minimum of 3 weeks and it an't nice but keeping well
  6. you know that wouldn't happen ..................us scoring !!!!
  7. as I understand it you want the games to go ahead ?
  8. and your medical experience (apart from going to the doctors !!!!!)
  9. as of 9.00am 14/3/2020 5 cases increase in days
  10. Confirmed Cases Recoveries Reported Deaths 148,934 72,642 5,594 tell you what Theo id rather be in with the 72.642 than with 5.594
  11. ok Theo what would you do then ??carry on as if nothing was happening or TRY to contain it who knows who has it, it could be me , you , the guy next to you ,one cough and there could be two more cases
  12. have we tried to advertise any one with a season ticket to spurs arsenal west ham Chelsea barnet get in half price ?? the way spurs are playing we may get a few advertise in local papers
  13. I never win that much !!!!!!!!!! and it depends how many balls drop
  14. interesting fact for you as our home attendances are going down quicker than the Titanic for us to be the same as last season or better we need 2776 for the last 5 games which is about 555 per game cant see that happening we are lucky to hit 400
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