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  1. Let’s hope he gets some play time what do we know about him??
  2. I’d rather have Billy than Adam any day at least Billy wants to play and can do something with the ball Good luck to him he was good while he was with us
  3. lets see where we are after 20 games you never know we might be 18th !!!!!
  4. We are all allowed to comment on the games weather they are good or bad, if you don’t want to read them don’t. The forum is here so we can air our views praise where needed moan where needed. As you are also an expert how about give us your comments on Tuesdays game and about the goal we let in, how the game changed from football on the ground and the long ball to our tall forward that didn’t win the ball when he came on, the long ball doesn’t work we need to play on the ground it was nice to watch when we did
  5. We are at home to the met police in the trophy 3rd Qal 30 oct £2450 up for grabs
  6. i was not at yesturdays game so i cant comment how many times do we go one nil up and draw or loose the game AND IM NOT SAYING THIS SEASON BEFORE SOMEONE MAKES A COMMENT WE NEED TO TRY AND PUT AWAY THE CHANCES THE GOAL DIFFERANCE COULD AFFECT THE OUTCOME ONE DAY IM NOT SAYING THIS YEAR NEXT YEAR take lewes 6-2 v margate away we lost by one goal and had a few chances to win the game its the chances we need to be putting away
  7. i agree when we played the football ive seen ie tuesday v kingstonian we are a very very good team plays as a team
  8. we need to be getting a few more goals not just one or two never said three wasnt enough reed it properly next time
  9. come on i think that is below the belt 4wf has more football knowage in his little finger than you have if you dont like his views ... dont reed them ! This is a forum we can comment on subjets be it good or bad its the writers opinions ..
  10. i think thats our problem we dont get more goals we seem to sit on one or two goals never go for more
  11. Not many comments on today’s game
  12. well said 4wf i was reading your post and as you said whats happerning with the youoth teams and got a reply from farther jack . It may be that, since we disbanded our under-23s, the step from under-18 to Step 3 football is too great a leap for most Edited Tuesday at 11:33 by Father Jack so BU there you have it LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP btw you forgot Adi Connolly
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