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  1. imo kezie had a very poor game in the second half why o why didn't he shoot when billy put him through . no he just played it back to billy with two defenders on him that was just one of his many miss chances .... again why o why cant we play football one the f***ing ground strong wind we boot it as high as we can and watch it come back twice as quick !!!! let me guess in training the play it on the ground but forget how to do it on match day totally agree with you 4wf it was a repeat of there first try if at first you don't succeed play the town they will let you do it again !!!!!!!
  2. where is Brad now ? and Borg ? I think they BOTH could run this team and the results would be great
  3. as a fan owned club do the members get a vote ??? one share one vote thought that was how it was going to be run ?? am I wrong
  4. Should we bring Bradley back ? George Borg ? ive said it before we play better with the ball on the ground correct me if im wrong AL is seen standing around with no encouragement sounds like SN he did that a lot and used the dugout to lean on !!!
  5. as above dreadful first half got better in second half and as per every game poor officials its a pity the FA don't send out there own officials to see how poor they are . Why oh why CAN'T WE PLAY FOOTBALL ON THE GROUND its more enjoyable than seeing joe kicking it out of touch or our forwards /wingers chasing a lost ball
  6. I need some help from Father Jack here I think ! pretty sure my first game was at home against Dagenham in 1978 or 1979. I believe we won 5-3 and I remember Tony Bass netting with a bicycle kick ? have I got any of those details right ? 1978/79 home v daggers won 2-0 tone and bishop 1978/79 away v daggers won 6-2 glover 3 seale o'sullivan gibson 1979/80 away v daggers won 2-0 o'sullivan 2 home v dagg won 3-2 o'sullivan milne 2 hope that might help I started going in 1976 I think
  7. the last few home games ive seen and I hope im not mistaken but Mr Blackman seems to find it hard to find a player in the same colour as his a big kick and lets hope it find a town player any news on Joe?? and what was the five year plan
  8. totally agree with ALL comments Football on the ground !!!!!!!!!! and we played well see it can be done and yes it was cold cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey
  9. its all true has back for a game or two !!!! nice to see him back
  10. Matthew Nolan from Egham Town
  11. Andy it must have been we only let in one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. normal service has resumed . We never wanted to go up anyway
  13. another thing can we please play football on the ground and not in the air we are better on the ground !!!!!
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