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  1. attention all managers there will be an opening soon at a good non league club watch this space
  2. thats the trouble one person is stopping us playing football
  3. its like taking candy from a baby with the way we play win it 2seconds later give it away ...... 10 games before we start asking questions how bout 8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FFS
  4. played better when the balls on the ground maybe coz billy isnt there ??? just a thought but as im the only one one this topic i cant argue with any one so ill have to agree with myself
  5. is Bily injered ?? Nathan McDonald Jonathan Muleba Lee Chappell Scott Thomas Joshua McLeod Urquhart Adam Pepera Jeremiah Gyebi Ryan Blackman Neville Nzembela Percy Kiangebeni Lyle Della-Verde Junior Mubiayi Lewis Taaffe Jared Small Sam Youngs Larry Asari
  6. ok here we go bit of humour before the game didn't work Q we do have a good squad - let's see the changes Andy makes tonight! A 1st change Steve Wales not on bench
  7. 1st change Steve Wales not on bench
  8. how come all the other teams can find GOOD strickers but we cant
  9. do you know why yet? heads must roll soon or its to late
  10. how bout getting mo back from bolton he's doing "F" all up there
  11. something needs to be sorted or some one needs to go
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