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  1. a player we should have kept Brandon Adams Striker W 15 L 6 D 4 Appearances: 25 Goals scored: 23 manager could not see potential ????
  2. which as I said to do at the agm or can we call for a meeting ?
  3. never said sac the board ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, vote
  4. I know we had this one loads of times and its the same answer vote the board off we choose who we have on the board that's why its a fan owned club
  5. so why don't you point it out at the agm voice your opinions we got one coming up in the next few months
  6. that's it all over season wasted and a below par performance AGAIN
  7. God news Guernsey still in bostiik league
  8. Brightlingsea 1-0 Enfield Town Pip Boyland (83')
  9. wow what a game nothing to comment on
  10. how a bout the wally with the brolly
  11. the krankies or Angeal Merkal
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