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  1. good luck in your semi finals (from an etfc fanas you have 3 of our old players) i do find it hard to take in that professional football teams can entre what should be for semo pro clubs ,Is it me or is there unfair advantage ??
  2. yes its a long way off but still hoping to be a bit freer in may june time !!!
  3. Do you think he would come back and would he be welcome
  4. hes had more teams than i've had hot dinners whos next on his hit list
  5. i just think that people think this is nothing 331 deaths and over 20,000 have been infected IN ENFIELD ALONE not something we ever want to see again
  6. FFS raingod how about support all the people who have lost there loved ones they are grieving im sure they dont give a f**k when it starts
  7. Merry Christmas some players who stood out for me again efc and etfc Steve King ,Paul Harding Noel Ashford ,Carl Richards ,Paul Furlong ,Danny Clark ,Mr ETFC Rudi Hall ,Tony Jennings , Terry Moore , Mo Faal , Billy Bricknall, Curtis Warmington Erskin Smart Dave Howells Ronny Howells,this list goes on i think we have been lucky to have some very very good players play for us And some very good managers !!!
  8. they might regret it if they pass on the virus to there loved ones , wife , husband muim n dad kids !!!!
  9. its because of idiots leaving tier 4 that it sptreads quicker they should not be allowed back untill tier 4 is lowered so if it takes weeks or months then let it be they have to learn
  10. good news we can only visit christmas day should have baned all visits have christmas later next year when we can ALL go and visit familys
  11. i thought when bonking boris played football at wembly v germany he won the ball fairly
  12. so have we lost any more players i think the majority have gone
  13. looks like us as a surporters owned club still dont get a say in it
  14. we have been told by the fa we can resume i think its the leagues/chairpersons dont want to continue strange as ALL OTHER LEAGUES have resumed then they leagues will want all games played in 10 days !!!!
  15. thats what i was hoping for get the games played while its good weather
  16. some one is making it all up then may be fa or our league ?
  17. Joking around why don’t we all put in to the euromillions ??? Couple of good wins
  18. And as for Ryan - people have differing views on him but I personally think he is a massive loss might not get so many red n yellow cards now ,,, and his coment on how much he is enjoying football now he is at welling says a lot to me if he didnt like playing foe us why did he stay !!!!!
  19. id rather see home games any way IF we are in tier 2 no you cant travel to tier 3
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