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  1. Is she a Mod el ? The Scooter Might be a Vespa, I hope not lol Horrid things
  2. Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz Good shout, Behindthe goal, but I think you have to include Liam in that as well. He picks the team,chooses the tactics and provides the motivation. All that was missing, I'm afraid. Hummm are you a advocate of PTT now then ?
  3. I believe that other sides know we have a good midfield, so by pass it with the big kick. On Tuesday evening FGR done exactly that,not allowing our midfield to play, and when we did get the ball,it was normally deep in our own half, making us work through a very packed midfield, what with our passing being poor ,we very rarely broke through. So it was big boot again from FGR and we were back where we started.
  4. I Thought the Fleets ball control was horrendous last night, they could not control the ball, basically the midfield were terrible along with most of the attacking players.Some were worse than others, but I don't like to criticise individual players. Did we work there goal keeper at all? I do not remember him having to put in a proper dive to save anything we could muster.
  5. Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz That is an admission by Liam that, despite having a record playing playing budget, he hasn't signed good enough players, and those he already has, has been unable to get the best out of. Time for a change? I did not read it that way, He stated they were poor in the final third, not all over the pitch.
  6. Claudius, in England thats called stating the obvious
  7. The guys that like to sing at the plough end, were out sung by about 8 Weymouth fans including a drummer boy . I to found it missing atmosphere yesterday.
  8. We heard about the award on radio Kent, via lord chas as we started driving Home
  9. Originally Posted By: mikefleet i know we will win today, been feeling it in my water since last night!! 3-1 i am going for You should get a Dr to check that out, it maybe your prostrate gland
  10. I believe we can win today, my concern is that the Weymouth players may use every game now as a show case for there skills, hoping to get a transfer in January. Hope I'm wrong on the latter statement.
  11. Is there actually anyone left on the MYFC website, or has all and sundry been banned ?
  12. Someone must know, but I cannot get my head around it, guess thats why I never worked in the city. I had to make my fortune other ways all legal of course.
  13. When you buy a business you normally buy something physical, so I ask the question again other than a lot of useless shares, what do MYFC Actually own?. All i can see they own is a brand name, but no physical assets as such to sell .Oh and your toilet of course
  14. So what do they buy explain, the toilet ? cause that needs fixing to
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