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  1. It's been a very disappointing season considering the players that we've had at our disposal. Most of these players will move on over the close season without us seeing their true potential. Only one person to blame and I've said the same to all and sundry all season. If he stays, gates will be down to 300 ish at best. Interesting times for the board.
  2. As I stated in my earlier post, AL's continued presence as manager will only create a rift between the board and the supporters. He needs to be gone and soon !
  3. A pitiful crowd witnessed a pitiful performance by a pitiful manager. TIme to go Mr.Leese. The board have stuck by you and in return, you should resign your position today. It hasn't worked and giving you another season will alienate the fans and the club. Give Mario, Steve and Ed the final three games, it may get a few people back through the turnstiles.
  4. Taxi for Leese ? Another set piece another goal ! We've endured 2 seasons of absolutely nothing under your tenure ! Any decent man would not allow the chairman to make a decision, his pride would make him walk away. Are you that man Andy Leese ? I fear not ! Wishing Ryan Blackman a speedy recovery.
  5. At this moment in time we have an outside chance of getting into the playoffs and winning the League cup. With Andy Leese in charge we will achieve neither, with Quinton, we'd stand a chance of doing both. I've been totally against Brad coming back after he took the whole team with him to Braintree but after suffering two seasons of Andy Leese's dull, negative football, I'd have him back in a heartbeat and learn how to bite my tongue !
  6. If any of the players stayed loyal to AL if he were to leave, then you would have to question their sanity. I'm convinced that Sam Youngs would stay here, he knows that he is highly regarded amongst the fans and as far as I know, he does not want to go Pro.
  7. If the current manager is in charge next season then I won't be renewing my season ticket. I can watch this standard of tactical genius in Bush Hill park on a Sunday morning for free.
  8. Most Enfield folk didn't enjoy that. Whilst you would always take the three points we were woeful yet again today. If Folkestone could have finished, they'd have buried us and to see us in the top six after the season that we've had, just goes to show what a terrible standard this division is this season !
  9. Didn't go yesterday but heard damning reports from everybody that did. Be interesting to know what people would do in a twist or stick type scenario regarding Andy Leese. Definitely twist for me.
  10. Don't want to put a dampener on things but they played us off the park for the second time in a week but we finally, had a very bold triple substitution and the boys pulled it off ! I need a beer, good night.
  11. I'm pleased that somebody else has mentioned the poor officials yesterday. The standard of officials that we have had this season has in the main, been absolutely awful. How that overweight lino could catch us offside so many times in the second half, I'll never know. He couldn't keep up with play in a 7 year olds match never mind our level and the referee let you know that it was all about him with the 2 minute lectures that he was giving to the players. Dire and not good enough, I want to watch a good game of football not some power crazed egotist !
  12. First half, again, we were poor, we only seem to settle down and play when we go in front, albeit BHT equalised very shortly after we'd taken the lead. Billy scored his first very early on in the second half and that is when we settled into the game . His second was a very smart finish but I have to admit that it was the most boring 3-1 win I've ever seen, if that makes any sense !
  13. I think you mean footballs Theo. We will play it long more than once in the game LOL !
  14. Rubbish game. We were second best all night and lost to the better team.
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