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  1. Very underwhelmed by those friendly's. I won't be wasting fuel going to any of them
  2. Well done Cheshunt. They have been on a really good run and to finish 5th and win two playoff games credit where it's due. Edwards is a very good manager.
  3. Even mo was saying the pitch is not allowing him to play his dribble style as its so bobbly the ball is going all over the place. Not sure why they can't get any water on it. On that basis a semi final away will probably be better for the team.
  4. Dangerous Tackle on Mickey Parcell. Honeymoon
  5. Jake was carrying a knock so Andy didn't want to risk him with a big game coming up next Saturday.
  6. Negative test Sunday and Monday and he could play Monday afternoon but the young lad in goal today was very good.
  7. Albury Walker. Have you had a glance at the league table today 🤣🤣🤣 As for the chanting what about so called Chesnuts fans chanting 1 nil and you fucxxd it up that's OK is it.
  8. 6 first team players on duty last night Chapple,Bray,muleba,Smith,Taffe, Coker.
  9. And Billy a proven goal scorer has left the club and joined Hornchurch
  10. Solid performance with leatherhead's only shot on goal coming 3mind from time. Ryan kirwan is probably the best left back since the days of Paul underwood. What a talent mom by a country mile.
  11. Lost 7-1 to a team at our level. It's embarrassing all over the park but the defending is probably the worst I have ever seen from a Town side. Sorry Andy has to go.
  12. Not sure if Mario was watching the same game as me but I saw no passage of play or players moving the ball quickly in 90 mins. What I saw was a complete shambles all over the park and shambolic defending which was no better than Sunday league and that's being kind. Andy hasn't got a clue. Long hard season ahead.
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