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  1. I Think Andy has lost the dressing room even players were questioning his substitutions when we ended up with 4 centre halves and no strikers asking him dont we want to win this game. We were 2-1 up and well on top at the time. Why not push on and make the game safe. Crazy substitutions imo.
  2. Yep they have the three tallest defenders in the league at at the AGM Andy said we have had them watched we know what there about so why oh why did we continue to play high balls into Billy who was never going to win them. Had enough of this negative football. 303 fans says I'm not the only one.
  3. Seems work load and family commitments were the main reasons given for the departures. Not sure who will take on the amazing work Steve Reed did for the club raising close to 48k which was the Boards target for sponsorship this season,big boots to fill that's for sure
  4. The session included our inspirational Skipper who answered all questions honestly and made a very bold statement when he said we will reach the playoffs,So hold on to your hats guys we are in for potentially an exciting end to the season. Very impressed with all the hard work that has gone into creating the community side of our club to registered charity status. Well done guys Sad to hear 3 Directors leaving the board last night thanks for all your efforts guys.
  5. Very well attended meeting last night. Probably one of the most open and honest question and answer sessions
  6. What worries me about Mario is its him who is barking out instructions and encouraging the players during the game non stop no problem with that at all but are they simply not listening to him. I would still give him a chance though as I think his hands are probably tied under the current set up.
  7. Let him go and give the job to Mario and let's see how he gets on. I know he has the respect of the players. Andy signs a really good right footed centre half and so far has played him right back,and left back!!!. Andy spent the last 10/15 Mins of the first half with his back to the game arguing with a couple of Brightlinsea fans.!!!!! Lovely guy but things have to change imo.
  8. I am still under the impression that josh is a centre half and I'm sure Andy started him there but as soon as we scored he seemed to move josh to right back and put Johnathan alongside Mark.
  9. In Andy's case it clearly has. 3 one year plans not a 3 year plan. We have been going down the same dead end road for the last 3 seasons. Maybe Andy's remit is to keep us mid table which is something he has done all his career,I may be wrong but I dont think he has ever led a team to promotion.
  10. How is the pitch holding up with all this rain. Is Sat looking Good.
  11. I'm affraid Andy talks the talk but cant walk the walk. We are coming to the end of his 3yr plan and apart from a few exciting times and a reasonable cup run as a club are we any further forward. Imo no we are not so I will be attending the meeting but wont waste my breath asking Andy any questions.
  12. Did I say there was a miracle pot of cash.? Far from it.
  13. Exiled down South. What I'm trying to say is that the board must have backed the manager financially for him to be able to bring in the quality players we are watching. What the hell is wrong with that for christ sake. It wasnt a criticism or a negative comment I was actually backing the board. Read the post again.😡
  14. I have to question Andy's 3 year plan. Imo its 3 one year plans,are we any further forward than 3 years ago? Each season we seen to bomb around christmas and end up middle table ish. The board have released funds fo Andy to assemble one of the most talented squads to date so where does the problem lie?
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