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  1. Brilliant News. Well done the board for getting this lad over the line. COYT.
  2. Bantik is a very good player hope he has signed on.
  3. Any updates for us Towners who couldn't attend guys.
  4. The squad is taking shape nicely. Still think we need another Centre Half though.
  5. Ok then just checking🤣🤣
  6. What about Nathan McDonald father Jack
  7. 4wembley finals. I know because of your health you didn't get to as many games as you would have liked but having seen nearly every game last season I am of the opinion we do need Ryan and his aggression in the middle of the park. As I have said before I will give 100% support to any player that pulls on a town shirt. Let's try getting behind the players and see where that takes us. It's so easy to be negative. COYT.
  8. Get ready it's nearly the 1st guys. Possible signings imminent?
  9. If the board persist with our tactically out of date manager I think the turnstiles will suffer for sure. Players talk especially senior well respected players, word gets around and imo they don't want to play for Andy. They would play for Enfield Town but not our Manager. Hope my suspicions are incorrect though.
  10. Not sure all our board have access to players news. Seems only a few are privileged.
  11. Exiled down south Other clubs manage to keep there fans informed of any news player or otherwise during the close season why should our club have a vale of secrecy thrown over it Are we something special or different in any way.
  12. Crowing cockerel. Thanks very much for the update.
  13. Guys. Just been informed that Lewis Taffe has agreed to stay at the Town. Great news.COYT.
  14. Seems like all the players that have left even the keeper are players that liked playing the ball on the deck. Worrying times
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