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  1. The ref sent off the wrong Stortford player.The player who throw a proper punch which started the melee was substituted after the sending off's and was boasting about the punch in front of the home dugout hence the Andy sending off I believe. Wordsworth got a straight red for foul and abusive language after the final whistle. Once again a ref being assessed who was just guessing at who to send off after the melee. The Stortford keeper wiped out Lewis Taffe in the box a clear pen but the ref just waved play on Bad day at the office and a very tough looking December now.
  2. That was the most unbalanced team selection and inept performance I have witnessed for a very long time. The players were like 11 individuals no team play what so ever. Andy sets his teams up so the buck stops with him. On a carpet of a pitch we play the long once again it was embarrassing. Two very poor sides. Andy's contribution was to stand on the touch line either waving his arms in the air or placing them on his hips. No idea tactically how to change the game. A very bad day at the office.
  3. Mo Faal Havant and Waterlooville
  4. The fact that Enfield Town hold league registration forms signed by the player constitutes a rule break in my eyes. Maybe your guys think rules don't matter but let's see what the FA have to say.
  5. Official statement from our board The matter has been referred to the F.A for investigation and as a result we have pulled out of Saturdays tournament at Cheshunt. Well done our board ? ??
  6. According to our Board members he signed league forms with our club Thursday night after training. The club must act and more importantly keep us fans/Members informed as to what is happening. There is a big push from Town fans to boycott Saturday's friendly tournament. I definitely won't be attending.3
  7. So Cheshunt play a centre half last night that signed league forms for Town last Thursday and indeed played for us Sat. Hope the FA throw the book at them.
  8. Very underwhelmed by those friendly's. I won't be wasting fuel going to any of them
  9. Well done Cheshunt. They have been on a really good run and to finish 5th and win two playoff games credit where it's due. Edwards is a very good manager.
  10. Even mo was saying the pitch is not allowing him to play his dribble style as its so bobbly the ball is going all over the place. Not sure why they can't get any water on it. On that basis a semi final away will probably be better for the team.
  11. Dangerous Tackle on Mickey Parcell. Honeymoon
  12. Jake was carrying a knock so Andy didn't want to risk him with a big game coming up next Saturday.
  13. Negative test Sunday and Monday and he could play Monday afternoon but the young lad in goal today was very good.
  14. Albury Walker. Have you had a glance at the league table today ??? As for the chanting what about so called Chesnuts fans chanting 1 nil and you fucxxd it up that's OK is it.
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