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  1. Good news guys Just been told by a very important respected club man that Glen Wilson has definitely not been released. Not sure where that info originally came from but it would appear to be incorrect.
  2. Shocked about Wilson as his celebration at mo's second and at the final whistle in the tunnel made me think he was with us for the near future. But I guess it looks like he is a bit injury prone to be fair.
  3. Well that's very disappointing to say the least. Maybe they are more relaxed regarding his work pattern. If not the question has to ba asked why Ware and not the Town.
  4. I Believe it's not a money thing with Sam. Its work commitments which were making it almost impossible for Sam to commit to our club.
  5. One point from a possible 6 at home makes me think we may be in for a very tough afternoon.
  6. Totally agree about the scholars no 5. Just wish Ken could have run at him more in the second half but he didn't really get the service.
  7. Billy was away on a stag weekend apparently.
  8. And where was our manager and assistant. Players get a frowned upon if they take holidays or go to weddings etc during the season but it seems ok for our management team to do exactly that. Poor imo.
  9. Wilson in for Rumens would be another change imo.
  10. Brilliant News. Well done the board for getting this lad over the line. COYT.
  11. Bantik is a very good player hope he has signed on.
  12. Any updates for us Towners who couldn't attend guys.
  13. The squad is taking shape nicely. Still think we need another Centre Half though.
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