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  1. He has gone to Hornchurch and not for money. What does that tell you.!!
  2. Sorry Father Jack. Only intended as a bit of banter my friend.
  3. Removed by Moderator: no personal abuse please
  4. That would be a bloody good choice imo.
  5. Congratulations Cheshunt.πŸ‘ Cant wait to welcome your manager to the QE2πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
  6. Great post Anfield towner. Totally agree with everything you said. Say was the first time for many seasons that I have missed a game purely because I couldn't be bothered. I have nothing but praise for the board and various Sponsors who collectively funded the squad but sadly the manager quite clearly couldn't manage them. Thanks Andy but time to move on
  7. He has to go imo. His body language after Potters Bar scored was totally embarrassing. Head in hands,looking around to the stand throwing his arms in the air . The board must act,the cup win was great for our club but it really doesn't make up for all the negative dross we as fans have had to endure this season.
  8. I totally agree. Town is not just about a first team and it makes me very proud to be part of the Towner Family. Amazing scenes last night well done all you guys that travelled and to the ultras who were phenomenal. We go again Sat.🀞🀞🀞
  9. CUFCgeneral. Must admit I think your probably right. He seems to blame everybody else except himself. Such a stubborn man i hope he is relieved of his duties if we lose tonight. Should we win I hope he is relieved of his duties in the summer. If he is still manager next season I wont renew my membership as I cant stand another season watching his style of football.
  10. Theo. Just heard Andy has signed a new 2yr deal so I hope it's a nice sunny day for our first game next season πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
  11. Now that looks a very well balanced side COYT
  12. Barney. When Jay Porter signed Andy said he has signed probably the best left back in the league,My gripe is why say that and then not play him. Good post though BarneyπŸ‘
  13. I don't go with that cup tied crap. If Andy is trying to find a formation for the final then in my opinion he has let the club down. I thought he should be playing his best players to get points and get us in the playoffs and Jay Is probably the best left back in the league. Wake up and smell the coffee Andy. Time for a parting of the ways imo.
  14. Everybody except the chairman. No game plan Manager has to go.
  15. Manager bottled the team selection yet again.Payne should be playing instead of rummens and mullery should be in for Blackman. Playing safe for a draw not good enough.. I will eat my words should we win.!!!
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