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  1. I can assure you that what happened with the Bognor free kick and goal was extremely frustrating for the coaching staff who have had Bognor watched and worked on positions for free kicks around the area. Sadly the work carried out during training sessions during the week was not carried out by our skipper on that occasion.
  2. Really think Josh deserves a start in the first team. Andy and Mario were there last night so let's wait and see. Bring back Lewis,Mo,Mullery and Josh Sat just to shake it up a bit. But who gets rested?
  3. I saw some very frustrated Senior players Sat even after our win generally bemoaning the style of play so on that basis if Andy left I think it could be a breath of fresh air for some players.
  4. Can you imagen what Brad would have done with this talented squad. Sadly time and time again this and last season Andy has proven to be technically inept. Seems like the Enfield folk are finally realising this and staying away. I really look forward to my Sat afternoon Towner fix but sadly not any more. Still love the way our club is being run behind the scenes but the Manager is just not doing it for me.
  5. I will not be renewing my season ticket next season to watch this dross. Quite a few are now voting with there feet as clearly showed today and maybe that's what it may take for the board to take action. Lots of discontented fans around the ground today I must say. The style of play is 100% there bug bare. Will it change under Andy's leadership sadly I don't think so.
  6. Littlehampton. I think the good folk of Enfield that didn't make the game probably enjoyed the result more than the folk that turned up. Quite a few fans were saying at half time we pay to be entertained and it's not happening don't think we even had a shot on target. The club shop is now selling deep heat to rub on sore necks after watching the ball smashed up into the sky. Second half was better but generally another poor performance but a win is a win. I would take another poor win next Sat though that's for sure.
  7. Only if somebody wants that position. My suggestion would be to offer the manager's job to Steve Wales and allow Mario to continue coaching.
  8. I know the manager is held in high regard by the board but I wonder if that is because he doesn't take a wage which had enabled the club to put together the squad of players we have now. I listened to Andy yesterday from the side and quite frankly there was no positive encouragement coming from him only throwing his arms in the air looking at his watch or continually moaning at Bill for not holding the ball up.!!!! The encouragement was coming from Steve and Mario.,and Mario telling the lads to get the ball down and play. Only problem for 80mins they didn't listen.IMO Andy talks the talk but he can't walk the walk and incidentally what has he ever won as Manager.🤔
  9. Jay was recently described on a radio programme by the vcd manager as one of the best left backs in our league and could play at a higher level.Lets hope he can achieve that with us.🙏well done Mr Chairman and Andy for getting this one over the line. Should make tomorrow's game interesting.COYT.
  10. Full praise to our Chairman and board who had a massive rebuilding job on there hands,But in true Towner Spirit we dusted ourselves down and moved on.COYT.
  11. Hope he doesn't leave them in the shit like he did to our club when a better offer comes along.Ripped the heart out of our club when he left us with two players to start a new season and one of those was injured.Unforgivable imo.
  12. Thought Matt Nolan played well and his distribution was excellent. Thought Karl was strong and quick and offered us better balance. Well done Town more of the same Tues please.⚽️⚽️⚽️
  13. Sadly Malcolm was taken ill and passed away in hospital this evening.A true Towner you will be truly Missed.
  14. Guys.The following Are available.Margate Sat(Match Ball) Burgess Hill,Bishop Stortford(Cup game)Folkestone All Available. Contact Steve on.07811 227 878 COYT
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