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  1. Do you think fans will carry on commiting to the club when they dont know what kind of players they will be spending there cash on to watch.
  2. Josh seems to be moving around clubs at the moment.
  3. I.M.O Our league will not restart this season sadly hope I'm wrong.
  4. Totally agree And every penny surely helps. We are a football club and we seem to be in a situation Bar or Football. Crazy imo
  5. I agree he has to go Outplayed Maldon tonight but still lost.🤬🤬
  6. No sorry I was just looking at there web site and I came across Welling Radio and ryan was being interviewed.
  7. Why would a player stay at a club that voted not to play football. 3
  8. Percy signs dual reg with Braintree. Another one gone.
  9. Ammm try explaining that to the teams in tier 3 in the premier league still playing in front of zero fans. Level playing field I dont think so
  10. Totally agree lovely stuff. I cant get my head around how our board who are there to represent us fans and members and run our club vote to stop our club playing football. Talk about alienating themselves.
  11. It is with great sadness that one of our former clubs greats Roger Day passed away yesterday after a long illness. Our thoughts go out to his family at this sad time. R.I P Roger.
  12. Albury it's on the official ishmian official site matey.
  13. Matt johnson signed for Braintree on 31 Oct and was captain last night. There first win of the season.
  14. I dont think it's a good bit of buisness at all. Knowing how much Brad admires both players I dont think they will be back.
  15. Always liked Dan Lincoln very good goal keeper. Agree though taking nothing away from the town but Ramsgate were extremely poor. Onwards and upwards.
  16. I am a little worried No Skipper(Suspended) No Nathan (Injured) but we have just signed a very good keeper Possibly no holding midfield play if Scott Thomas is out injured and who knows if Billy will be available. The True Towner bull dog spirit will get us through though I'm sure. COYT.
  17. The guy is a total cock wobble. He didnt mention after the Enfield game he kicked the dressing room door so hard he nearly broke a Stewards fingers. And as to say the Cheshunt bench got the guy sent off I cant ever imagine Craig doing anything like that.😁 Glad you beat them.
  18. And more importantly who will come in and work for nothing allegedly. Something has to change though that's clear for everybody to see.
  19. Why reconsider. Surly football matters are totally irrelevant in these very dificult times. Season over let's all move on.
  20. How about praising the work Arky and his team do by keeping our club with such a selection of merchandise. I have followed the town since there formation and Enfield before and I have never heard a negative remark about our shop. Well done Dave Pat Sheila and Cliff.👍👍
  21. Lovely stuff Totally agree and Harringey open there carpark on Spurs match days which brings them in extra Pennies.
  22. And the board member tasked for raising sponsorship which in the last 6yrs he has been on our board has resigned. He raised approx £600k for us. He did an amazing job a true town supporter imo he will be very big shoes to fill. That's a worry and also the crowds are approx 100 down on our budget target that's a bigger worry.
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