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  1. Texts have gone out and we are up to about 10. Get on this please, let’s do this for Steve.
  2. A gentle reminder about this today, hopefully see a few of you there 👍
  3. Afternoon one and all. Myself and a fair few others will be heading to The Railway, Hornchurch on Thursday from 4pm for some HFC self isolation beers. Most are working from home and need to get out of the house! All welcome, hopefully see you there! Luke
  4. Inter Miami P-P LA Galaxy Newcastle 2-1 Sheffield Utd Norwich City 2-2 Southampton Reading 0-1 Stoke Hornchurch 3-1 Lewes Att : 322
  5. Only going by what I am told by Alec Stewart whose dad is on the board as well as them advertising that they do not pay their players. You’ll have to ask their keeper about how he knows about wages, he was the one who brought it up. I was merely comparing the quoted wage against their attendance today.
  6. Look at it this way. We just drew 1-1 with a team who don’t pay their players. Even worse their keeper quotes to the fans what one of our strikers earns a week which is almost 50% of what they took on the gate today........ Underachieving.
  7. B Monchengladbach 1 v 3 B Dortmund C Palace 1 v 1 Watford Charlton 2 v 1 Middlesbrough Aldershot 0 v 1 Dag & Red Cor Casuals 1 v 3 Hornchurch Att: 282
  8. Dinamo Moscow 3 v 1 Spartak Mosow (13:30) Brighton 1 v 2 Palace (12:30) West Ham 3 v 1 Southampton Chelsea Women 2 v 0 Arsenal Women (lg cup final - score at end of normal time) Hornchurch 3 v 2 Haringey Att: 277
  9. Fiorentina 0-1 AC Milan Chelsea 2-2 Tottenham (12:30) Bristol City 1-2 West Brom Wigan 0-1 Millwall B. Stortford 1-3 Hornchurch Att: 263
  10. Bohemians 1 v 0 Shamrock Rovers (14:00) Southampton 2 v 1 Burnley Port Vale 2 v 1 Col U Worthing 2 v 2 Folkestone Hornchurch 3 v 0 Merstham Att: 297
  11. I’m feeling a 2-0 win with the GSS being drunk and out singing the home fans as per usual.......!!
  12. Porto 0 v 1 Benfica Brighton 2 v 2 Watford Nott’m Forest 2 v 1 Leeds Aveley 2 v 3 Chelmo (FAT - 3rd Round)) Potters Bar 0 v 2 Hornchurch Att: 201
  13. Leicester C 1 v 2 Chelsea (12:30) Carshalton 1 v 2 Worthing Cray W 3 v 1 Horsham East Thurrock 0 v 1 Folkestone Hornchurch 2 v 1 Enfield Town Att: 287
  14. Hi, unfortunately that’s football! But with our support today I think the boys had that extra support to get the result over the line. I can only apologise on behalf of the supporters that one of our fans actions was not respectful. We pride on being a friendly, supportive and loud bunch but with what you say has happened that’s not acceptable. I will have words personally in order for this to not happen again and on behalf of the club and all the supporters today we apologise. Hopefully you made a fair few ££ behind the bar today from us and we wish you the best for the rest of the season.
  15. Valencia 0 v 1 Barcelona Coventry 1 v 2 Birmingham (FAC) Southampton 1 v 2 Spurs (FAC) Orient 1 v 1 Newport County Bowers 1v 3 Hornchurch Att: 199
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