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  1. Hi, unfortunately that’s football! But with our support today I think the boys had that extra support to get the result over the line. I can only apologise on behalf of the supporters that one of our fans actions was not respectful. We pride on being a friendly, supportive and loud bunch but with what you say has happened that’s not acceptable. I will have words personally in order for this to not happen again and on behalf of the club and all the supporters today we apologise. Hopefully you made a fair few ££ behind the bar today from us and we wish you the best for the rest of the season.
  2. Valencia 0 v 1 Barcelona Coventry 1 v 2 Birmingham (FAC) Southampton 1 v 2 Spurs (FAC) Orient 1 v 1 Newport County Bowers 1v 3 Hornchurch Att: 199
  3. Hoffenheim 2 v 1 Eintracht Frankfurt West Ham 1 v 2 Everton Southampton 2 v 2 Wolves Histon 0 v 1Glenn Tamplin’s Wizards Hornchurch 2 v 1 Leatherhead Att 327
  4. A very disappointing day at the office. Never got going in the first half and it really was a case of they wanted it more then us. People have been saying what about dulwich what about oxford? Well it doesn’t matter about those games we were the underdogs and played out of our skins so why shouldn’t we do that today as the favourites? Aveley were the underdogs and we knew they’d come to fight and want it and quite frankly we didn’t want it and were second to everything. i have spoken to players and fans after the game about today and debated for a long while before sending this but my opinion still hasn’t changed. We did not want it today. We didn’t turn up and we underestimated a lower league side which was our own downfall. I think the icing on the cake was some of our players coming into the bar and having a laugh and joke rather than feel disappointed about the performance and the result. I know we are all humans but it rubbed salt into the wounds of a passionate fan. Was a bitter sweet thing to swallow as a fan who was so upset about the result and performance to see a person who is paid by the club to then enjoy their time in the bar more then they did on the pitch after a poor performance. I’d like to add a lot of the players were upset about the result and performance and made their feelings clear in the bar too. i know this will be read by many people in the club including owners and management but this is my own genuine opinion of today’s game in brief and think I’m allowed to voice my opinion. Especially as i took the day off work to support the team and be part of the big day! But nevertheless we move on and continue to back the team. Onwards and upwards and hopefully we can spring on in the league and many positives to come over the coming weeks. Up the chins.
  5. Lazio 2 v 1 Napoli C Palace 1 v 3 Arsenal (12:30) Tottenham 0 v 2 Liverpool Southend 2 v 2 Tranmere Urchins 3 v 1 Aveley (FAT) Att: 372
  6. Always been our bogey team the last few years. But they have a new manager now and without wanting to curse it we are looking really good! Going for a 3-0 win crowd of 274
  7. Myself, Charlie and hopefully a few others are attending the above game. Will look to get the train there and get on the coach back. If you’re interested in joining us then please let me know via here or on 07962802552 Luke
  8. I think a few of us are looking to get the train there and get the coach back if possible?
  9. Wingate AWAY - GSS and Salad Tours Special 10:00 Upminster Cafe for Brekkie 10:35 Meet At Upminster 10:44 c2c to limehouse from Upminster 11:05 DLR to Bank 11:15 Northern Line to Finchley Central Arrive at 11:50ish 5 minute walk to Joiners Arms PH who have the football on....... See you Saturday Luke
  10. Genoa 1 v 2 Torino (17:00) Burnley 2 v 2 Crystal Palace Wigan 0 v 1 Reading Kingstonian 1 v 3 Fylde (FAC) Hornchurch 2 v 1 Bognor att: 287
  11. Werder Bremen 0 v 1 Schalke Bournemouth 2 v 2 Wolves West Ham Utd 1 v 3 Totteringham H (12:30) Dereham Town 1 v 3 GT’s Romford Oxford City 1 v 2 Hornchurch Att: 344
  12. I am down as one of Les’s spaces. Can I just have it for the return please, thank you. Tom is still both ways
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