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  1. Won’t be us streaming it unfortunately that’s down to Darlington. Apparently their streaming is very good and benefits from 4 camera angles too!
  2. AC Milan 1 v 2 Inter Arsenal 2 v 3 Man City (sorry Jordan!) West Ham 0 v 1 Spurs Col U void Tranmere Aldershot 1 v 2 Wrexham Contingency match: At. Bilbao 0 v 1 Villareal
  3. Due to the admins confusion around fixtures (I blame his age) as well as the fame that has come to him since our commentary v Maidstone please note Colchester United v Tranmere isn’t a game this week 😂 Therefore the contingency game will be used! I apologise on jagos behalf, he said he was too busy to let you all know!
  4. Oostende 0-1 Genk Leicester 2-2 Liverpool (12:30) Brighton 1-2 Villa (what, AV again!!?) Derby 0-1 Middlesbrough Boreham Wood 1-2 Sutton United Contingency game: Swarovski Tirol 1-4 RB Salzburg
  5. Fenerbahce 3 v 2 Galatasaray Villa 1 v 2 Arsenal (12:30) Fulham 1 v 2 WHU Orient 1 v 1 Colchester Utd Hornchurch 1 v 0 Maidstone Covid / riot / other contingency: Hibs 2 v 1 Aberdeen
  6. It’s still going ahead and streaming news to follow soon - stay tuned
  7. Yes it will be - news to follow
  8. Marseilles 1 v 1 Rennes Crystal Palace 1 v 2 Wolves Arsenal 2 v 1 Man United AFC Wimbledon 1 v 2 MK Dons Bromley 1 v 0 Aldershot Covid contingency: Coleraine 2 v 1 Crusaders
  9. AC Milan 3 v 2 Atalanta Aston Villa 2 v 1 Newcastle U Ipswich 0 v 1 Peterborough A Villa Women 1 v 2Reading Women (1230) The Daggers 2 v 1 King’s Lynn Covid contingency game: Monaco 1 v 0 Marseilles
  10. I think an auction would be good mate! Depending on the prizes it would attract interest from not only fans of the club but others too should they have a particular interest in the auction item
  11. Antalyaspor 1 v 1 Trabzonspor Wolves 2 v 0 West Brom (12:30) - Sorry Dave! Villa 1 v 3 Everton Orient 1 v 2 Morecambe Hornchurch 2v1 King’s Lynn (before any extra time) Covid contingency game : Palmeiras 1 v 0 Gremio
  12. Morning to you and thanks for commenting on our post. Unfortunately I am not a member on your linnets forum but am guessing you may be? Having read some of the comments on there I feel as though some explanation is needed - - Hornchurch Supporters Association is a non profit part of the club who support the club and raise money for charity as well as fundraising for community projects. - we spent near on £1000 of our money to buy the camera, microphones etc to film games for our fans. (Kings Lynn Game would have been the 1st) - these games were going to be streamed for FREE to
  13. Quite frankly I find it ridiculous they are requesting this. We are the smaller club with the smaller budget who were going to stream the game for free yet they are demanding a fee! Let’s not forget the supporters association paid just short of £1000 to get this game out to the fans free of charge! I am fully against Kings Lynns proposal.
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