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    LukeXIX got a reaction from cup of tea in Wk 2 50/50 Tickets on Sale Now!   
    Hi All,
    Our second 50/50 draw will be taking place on Saturday (16/5) at 3pm.
    Please note that cut off point for the draw is 2pm on the 16th unless all 500 tickets are sold before then. If so updates will be posted on social media, here and the website. 
    Tickets cost £1 each or 6 for £5.
    How it Works?
    1. Visit https://www.hornchurchfc.com/product-category/50-50-draw-tickets/ to buy your tickets.
    2. Pay for your tickets using PayPal.
    3. You will receive email confirmation that your purchase has been successful.
    4. On Saturday we will display everyone's ticket numbers on our Twitter page and website. The draw will be made live on the Supporters Association twitter page at 3pm on Saturday using a random number generator. 
    5. If you win, you will be contacted by a member of the committee for your bank details so we can transfer you the winnings. 
    *The Winnings - The winner will receive half of the total profits earned from the sales (i.e. Sales - Paypal Fees). This will be advertised prior to the draw. 
    If you have any problems, please let me know by contacting Jordan on hfcsa@hornchurchfc.com or myself by phone on 07962802552
    Good luck everyone
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    LukeXIX reacted to CMcBride in Season ends   
    Not the finish we wanted truly believe we would have gone up, big thanks to Mark, his staff and all the boys great effort, and to all you supporters who backed us magnificently all year. Stay safe and hopefully see you all soon 
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    LukeXIX reacted to CMcBride in De ja vu   
    There gate recipients would have been around  £1600 and there is no one on anything near £800 
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    LukeXIX reacted to Kel in Predictions Margate v Hx Prem Tue 18th Feb   
    And fish & chips!
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    LukeXIX got a reaction from Rhys in Predictions Potters Bar v Hx Prem Sat 8th Feb   
    I’m feeling a 2-0 win with the GSS being drunk and out singing the home fans as per usual.......!!
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    LukeXIX reacted to Fat Tom Daley in Bostik Premier Away Days...........   
    Bowers & Pitsea (A) - 2020 Special
    12.00 - Meet at the Junction for a few pre-match beverages. 
    13.51 - Upminster to Pitsea
    14.07 - Arrives at Pitsea. 
    Then taxi's to the ground...
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    LukeXIX got a reaction from Rhys in Bostik Premier Away Days...........   
    Wingate AWAY - GSS and Salad Tours Special 
    10:00 Upminster Cafe for Brekkie
    10:35 Meet At Upminster 
    10:44 c2c to limehouse from Upminster
    11:05 DLR to Bank 
    11:15 Northern Line to Finchley Central 
    Arrive at 11:50ish
    5 minute walk to Joiners Arms PH who have the football on.......
    See you Saturday  Luke
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    LukeXIX reacted to Burdy in Presentation Night/Supporters Game   
    Great goal pity not on video 
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    LukeXIX reacted to Fat Tom Daley in Player update please   
    Message from Colin
    Just an update 5 players in from wabbey all played in Ryman premier last year unfortunately a couple are injured ,jimmy was trying to bring new players in himself we have had an awful run of injuries but the fact is we haven’t won in the league since 2nd October that plainly isn’t good enough we hope to have 2 more players in tomorrow who will improve the squad. You all know my relationship with jimmy so I was gutted to see him resign because I knew he could turn it round but in the short period of time I’ve seen mark at work we have the right appointment
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    LukeXIX got a reaction from UrchinYid in Bostik Premier Away Days...........   
    I know Jordan is away this weekend. Myself and a few of the salads are getting the train to Whitehawk. We are getting the 10:05 from London Bridge to Brighton. Then heading to the marina for drinks and then onto the game. All welcome. Up the Chins
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    LukeXIX got a reaction from UrchinYid in Bostik Premier Away Days...........   
    I’m in for this one! 
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