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  1. Also does it have to be 4 as soon as the ten yards has counted or can someone join the wall to make it 4 to force someone to have to move away from the wall
  2. I’m pretty sure most people are meeting at the Windmill from 5 onwards then getting cabs to the ground
  3. The offside goal was one where it’s jist based on how good the Lino is and I’d say Charlie was marginally offside but could’ve been given on another day
  4. Not to forget the two handballs that weren’t given as well
  5. A very big thank you to anybody that has donated it’s very much appreciated
  6. He’s replaced Jay as Jay has just announced on his twitter that he has left the club
  7. The goal did seem to look in from behind and on video it looks to have gone in, also how that handball was not given I don’t know it couldn’t have been more blatant if he tried
  8. Marks, Livings and Cooper are all injured as they were at the game yesterday
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