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  1. Personally i don’t think the first yellow was deserved as the ball was rolling as it was belted into nathan but that’s just how it goes sometimes, anyway happy to get the three points and finally see us beat Brightlingsea
  2. can you take my name off please
  3. a seat for pat and a seat for tony please
  4. I think the 120 minutes that Bowers had to play in the FA cup could be a big factor on how well they could play. I think we should win though 3-1 with the quality we have in the side but it’s guaranteed that Brad or Kenzer will score
  5. It looked like a worldie from behind the goal, all I saw was the keeper start to edge forward and then ball go over his head and into the top corner
  6. At what point did he start getting paid then? He played 70 mins at tonbridge then was nowhere to be seen for the rest of the season
  7. Nathan Cooper is fit now and does not require surgery on his knee so he will start playing again during pre season(for us hopefully)
  8. I highly doubt any of the players left for more money. For example, Alex Bentley lives very far from where therefore he is probably moving so that it suits him better which is a more than fair enough reason to leave. Kenzer Lee, another departed player, is a central midfielder and can play very well there but has been played at centre half for a while and he probably feels that he’s not going to be played in the midfield under Stimmo hence he has left to play in a position that he prefers playing. George Purcell, a player that knows the inner workings of the club more than most put together would not have left for no reason and he plays because of his love of football.
  9. Get behind and support the team? Have you not seen some of the numbers we have taken away with us this year? If we didn’t support the team most of us wouldn’t have given up all of our Saturdays this year to support them and spent all the money that we have.
  10. He played very well in the final for them as well and got the assist for the first goal
  11. I think you’ll find we went 13 unbeaten at the start of the season and then the so called drought before Stimmo came in that we had was when we played teams that were some of the best in the league. Also I think you’ll find our league position has got worse under Stimmo that it was under Jimmy but obviously most of those players that came in aren’t garbage. Also if they weren’t garbage how comes most of them were only playing Bostik south central before Stimmo took over. The only two players that I think have been good enough we’re either playing at our level or a level above us for the remainder of last season
  12. Also does it have to be 4 as soon as the ten yards has counted or can someone join the wall to make it 4 to force someone to have to move away from the wall
  13. I’m pretty sure most people are meeting at the Windmill from 5 onwards then getting cabs to the ground
  14. The offside goal was one where it’s jist based on how good the Lino is and I’d say Charlie was marginally offside but could’ve been given on another day
  15. Not to forget the two handballs that weren’t given as well
  16. A very big thank you to anybody that has donated it’s very much appreciated
  17. He’s replaced Jay as Jay has just announced on his twitter that he has left the club
  18. The goal did seem to look in from behind and on video it looks to have gone in, also how that handball was not given I don’t know it couldn’t have been more blatant if he tried
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