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    Rhys reacted to 1961 COYS in Predictions Bowers & Pitsea v Hx Prem Sat 25th Jan   
    4-1 chins att 222
    11 pints of fosters
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    Rhys reacted to SidtheChin97 in Predictions Bowers & Pitsea v Hx Prem Sat 25th Jan   
    1-0 win and 10 pints of Guinness. Up the Chins
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    Rhys reacted to CMcBride in Masters of our own downfall   
    Good post dynamo Trust me all the players were disappointed  we all react differently I thought the whole game was flat on and off the field especially with the size of the crowd no time to fell sorry for ourselves we go again Wednesday 
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    Rhys reacted to Dinamo Urchin in Masters of our own downfall   
    It didn't feel right from the off, with miss placed passes all over the shop and no real threat. Their forward line did look dangerous though and despite it never being a penalty, it wasn't a surprise that they took the lead. Having equalised just before the break I thought at half time we would go on and win - not to be.
    I know people were angry and frustrated at the end.  This was a great opportunity to reach the last 16. It's worth reflecting though that not so long ago many on here, myself included, were decrying the break up of the Division 1 North Championship team and the influx of ex Thurrock players.  Now we are upset whilst sat in the Premiership play-offs, with games in hand to go top and having reached the Trophy last 32. We've come a long way and one crap game shouldn't undo that. Lots to play for this season still, so onwards and upwards again.
    By the way, anyone know how the Romford Rockets, Wizards, Wa****s got on?
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    Rhys reacted to cup of tea in Masters of our own downfall   
    Can’t help but agree with all of the above . The setup of the team didn’t seem quite right. Also seemed a flat performance, someone said to me it was reminiscent of the Potters Bar game. Well done to Aveley , good hard working performance from them but this was clearly a missed opportunity for us. At least we can start clearing off those games in hand now.
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    Rhys reacted to MR D in Masters of our own downfall   
    I rarely give my opinion or criticise the players, but I really did think this was the worst performance I’ve seen from us this season. It’s frustrating for the supporters as this competition was something I know we all wanted to do well in. I feared before the game that we may underestimate our opponents as we’ve done this a few times in the past with lower opposition. Aveley simply wanted it more than us today.
    It doesn’t help that on a personal note a few people from my Sunday league team were there today as Aveley supporters so I will now get ripped to shreds in the morning. I don’t mind losing if I can say that we performed at our best and the opposition showed a lot more quality to win the game, but that’s not the case today.
    I’ll be looking for a big response from the players in the next league game and hope they can really show us the qualities that we know they all have. Let’s kick on now in the league and hopefully have a really positive second half of the season.
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    Rhys reacted to LukeXIX in Masters of our own downfall   
    A very disappointing day at the office. Never got going in the first half and it really was a case of they wanted it more then us. People have been saying what about dulwich what about oxford? Well it doesn’t matter about those games we were the underdogs and played out of our skins so why shouldn’t we do that today as the favourites? Aveley were the underdogs and we knew they’d come to fight and want it and quite frankly we didn’t want it and were second to everything. 
    i have spoken to players and fans after the game about today and debated for a long while before sending this but my opinion still hasn’t changed. We did not want it today. We didn’t turn up and we underestimated a lower league side which was our own downfall. 
    I think the icing on the cake was some of our players coming into the bar and having a laugh and joke rather than feel disappointed about the performance and the result. I know we are all humans but it rubbed salt into the wounds of a passionate fan. Was a bitter sweet thing to swallow as a fan who was so upset about the result and performance to see a person who is paid by the club to then enjoy their time in the bar more then they did on the pitch after a poor performance. I’d like to add a lot of the players were upset about the result and performance and made their feelings clear in the bar too.
    i know this will be read by many people in the club including owners and management but this is my own genuine opinion of today’s game in brief and think I’m allowed to voice my opinion. Especially as i took the day off work to support the team and be part of the big day! 
    But nevertheless we move on and continue to back the team. Onwards and upwards and hopefully we can spring on in the league and many positives to come over the coming weeks. Up the chins. 
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    Rhys reacted to SidtheChin97 in Predictions Hx v Aveley Trophy Sat 10th Jan   
    1-0 Hornchurch with a Joe Christou last minute winner.... It's written in the stars #ChristouDerby
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    Rhys got a reaction from cup of tea in 3 and easy   
    Personally i don’t think the first yellow was deserved as the ball was rolling as it was belted into nathan but that’s just how it goes sometimes, anyway happy to get the three points and finally see us beat Brightlingsea 
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    Rhys reacted to blackballed in Seasons Greetings...   
    To all Urchins everywhere wishing you a great Christmas and promotion in the New Year ....... COYU'S  
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    Rhys reacted to CMcBride in Christmas quiz   
    Friday 20th December 730PM,try and come along you don't need a team, just a bit of fun 
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    Rhys reacted to LukeXIX in Bostik Premier Away Days...........   
    Wingate AWAY - GSS and Salad Tours Special 
    10:00 Upminster Cafe for Brekkie
    10:35 Meet At Upminster 
    10:44 c2c to limehouse from Upminster
    11:05 DLR to Bank 
    11:15 Northern Line to Finchley Central 
    Arrive at 11:50ish
    5 minute walk to Joiners Arms PH who have the football on.......
    See you Saturday  Luke
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    Rhys reacted to MikeMike in Fixture updates   
    Looks like Cheshunt(H) is Tuesday 21st January on Hornchurch fixtures.
    Lewes FC tweeting that Lewes(A) is Wednesday 15th January but not updated in the fixtures yet.
    Not seen anything about Bracknell yet
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    Rhys reacted to SidtheChin97 in If Carlsburg done football matches   
    If anyone tells me they dont like football they are lying! Every up and down emotion was experienced last night!
    Every single player worked so hard! I struggle to run for a bus after a day at work so full admiration for them for playing 120 minutes of competitive football after a day at work! Jordan Clark was man of the match for me!
    I'm slowly starting to believe Notts County away might just happen! Up the Chins!
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    Rhys reacted to cup of tea in Predictions Oxford city v Hx Trophy Sat 23rd Nov   
    Looking forward to the ‘home’ game. Got a feeling that we might pull something out of the bag for this one. 1-1 att 330 and maybe a win in the replay 
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    Rhys reacted to Digits in Predictions Oxford city v Hx Trophy Sat 23rd Nov   
    I have a really good feeling about this one , tough game lots of chances both ends , 1-2 away win.
    all that are travelling need to get behind the lads like Basildon and for me one of the greatest displays of away teams fans doing their part Hereford away 
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    Rhys reacted to CMcBride in Predictions Oxford city v Hx Trophy Sat 23rd Nov   
    Tough draw but got faith in Mark and the boys to be in the hat Monday 
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    Rhys reacted to SidtheChin97 in Predictions Haringey B v Hx Prem Mon 18th Nov   
    We were absolutely immense last night!
    We played some really good football and i thought we created the lionshare of the chances with their keeper making a few cracking saves! I don't think many keepers would of saved Charlie's goal, what an absolute screamer! Sutton and Parcell seemed back on it and it was good to see George skinning full backs again! How on earth was that scramble at the end kept out!!
    Its a shame we couldn't play like that Saturday as we would of wiped the floor with Corinthians!
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    Rhys reacted to Fat Tom Daley in Bostik Premier Away Days...........   
    Right it’s the FA Trophy Special - Basildon 
    A few of us are meeting a couple of people and drinking in Wickford before the game and getting a cab to the ground. The pub we will be drinking in is called the Duke
    We are looking to get the 11.59 from Shenfield which arrives at 12.11
    If you are going from Romford then get the 11.36 which arrives at Shenfield at 11.53.
    If you are picking it up from Harold Wood then you can get the same train at 11.43.
    I would say meet at the station 10 mins before. I’ll be going from Harold Wood
  20. Haha
    Rhys reacted to cup of tea in 2019/20 Cup Competitions   
    Is it to scale? If so we can replace the decking with er, decking
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    Lets not forget the hard work carried out by Jordan and the rest of the guys that stood out in the pouring rain handing out leaflets to promote non-league day.
    There hard work and dedication paid off with over one hundred vouchers used on match day.
    Keep up the great work guys.
    even their hard work
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    Rhys reacted to SidtheChin97 in Wind, rain and 3 points.   
    Great result against the best team we have played this season!
    Just shows the character of the squad at the moment to grind out results when we need to! Every single player worked their absolute socks off!
    Lets get behind the lads again Saturday and push them over the line! TEQUILA!!!!
  23. Haha
    Rhys reacted to MikeMike in Daniel Uchechi's goal   
    First of all - WOW WHAT A GOAL. Barely looked up as he tapped into an empty net from 30-something yards. 
    Secondly  - WOW WHAT A CELEBRATION. Pure unbridled passion and a joy to watch. 
    Thirdly  - Praise and kudos to the referee for allowing the celebrations to continue without being unnecessarily busy and apologising as he gave the mandatory caution. 
    Lastly  - Again praise for the referee for not giving a second yellow as Daniel took his shirt off again having put it on back to front first time around  - yes we saw that 😂
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    Rhys reacted to Digits in Predictions Carshalton v Hx Prem Sat 14th Sept   
    Well another great day on the pitch both teams played good football with the Chins rightly so winning the game.
    As for off the pitch another great day. Pub before 10/10  singing in the ground 10/10 and after singing all the way home 10/10 . Only down side was no one putting money on our cap for the singing 😂
    more on the same please 
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    Rhys reacted to LukeXIX in Merger Celebration Day   
    As you all know the football club has a very special relationship with Ardleigh Green & Havering atte Bower Cricket Club. This Sunday celebrates the first season of the 2 cricket clubs merging (Formally AGCC and HABCC).
    There will be a cricket game amongst the 2 sides, bar open all day, music, food and live singer. It’s going to be a very busy and messy day so please feel free to come on down, take advantage of £3 a pint and soak up the 28 degree heat that’s forecast
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