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  1. Jay going with, as the announcement says, superb statistics. So we we announce someone is going and then say this is his wonderful record?! Looking at Jay’s twitter is doesn’t like he was glad to leave. Why not concentrate on replacing Marks who never seems to be able to get his foot or head to one of the super crosses that Jay, George and Saunders regularly sends in.
  2. Lee Prescott and Jamie Hursit have left. Following on from my concerns about the loss of Livings and Theo this does concern me. They may have decide to leave of own accord of course.
  3. What’s happened? We are playing better entertaining football, unfortunately we have too many injuries, but I see a team that’s working together and enjoying their game. This league is tough. Merstham were very good and deserved to win but there were times when we held our own. We are missing the finish at the front. I’m sorry to say that Sean Marks is good if the ball is to his head or foot, but if he has to sprint any distance he’s not there. There are super balls coming from George and Jay but invariably he is not there in the right place to finish. I know he’s the scored the goals but it’s
  4. Yes 3 plus hours round trip and it was disappointing. The defence is down to not having Nathan and as he seems to be out for most of the season we must get someone in. Shame Leon went as he was useful. The midfield missed Lewis, but George was unlucky, hit the post twice? Jay found it difficult to complete against their number 6 who was quicker, but George got the crosses in, but Sean Marks missed a few. On the day they were a very good team. We need new blood and hopefully ones who are not signed and injured!
  5. Hi again a player update please. I’ve trawled the updates and it seems that we have signed the following: Michael Clarke Joe Christou James Goode George Forrest Have all the above been signed but are injured? Also I think I’m right in saying Nathan, Livings and Connor are all still injured. Cheers and Happy New Year to all and the team - good performance on Saturday.
  6. Good news about yesterday’s game. Did anyone have any news on Nathan’s recovery? Cheers
  7. We need to get these new players in and build a period of stability and let Mark work on tactics and skills. There is already a different style emerging, but we need to work on passing skills and as sometimes passes are intercepted and put us on the back foot. Early days, lets get some training sessions in and get the players in too. But when can we expect Nathan back? He is very important to the side. He is a natural leader and a formidable player and ensures a solid defence. Also sad to see Theo go. A new manager could have developed him even more I think.
  8. Can anyone update me on the where the following players are: Leon McKenzie Leon Smith Sean Marks Nathan Livings Bode Nathan Cooper Are they all injured? Cheers
  9. I agree with the previous comments. Although I have been grumpy about style of play etc you cannot fault the dedication of Jim, Colin and others who have out their heart and soul into the club and if it had been for Jim and his team we probably wouldn’t have survived the troubles we encountered in the past. My best wishes to Jim. Put your feet up and relax and come back and enjoy the matches from the sideline when all you need to worry about is whether you have enough ketchup on your chips! Well done and good luck for the future.
  10. Sitting in the clubhouse with no atmosphere at all is not the flexibility needed to bring families back. I’ve been to grounds where With signage they make a point of this being a family friendly club and to tone down the language. The seating area near the toilets, clubhouse and refreshments could be a family area. It can be done just needs leadership to chnage the culture. They can still be plenty of passion!
  11. Very good and food to see a different style of play. Good performances all round, but I would single out George Saunders excellent. He has done extremely well to step up a few league s and I think he can only get better. We were unlucky and could easily have won if the woodwork had been on our side. What is the background to our new coach? I believe his name is Glenn Robson and googling suggest he was at Aveley five years ago but I couldn’t find anything more recent. If his coaching contributed to Saturday’s performance well done Glenn.
  12. As a grandad would I bring my 7 year old grand daughter to a game? No. Simply I would not want her to hear the language. Not from the supporters Riverside, but from the dog outside and from players on the pitch. If we could something about that then I would and bring my partner too. Sorry just re-read my message obviously I meant the dug outs!
  13. If we draw (hopefully not!) is it a replay or extra time and penalties tonight?
  14. Merstham were controlling much of the game and passing the ball around neatly whereas Hornchurch were very one dimensional, often firing aimless balls up to the front two of Marks and McKenzie and hoping for a flick on to create an opportunity. I agree with the match report. We need to change our game if we are to succeed in this league.
  15. I think that previous post hits the nail on the head. Wouldn’t these two want to be the manager? Who will have the final say is the crucial question.
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